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  1. Edison517

    Custom 3rd brake light

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my custom 3rd brake light that I modded. I designed a new pcb with 36 individually addressable RGBW LEDs (I only use red, though), that you can now select different patterns to be shown when the brakes are applied. After 6 seconds, they go solid so they attract...
  2. T

    MY vs M3 WiFi placement

    Just had my MYLR delivered to replace my M3, never had a problem connecting to WiFi before but can't even find the WiFi in the MY. Connects fine on my phone - is the MY WiFi receiver in a different place or not as good?
  3. MrNik

    Wi-Fi hotspot connection issues

    My setup: I have a garage where I have Wi-Fi. When driving, I use my mobile hotspot. Both these Wi-Fi network have the “Connect while driving” option turned on. My Issue: Whenever I drive off my garage, the wifi automatically gets turned off (fyi - doesn’t just disconnect from the network but...
  4. hsfrank

    wifi at Wawa charger

    I was at a Wawa station in Middletown Delaware charging my model Y. When I scanned for Wi-Fi a Netwerk entitled “Tesla service“ came up. Does anybody know the password for this? It would be nice to be on Wi-Fi while I’m streaming.
  5. tom.t.walker

    App not connecting to car after update / WiFi issue

    After the update, my Tesla app (on Android) stopped connecting to my car. It almost always say "Last seen xxx minutes/hours ago". Also, in the car, when I go to "Controls" (car icon in left bottom) > "Upgrades", it says "Service Unavailable." So it's a general connectivity issue...
  6. E

    Playing audio/video while driving

    Hi, I'm working on an app that allows users to play audio/video while the car is moving. I'm able to achieve this through low level browser APIs. I have a demo available here: FSD Theater My end goal is to allow users to play any video (Youtube, IPTV, etc) from their phone, but I'm kind of...
  7. G

    Car Wifi Signal

    Hi, I just got my tesla model 3 performance recently, and the wifi antenna seems really weak. Does anyone know how it should be? For example if I go into the car and go on my phone and look at the wifi networks my phone sees, I can see 7/8 wifi networks of varying strength, some full...
  8. rrlevy

    How to connect to a Wi-Fi network without Internet?

    I'm using a Wi-Fi connection on my car, while on drive, that connects to a USB LTE Modem pluged to a Raspberry Pi that works as a Wifi hotspot for the car. However, I noticed that if the LTE Modem loses internet connection (in a region of poor coverage, for example), the car automatically...
  9. P

    Car won't connect to wifi

    I use my phone as a Hotspot but lately the car won't connect to it. Also, it used to show a list of available wifi, but it doesn't do this anymore. My phone still connects with the car to Summon, etc. Is this a known problem?
  10. R

    Low cost USB SD adapter with built in wifi

    I found a low cost USB to microSD card adapter with built in wifi hotspot/client capability. Yes, it is old, but it is cheap and workable for model Y 2022. It costs me CNY35 (USD5.3) for two pieces. uSD provides more options and is replaceable. But it has a major shortcoming: wifi <-> usb is...
  11. F

    Disable WiFi on Gen 3 Wall Charger?

    Is it possible to disable the WiFi on the Gen 3 Wall Charger? We have our home hardwired for ethernet and have no desire for a WiFi signal in the garage which is adjacent to our bedroom. Thanks for any insights!
  12. M

    Slow wifi connection, what’s everyone’s average connection speed?

    My Model Y is parked right next to the router with a gigabit up/down connection over the 5gz band. I average 10-20 mb/s up/down average. What kind of network speed is everyone else getting with their Tesla’s?
  13. Y

    Rear wifi and cellular antennas peeling off glass!

    Aloha! I noticed some of the antennas and rear window defrost lines were peeling off of the window on my 2018 mosel 3 . I contacted Tesla and they agreed to warranty it, but the only replacement windows they have have a black tint and mine has an iridescent reddish Violet tint both rear and...
  14. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  15. Dr. Y. Tokui

    Requirements for updating via app without home charger

    I live in an apartment in the city, so I do not have access to a home charger, so my tesla stays on the street where I live. Yet, I have installed a small 4G router in my Tesla to have internet reception at home and avoid issues with remote connectivity when travelling abroad. Anyway, I was just...
  16. M

    Wifi Hotspot in Drive

    With the 2021.24 update, which allows the car to remain connected to my phone's network when "shifting" into drive, do I still need to keep Premium Connectivity for live traffic view, satellite view etc?
  17. Jimt29

    Question About Web Browser

    I was/am under the impression that the Model Y has its own WiFi built in so I can use the browser outside of being parked in my garage. I tried using the browser and I get a request for WiFi information and there I’m stuck. I was in a McDonald’s parking lot. Am I wrong in my assumption? Or...
  18. G

    Hotspot unlock

    Hey guys, New to the forums and new Tesla owner. I got my Tesla about a week or two ago, and had to have some minor work done, and the Tesla mobile service guy came out. I asked him (because I bought used from 3rd party, and know very little about my car) what happens if I use my phone to...
  19. K

    Wifi Issue - List of available network does not appear

    I have never been able to connect to wifi in my new Model Y. When I select LTE, list of available network names does not show up. I even tried going to the wifi settings and toggling the switch ON and OFF. This did not help. Tried hooking to phone as a Hot Spot. This did not work either. Any...
  20. H

    Tesla Model 3 verbindt niet met WiFi (melding: Kan geen IP-adres verkrijgen, controleer instellingen van de DHCP-server.)

    De Tesla wil dus geen verbinding maken met ons thuisnetwerk. Hij wil daarentegen wel verbinden met een mobiele hotspot. Op de router heb ik een aantal dingen geprobeerd. Ik heb een IP-adres gereserveerd voor de Tesla door middel van het MAC-adres. Daarnaast heb ik ook geprobeerd te verbinden als...
  21. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    OK, here is the scenario: Two homes. Identical eero Wifi networks. Model X will connect to Wifi at both homes and download software updates, etc. Two different Model Y cars will connect at Home 1 no problem, but not Home 2 (error message: "Could not join <WIFINAME> The Internet is unreachable...
  22. S

    Virgin Hub4 WiFi Issues

    On Virgin Hub4 in the UK, after two days of effort I had to finally set a static IP address for the tesla's mac address and ensure WPA2-Personal only. Then manually added the network on the car, but still didn't connect, however with a reboot of car it connects!! seemed so unlikely, but this...
  23. Z

    Gen 3 Wall Connector BUT I don't have access to WIFI (Condo Garage)

    Hi All, I searched and searched but couldn't find the answer on this forum or google. If it is indeed here somewhere, but i've missed it, my apologies. So I took possession of my 2021 model 3 on December 18th, 2020 and installed the Gen 3 connector on that same day by a certified electrician...
  24. X

    Tesla API Security

    Hey folks! Long time reader, first time poster. My company, Raxis, just put together a video that showcases an attack against the Tesla API and tells you what you can do to protect yourself. It's features my 2018 Model 3, Aurora. Thought some of you might be interested in checking this out!
  25. f205v

    WiFi turning off by itself

    When I upgraded from MCU1+HW2 to MCU2+HW3 I lost all of my configurations. So I set up again my driver profile and "easy entry" profile. Both of them were set up while parked and with the car WiFi connected to my phone hot-spot. Now, whenever I get into the car and profile goes from "easy entry"...
  26. C

    Turn on wireless using voice command

    M3 - anyone know how to turn on the wireless using voice commands as it randomly turns wifi off. when driving and it hard to press the button while on the move. When i say "turn on wifi" it just opens the wifi settings but i then have to manually press the button on button. I stopped paying for...
  27. Poonlarp

    Update doesn't recognize wifi connection

    I have a notice that a software update is availablefor my 2015 Model S - 2020.36.3.11. Notice is on my app and the console, and both say to hook up to wifi to download. I am hooked up to wifi, and the car otherwise recognizes it, but apparently the software download function does not. Re-boot...
  28. Marcacer

    Premium connectivity bypass with hotspot on phone

    My premium connectivity stopped after one year, now i setup the hotspot of the phone to provide WIFI connection, which should enable most premium settings via your phone ( endless mobile data anyway ). Most things work ( like Netflix and Spotify and also at higher quality than before )...
  29. B

    Why is my Model 3 consuming my entire upstream BW?

    My wife complained that the "internet is slow." Traffic analysis on my router showed that our Model 3 was consuming 100% of the upstream bandwidth. I ended up throttling it at 500kbps so the kids could actually get some school work done and to prevent this from happening again. But the real...
  30. S

    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    Changing the Wi-Fi (#1) network on a Tesla Gen 3 charger is not as simple as it should be. It *appears* you can do it from a web browser connected to the charger... but when you select the new Wi-Fi SSID, you get a red "Forbidden" message, and are left with no clue as to what to do. The...
  31. houstonian

    Best Travel WiFi Router/Bridge to Connect to WiFi Requiring Authentication and/or Credentials?

    [First off if there's an existing thread on the topic please feel to merge - I searched but did not find anything.] Happy owner of a 2017 S, now with MCU2. WiFi signal reaching my garage at home's always been a challenge and I'm starting to rethink my WiFi strategy, which in part lead me to...
  32. S

    WiFi issues

    Having issues connecting to WiFi. The network I am trying to connect to always appears in the list on the screen, but when I click it and type in the password, I get an error saying to “check firewall settings and internet connection”. Software version 2020.5.10.5. I’ve read that some people...
  33. Seth2020

    Gen 3 Wall Connector (charger) does not show up on my WiFi network

    I installed a Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector last week. Works great! I am reliably getting 12kW. When I commissioned it, I added it to my home WiFi network - it reports successfully connecting to the network. But... I can see what devices are on my network (including ones that have previously...
  34. Stream

    Wifi in de tuin - tips

    Na in mijn vorige huis een paar verdiepingen te hoog te zitten voor goed wifi op de gedeelde parkeerplaats, heeft in het nieuwe huis, mijn vrouw de architect voor een stevige kooi van Faraday gezorgd, zodat het signaal elke 2 meter buiten de deur 1 streepje minder wordt. Mijn mobiele telefoon...
  35. P

    New wall connector with wifi

    Tesla has a new Wall connector (USA) with wifi connectivity and new options like load sharing. How about load balancing options? Wall Connector Question: In the Netherlands we usually have 3x25A available at home. 240V. If you opt for a heavier 3x35A connection, it will cost you around 600...
  36. Jason71

    Tesla WiFi uses US bands not European ones!

    I just discovered this and have never seen it posted before so thought I would post it as a PSA. I noticed today that the car was not connecting to my Wifi even though there should be a strong signal. in fact it was not even finding my Wifi even though neighbours routers were showing up and...
  37. D

    Has anyone ever opted out of Tesla's OTA features?

    I've been taking an interest in saving up for a Tesla myself but I recently came across this video concerning some security and privacy risks with Tesla cars, namely its Over-The-Air features. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Qjkt3X2WLrw After listening to it twice, I tried to look up to see if...
  38. G

    Can car and app communicate via wifi without internet? [Answer: no]

    Hi - I own a Model 3 and a property in a VERY remote region of Colorado. There is no cell service and no internet connectivity at this location. My question is - if I put a Wifi router at this property, connect both the car and the phone to Wifi, will I be able to use the app to connect to and...
  39. Type1

    Borrowing Public WiFi...

    Where do those of you who don't have WiFi in your apartment garage or whatever your situation is go for a good public WiFi connection? Running through a tethered connection to my phone, but that will kill my data plan long term. Tried Whole Foods this morning but their signal doesn't seem...
  40. tfraley

    V10 Media : Wish

    Hey, guys Version 10 has dropped and finally got around to doing some testing. As expected you can not play any type of video while driving. I wish Tesla would re-think this and rather than block the who app/site they would just replace the video with a black screen I would love to still be...
  41. billh13850

    Wifi not connecting for update download?

    Has anyone else had trouble with wifi connecting after the V10 download? There's a newer update trying to download now, but my M3 claims it can't connect - even though from the wifi screen, it successfully connects and I can verify in the web browser that it is. But the software update...
  42. F

    M3 Won't Connect to Cellular After Being on WiFi

    Recently (within the last 3 weeks), I have noticed that when my M3 comes out of sleep mode after sitting or charging overnight (connected to WiFi), when I leave my house, it will NOT reconnect to the Cellular network. The only thing that works is a soft reboot. Then after a minute or so, it...
  43. U

    Download update while driving?

    Hi, not really a TM3 question only but since I it's an TM3 in my case I'll post in here. Is it possible for an update to download while you're driving? If I would hot-spot my phone, would it start downloading if an update was waiting for me or does the car have to be in park in order to...
  44. M

    Slow Wifi speed P3D 24.4

    Hi, Please anyone facing this issue, Wifi signal always 24mbps down and 6mbps up, some time jump to higher speed then switch back right away? I have tried differnet channels and settings but all the same. Even I get the router inside the car for testing and still the same. Also anyone know...
  45. P

    Automatic WiFi Connection

    Does your WiFi automatically connect when in range (e.g. in your garage) ? My WiFi will NOT automatically connect - yet the car will show my WiFi network, with a strong signal, and I can manually tap on the network name and the car will connect (however, after an hour or so it will disconnect...
  46. S

    On WiFi but update not downloading

    The car says update is available (I'm currently on 2019.20.2.1) and that I should get on WiFi to download new update. So I get on wifi and...it does nothing. Here is what I have tried: 1. Steering wheel reset 2. Power cycle the car 3. Forget the WiFi network and add it again Any ideas? Sorry...
  47. D

    General (recent) connectivity issues to home LAN

    I'm curious if anyone else has seen connection issues between their Tesla and their home router recently. I set mine up, and got it working, shortly after I got my car last August and thought everything was working fine until I discovered yesterday that it was not. Since there seems to be no...
  48. LakeWorthB

    Struggling with wifi connection. Only get 0 bars.

    So I have tried many things, but can't get model 3 to show more bars. I park in backwards in driveway and router is by a window 15ft from passenger mirror. Using a wifi scanner on phone in car shows it is the strongest signal, but it still shows 0 bars in car. I have tried changing channel...
  49. M

    WiFi help

    My model 3 still hasn't gotten the latest maps for using navigate on autopilot. I'm wanting to connect to an open "Xfinity" connection because my car can't reach our wifi (we have Xfinity too). However, like trying to connect to hotel wifi, without accepting the terms or whatever the car won't...
  50. M

    WiFi password issue

    Iemand dit al tegengekomen? Mijn huis WiFi password heeft een | character, maar dat zie ik niet in het toetsenbord van de Tesla....