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  1. 100d

    Open/Close/Windows 2018

    so I can remotely make my car fart but not have it close my windows after it told me I left one open?? How is that possible?
  2. K

    Squeaky window

    My tesla model 3 has been squeaking for almost a year and I’ve tried to treat the rubber on the window side. But it haven’t worked. Have a listen in the link to my video. Do anyone have a solution? Would it require to fix the window motor or treat it with some kind of lubricant? window.MOV
  3. 4

    Am I the only one who doesn’t plan to Tint their windows?

    So I’ve never really been a big fan of the way Tint made things look and I’ve read some issues with warranty and what not when it comes to Tinting. So I had decided I was happier without it. But I’ve had a few people ask me when I planned on getting my Windows Tinted, just happened again today...
  4. L

    12 Li-ion battery dead [car bought at auction]

    I bought the car from the auction that was not drivable ( blown pyro fuse and airbags ) that's the reason probably why 12v li-ion battery is drained. I replaced profuse and with jump start connected car can turn on the screen , update software and I can hear CLICK on the high voltage battery...
  5. H

    Can’t decide on tint. Appreciate input and pics.

    Just got a 2023 model 3 in black. Going to get windows tinted but can’t decide which 3M product to use. The installer said they can only do a single piece on the back window if I use 3M but they also said that it has a brownish hue. The IR supposedly doesn’t have the brown hie but they can only...
  6. Tslgrl

    Windows Open When MY Parked

    Looking for some guidance. Apologies if someone else has written on this. Twice in the past week I’ve come out to our MY and the windows have been down 1 inch. First time it happened was parked at the airport for a week. The weather was between -10 and +10 when we were away. Fortunately the...
  7. M

    Circles on Door Windows When Steaming up?

    Hi Everyone, I got model 3 in November I wondered if anyone has any experience with some strange circles on their door windows? I originally thought it was no big deal from some grips used in the factory, but I have tried to clean it multiple times with glass cleaner and im not getting anywhere...
  8. A

    All 4 windows dont close all the way up

    Model Y noticed today all 4 windows close and then come down tiny bit. I left the car out on driveway and there was a thin layer of fresh snow. Is it because of snow, cold, or new feature (2021.44.30), or it needs recalibration? I know there are several posts but it appears it may be some...
  9. Crafty flower

    Reindeer antlers on Tesla

    Has anyone bought reindeer antlers for their Tesla, wondering if it may damage the windows since they do lower when you open the doors. I purchased because I’m a female and I think they are so cute on the cars 😂.
  10. T

    If it starts raining?

    If I have my Model Y locked/on sentry mode, parked out in the hot Texas sun (windshield silver reflecting shades in place), and the car is trying to keep the interior temp below 105: is it better to VENT the windows using the app or just keep the windows closed and let it use more battery...
  11. C

    Home Efficiency

    This is an off-topic thread; I hope this is the best area to post. I would like to start a discussion about energy efficient home construction and renovation topics. I will start with windows. I recently moved into a 30 year old home, built pretty well for 30 years ago, still 30 years ago...
  12. S

    Model Y windows frozen

    We had rain snow mix yesterday and very cold night. This morning when I open the door, the windows didn’t roll down. I didn’t realize I forced open it till I try to close the door. The door won’t close because window didn’t roll down. After inspection, I find both windows on driver side won’t...
  13. E

    Tinting help with battery life?

    Does tinting really help with saving battery life so my m3 sr+ doesn’t have to cool itself down as often? Anyone who didn’t do tinting, do you feel like you’re baking inside? If this is more a cosmetic fix than practical, I want to save my money.
  14. X

    MY window tinting

    Took my MY in to get tinted. They pointed out that the passenger and rear doors have almost no gap whatsoever between the glass and interior material of the doors. They said it will most likely damage the tint because of this. Makes me wonder if that’s the reason why Tesla pre-tints the MY...
  15. timmy818

    Is this 20% Tint or 35%?

    I asked the tint guy to give me 35% for the full back windshield (so we can still see through the sunroof) and 20% on passenger front and back. This doesn't look like 20% and it seems so light. I took my car to another tint shop to get a quotation and said "this looks like 35%, the brand they...
  16. dwahl

    NASA Special Edition Model X

    Does anyone know what brand of window glass tint was installed on the Space X/NASA custom Model X?
  17. V

    Windows auto close

    I’m sure this was already asked for a few times in the forum, but I did’t find it. Why Teslas don’t close the windows automatically when you leave the car? This is a very simple implementation.
  18. P

    Window Tinting Model 3

    Has anybody heard something about special window tinting is needed on the Model 3 because of the electronics? I was told it needs a special type of film. Also anybody that has tinted the windows, what did you do with the glass roof? Did you also tint that? Thanks!
  19. S

    Ceramic Pro on windows or not?

    We will be taking our Model 3 in for PPF in the next few weeks and plan to have Ceramic Pro applied to the Xpel on the body. We were asked about applying it to the windows/glass and not sure what to think. I can see adding it to the Xpel so that items like bird droppings don't etch it but not...
  20. V

    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    A couple weeks ago, I was driving on freeway with no one near me, and I suddenly start to hear what sort of sounds like micro gravel pelting my windshield or even as if there were cracks appearing all over the windshield. I can’t see anything hitting it, nothings actually cracking, and again no...
  21. W

    Leaking inside the car!

    Hello, Today I discovered our brand new Tesla model X had some leaking issues under heavy rain. the leaking seemed to be coming from the dome light and the back window. Does anyone else have this problem or an explanation!
  22. W

    Driver-side window auto-open/close not working

    I noticed the driver-side window auto-open/close (lifting the button all the way, or pushing it all the way down) wasn't working. It was operating like the manual open/close setting where it would stop after letting go of the button. Got a tip to sit in the car with the door shut, put the window...
  23. Piney999

    Windows don't seal

    So tonight I drove over to a friends house, and I noticed that windows didn't "seal" themselves upon door closure like normal. When I got in, I had to pull the driver side window switch to get it the rest of the way up. Has anyone ever seen this? I wouldn't mind, except that it is the same...
  24. P

    Looking for good window tint shop near Greenwich, CT

    Anyone have any suggestions or recommendation for a good tint shop near Greenwich? I am looking to get my windshield tinted in either 3M Crystaline or something similar with good heat rejection. I am also looking to get the driver's and passenger's windows tinted. Have any of you tinted over...
  25. M

    Driver's Door window "catches" or door open - is this normal?

    Hi, Hopefully this makes sense... My new facelift driver's door catches when your open it... Immediately when you pull the handle the window drops slightly to allow it to come clear of seal but not quite enough so occasionally it "catches" and you can hear the window get stuck and then bounce...
  26. SSD420

    MX going to SC, after 1 month

    Tomorrow morning my Model X is finally going to the SC for a bunch of issues I had reported including mysterious obstacles preventing my FWD's from, window issues, parts separating from the car, certain parts wearing way too quickly, feeling electric currents while sitting in the car charging...