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wind noise

  1. W

    New Model Y roof, new wind noise

    My Model Y roof cracked and was replaced by Tesla in Peabody MA (2.5hrs from our home in Maine). Unfortunately it now makes a pronounced wind noise over 35mph, right near the driver's head (or so it seems). There's nothing visually apparent looking at the outside. I was in a VERY heavy rain...
  2. V

    MS Facelift 2016.5 wind noise - Simple fix

    Hello, I have a 2016.5 model S, which had a lot of wind noise but I ended up fixing it in about 10 minutes and weather stripping from Amazon for 10 bucks. I starting having more wind noise as the original weatherstrip degraded overtime. The solution was quite simple. Weatherstrip with dual...
  3. T

    Tesla model Y road noise / wind noise Seeking Advice on excessive wind noise!

    Hello,I'm new to the forums (this is my first post here!). I acquired a Tesla Model Y Long Range just a week ago. On the delivery day, I encountered an issue with water leaking into the trunk. The staff was apologetic, took the car in, kept it for a few days gave me a loaner, and then returned...
  4. Georgesb2

    High speed window wind noise revisited

    Tesla Model 3 Wind Noise Again!!! New discoveries and new approaches included. I've put hundred(s) of hours in trying to get rid of this wind noise and I've made great progress! It's incremental as I continue to learn, that's why this is one of several posts and comments as well as a number of...
  5. Y

    Is it normal that wind comes in with a/c off?

    Today I drove a Y for a while. While I turned off A/C and closed all windows, I still feel strong wind coming from the floor. I was wondering if this is normal? Thanks for any inputs!
  6. A

    Wind Noise at A-pillar FLAPPING Sound - Solved for now

    Hi everyone, VIN PLATE: Been on a noise hunt in the past week. My very first rattle from purchase 12/2019 was the VIN Plate rattle. Very easy to fix. Just stick a trim tool or a wedge thing and push it HARD down(i'd avoid a flat head screw driver because that'd probably crack the window. You...
  7. D

    Rear window does not stay fully up, causing wind noise

    I took delivery of my SR+ last week and love many aspects of the car, but I'm having a few frustrations. Top of the list for me is that I get a lot of wind noise from the driver's side rear seat window, which will not remain in its fully extended position. The window will extend to its highest...
  8. D

    Solved: wind noise

    FIXED IT! Problem With speeds off 70 mph and more, I experience wind noise in the A-pillar. I perceive it as a non-constant crispy sound, which depends on the wind speed and direction. Very annoying. It occurs on both sides. Root cause The A-pillar is open on the front end. Air can enter from...
  9. M

    Model X Front Door Windows Wind Noise Leak Test Video

    I had started another thread on a wind noise issue I had with a new Raven Model X. After weeks of poking around I managed to find it and fix it myself. This is not a Video on how to fix it but how to test for it. I see a lot of folks complain about Wind noise and I thought I'd create a quick...
  10. M

    Front left noise above 40mph

    Anytime I drive faster than 40 I hear a noise that’s akin to a hot water heater heating up or a light rain on a tin roof. My wife fell asleep on a long drive through San Diego and woke up asking if it was raining (it was 80 degrees and sunny). It’s annoying. I took it in and Tesla said it was...
  11. T

    Annoying whistle noise, when driving relatively slowly – Is it normal?

    It is driving me nuts! I don't know if it is referred as ‘Moter whine’. I hear the noise when driving relatively slowly around 30-70 km/h. Sometimes it is worse. It will start when slowly using the pedal at some speed. The sound/whine/whistle is also there when regenerative breaking. All help...
  12. T

    "hissing sound" from driver window

    I have had my Model 3 LR AWD for a month now. It is amazing and I love it, but I have been hearing a hissing sound (as if a window is open a tiny bit). The sound is not consistent and sometimes it is very evident while sometimes not really there. I had to take the car to the service twice now...
  13. O

    Relocating Bluetooth Mic due to wind noise

    Hey all, I keep seeing all kinds of posts about how people on the other end of a phone call made from a Model S at highway speeds commenting things like "Are you under water?" "Do you have all of your windows open?" "Is that the wind?" Various people have had iphones and had to turn off their...
  14. mrfra62

    Newbe questions: High wind noises driver side and heating

    Hi. As a new owner of Model X (since june 2018) I come across some issues which seem to be so minor that in my opinion I cant call support for. 1) One of them is that I have a whisteling noise at the window on the drivers side when the the fan is on a speed 5 or higher. It starts around fan...
  15. V

    Wind noise seems somewhat obtrusive

    I’m really enjoying the M3 so far, but I feel like this car is pretty noisy at speeds above 60 mph, specifically out of the upper right side of the car. For a $60k car, I guess my expectation is for it to ride a little more silently. Unsure if that’s a normal thing for all M3s. All these...
  16. R

    Wind Noise Increase Around 80 mph for Model S - What's the Source?

    I've noticed in my Model S (Dec. 2016, 75D) that around 80 mph the wind noise makes a big jump in volume and seems to change its sound characteristics as well. It's so pronounced that when I first got the car, I thought there must be a body panel that was loose somewhere, that was either...
  17. ishareit

    Wind noise after windshield replacement

    Tesla replaced my windshield because of an issue with spots on the glass yesterday. However since the replacement I’m noticing an increased level of windnoise inside the cabin. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an easy fix that the SC can apply to make it better? Thanks.
  18. D

    Bugged with wind noise and cold air while Tesla HR stood me up

    I have been annoyed since day one by the wind noise. I have became a little bit paranoid whenever I drive on highway. For this particular reason, My car has stayed in the tesla service center for over 30 days. This even affects my power consumption and comfortness. After I drove 30 mins on...
  19. sgblank

    Pano Roof Noise - Factory Fix Coming

    Brought my P85 in to Menlo Park for service on multiple items, one of which was noise at high speeds on a closed Pano roof. Service said they adjusted the seals which may help a little, but then the rep said there's a factory fix coming to address this issue. The rep said the fix is pretty...