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window film

  1. 3Mfilms

    Available 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    Service 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    3M, where innovation meets passion. Preserve the flawless allure of your Tesla with 3M Paint Protection Film, ensuring it remains pristine against scratches and chips. Enjoy clarity on every drive with 3M Auto Window Film, blocking glare and UV rays while enhancing privacy. Personalize your...
  3. M

    Model 3 Window tints acceptable?

    Hello can anyone with window tints on there Tesla show me photos of the finish look. Just had mine done and not happy with how big the gaps are, the tint business said it was normal to leave a gap which I get but surely not as big as mines Thanks in advance
  4. jskco

    Vendor How to Protect and Enhance Your New Tesla

    My name is Justin Krauss, and I am the Managing Member of Ceramic Pro Grand Junction / Auto Detailing 360. We get a lot of questions from new Tesla owners about what they should and should not do to protect or enhance their vehicles. We spent several hours last week helping a Tesla owner get the...
  5. D

    My 2023 MY driver window snags near the top and reverses as a percussion

    Hello. I hope somebody can help me. I have a one month old model Y (2023) and the front driver side window won’t auto close because it snags near the top. It seems that the door is slightly over closing and is putting pressure near that spot. if I pull and hold the window up button, I can...
  6. A

    2022 X tint percent

    Anyone know the tint % of the side and rear glass?
  7. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Tesla Window Tint San Diego Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    Having been in the automotive aftercare (Detailing, Paint Protection and Window Tint) business in San Diego County for 20 years even I am sometimes astonished as to how far the technology has come in the automotive world. Carburetors are a distant memory. Even engines are almost obsolete at this...
  8. Tiff_619

    Anyone heard of Excel IRP window tint

    I was getting quotes from a few local places and one shop gave me a reasonable quote for the Excel IRP. At first I thought it was a typo and he meant xpel, but he said it was Excel IRP, so I looked it up. The numbers are good, but will it look good, will it last? This isn't the shop I contacted...
  9. Targe

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    At Targe Industries, we focus on helping Tesla car owners protect their investment. Living in the SF Bay Area, many of you have reported on these forums the epidemic of smash n grab Tesla break-ins, a trend that has spread to the rest of the country. Thieves break the small side “wing” window...
  10. Premiertint

    Vendor Premier Auto Tint

    We recently finished up this full color change wrap on this Model 3 Performance. We also did Satin Black Chrome Delete and XPEL XR Prime Plus window tint!!!
  11. T

    Western WA model 3 window tint? Seattle, Bellevue, etc.

    Seeking a review and recommendation of a auto tinting service that tinted your Model 3 . I've read about common problems like wrinkles in the large rear window and water getting squeezed into the car body.
  12. RDI Detailing

    Vendor Ceramic Coating OPTI - COAT Vancouver & Richmond

    Our services: Ceramic Coating: Opti - Coat PRO / PRO + / Paint Protection Film: (Xpel Ultimate Plus / SunTek Ultra) Vinyl wrap: (Avery Dennison / 3M) Paint correction / Polishing Window tint Over 150 Tesla projects have been done in last 2 years. ( Model 3, Model X / S) Tesla paint issues...
  13. S

    Stock Model 3 glass solar power rejection rate, quick finding.

    Hi All, Got the m3 couple weeks ago and feel the heat from the sun coming through the glasses is pretty noticeable. Start researching what can be done to reduce solar heat. All the info seems to point to window tint will help. Before doing the window tint I want to find out how much solar heat...
  14. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Rodz Tint Shop | Blog

    We've decided to post a thread with our work. We'll be posting pictures of our work from start to finish. To start this thread off, here are some of our favorite pictures of our results. I hope everyone likes them as well. Smoked headlights & tail lights | LLumar CTX 30% all around & Air80 on...
  15. EVS Motors

    Vendor Model 3 Pictures + Videos of Tint/Clearbra/Vinyl Wraps/Wheels/Aero Kits/Ceramic Coatings

    Hi everyone, This thread is going to be an on-going compilation of pics and vids (mainly vids since I started video documenting our projects) of 3's we've completed, so members can get a better idea on how something might turn on for their 3 if they get the same service/products. Here's some...
  16. EVS Motors

    Vendor Huper Optik Tint Blowout Sale

    Hi everyone, We're doing a blowout sale on Huper Optik window films. We don't have much left, so please pm me with 1. Which Tesla you have 2. Which film and shade you're interested in so I can check availability while supplies last. *Pricing listed is only for sides and back windows for S/X...
  17. Extreme Autowerks

    Vendor Oh Tesla with your HUGE panels of glass. We tint Teslas. A. LOT.

    Oh Tesla with your HUGE panels of glass. We tint Teslas. A. LOT. Of Teslas. We actually have the experience and knowledge to tint these large panels with just one sheet of film. There are installers out here that make the same claims BUT for a much cheaper price! Sounds great right?? No...
  18. Extreme Autowerks

    Vendor So Many Teslas In Need Of Protection!

    With so many enthusiastic Tesla owners walking through our doors, it's very hard not to get infected by their excitement!! We've been working on these beautiful vehicles since the original roadster in all of it's bare bones glory, providing custom fitted clear bras, heat rejecting window film...
  19. XPEL

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    The next generation of automotive window film has arrived. As one of the most trusted brands in automotive paint protection & window film, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the all new XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. A unique multi-layer nano particle construction. Unrivaled heat rejection...