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winter driving

  1. R

    Winter Tires/Wheels Factory, OEM or Aftermarket?

    Hey all, I got my MYLR with the Induction wheels and summer tires. Now with the approaching Canadian winter ( Southern Ontario) I want to get a set of winter tires and wheels but I'm not sure which ones to go with. What are your experiences with the following? I'm thinking of getting 19"s for...
  2. B

    New Tire Trade-in Credit?

    Hey all--just ordered my LRMY and I'm stoked. Seeing as I live in CO, I was planning on getting some slightly more aggressive tires/rims. Curious if anyone has been able to trade in their stock tires for some sort of credit towards new ones? Or maybe that's not really a thing anymore. Thanks!
  3. B

    Replika R241 19x9.5 plus Vredestein Wintrac Pro Wheel and Tire combo. Less than 100 miles.

    WTS - Replica R241 satin black wheels + Vredestein Wintrac Pro whee and tire combo. No Tesla TPMS. Only wheels and Tires. Less than 100 miles on them. Local pickup in IL 60156 preferred. $2600/- Specs as follows: Replika R241 Satin Black 19x9.5 +45 5x114.3mm 64.1mm - 4 nos. 255/45R-19...
  4. O

    Airport parking winter for 15 days

    Hi everyone, just sharing my experience with my Tesla 3 that I parked for 15 days at Incheon Airport during winter time. I charged my car up to 90%, took the trip from Seoul to Incheon about 50km. Arrived there with 74%. Then let my car outside for 15 days on temperature going from -15 to 2...
  5. R

    Battery charging in snow and very cold weather

    Hi, I have owned my Tesla for two years now and I have been meaning to ask this question. I charge my car to 80% every evening before going to work and leave it plugged in on weekends. I have a Tesla wall charger. On days when I know that it is snowing or if the temperature outside gets in...
  6. Frizzle Fry

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    I'm currently driving across Canada in light winter conditions and have had to fight with cruise control a lot more than I'd like. When you activate cruise control you are also engaging Autopilot even if you don't have the Full Self Driving package. And because Autopilot depends on the car's...
  7. S

    Model Y Mud flap or anything to prevent damage in Canadian snow

    Hi All, I recently got my model Y LR after almost a year of waiting, I believe Canadian version of Model Y comes with a front mud flops on the font wheel and perhaps protective film installed from Tesla, anyone who lives in Canada knows we sometime have really bad snowy days and the roads and...
  8. J

    Model Y - Gemini Wheels with Hakkapeliitta (Winter) Tires for Sale

    Set of four Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel with Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 (Winter Tires - Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV - Peace of mind for the Northern winter / Nokian Tires). Includes Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System & Tesla Gemini Wheel Cap Kit. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV...
  9. petershi24

    Can I put 285/30/21 on Refreshed Model S Plaid rear?

    I am moving to New Haven CT from CA for grad school (1 year) and I need to survive 1 winter with my Plaid, so I have been looking for 265/35/21 & 295/30/21 all season. 265/35/21 are easy to find but not 295s, so I am wondering if I can put 285/30/21 on the rear. Anyone did this to their...
  10. S

    Lowered in snow?

    Thinking about putting Eibach lowering springs on my Tesla M3LR to reduce some of the wheel gap, however, I live in Canada (Ontario) and we often get quite a bit a snow in the winter. Has anyone experienced driving a lowered Tesla in snow? Is it manageable? Will the car lose range more quickly...
  11. V

    FS: 2021 Model Y Performance 19" Gemini Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tire Package w/TPMS

    Purchased the winter tire/wheel package last winter and put ~3K miles on the tires. Stored in a garage. Originally $2,750, asking for $1,750 OBO. Won't ship, pickup in Frederick, MD. Payment via cash or PayPal.
  12. D

    Do you use A/C during winter driving?

    I'd be interested to share my experiences with winter driving of my Model 3 in terms of using / not using A/C. My thoughts are: - Whenever climate is set to Auto, the Model 3 (almost) always turns on A/C. It's not just the blue button, it's the smell of the A/C-treated air, it's surely running...
  13. B

    FS: Model S 19" Turbine Winter Wheel and Tire package w/TPMS

    Winter Wheel/Tire package - Asking $1500 - LOCATION DENVER COLORADO - 80231 Rial Turbine rims - Michelin X Ice tires 245/45R/19 - TPMS sensors - Black Wheel nuts - No center caps/stock fit Used one season. No wheel damage, no repairs, no punctures, no stories, perfect condition. Came off 2014...
  14. S

    Induction vs. Gemini Ride Quality & Winter Driving

    Hello, I'm planning to order a Y and can't decide between the wheels. The induction wheels obviously look way cooler but I'm concerned about the hit in range, how they drive in the snow (we drive into the Rockies quite frequently) and how rough are they off road. Does anyone have any experience...
  15. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    So I was wondering how the heat pump would perform in extreme cold and today I got to find out. I put on about 200 kms today and while I was driving around the city the heat worked as expected, it kept us toasty warm. However, this evening I went out on the highway and the combination of -35 C...
  16. Deep Blue Blizzaks 634

    Deep Blue Blizzaks 634

    Winter Conditions on our Driveway, Raining on slushy ice and snow composite; not ideal but can get much worse can turn to smooth solid ice hence the gravel, Southeast Alaska. First test of the Tesla Y with Bridgestone Blizzaks.
  17. ehacke

    Tesla-sourced Winter Tires vs Third-party

    Am I wrong, or do the winter tires and wheels offered by Tesla for the M3P seem way too expensive? Model 3 19” Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package $4700 CDN seems pretty high. Without even really trying, I found a nice set of new tires and wheels, shipped for free to my door, for way less...
  18. GSBJackson

    Seeking input from Midwest and Northeast M3 19’ AWD Winter Drivers

    Planning to take delivery in December 2020. Curious whether the all season tires that come with the 19 inch wheels are adequate for winter driving in the Midwest and Northeast? Should I plan to purchase a separate set of winter tires and wheels to swap with the seasons? Thoughts?
  19. venezing

    Model 3 Standard Range+ owners... how is it in New England?

    I’m very close on pulling the trigger on a Standard Range Plus. I wanted to see how everyone’s experience is owning it in New England. Range loss in the winter? Driving on the “great” roads of New England (I live in Western Massachusetts) How’s your paint holding up? Do you have snow tires...
  20. X

    Cybertruck AWD - Will TRI motor be safer than DUAL motor in winter?

    Hi there, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the difference between DUAL and TRI motor in snowy/icy winter conditions. I've read other posts in this great forum that covered the RWD, but I'm interested in whether DUAL AWD would be any less secure in slippery conditions than TRI AWD...
  21. K

    User experience with mode 3 that stay in the garage during winter?

    Hi all, I’m wondering if there are owners out there who can shed light on what their range loss was with their Midle 3 when it stayed in the garage over night. I asymmetric because it was in the garage you could pre heat the car and battery while plugged in
  22. antdun

    Family of 5 Trip Report | 5,883 Mile Adventure From Utah to Florida in a 2015 S85D

    My family of 5 went on an epic road trip in our Tesla over the Christmas break and I got a lot of questions from friends and family about it because there are some elements that are a significant paradigm shift from driving a gasoline vehicle. The #1 question I get asked is “How long does it...
  23. D

    M3 SR+ Snow tires how to

    Hey guys it's me again. So I just took delivery a couple weeks ago and I'm looking to get snow tires on my car ASAP since I live in Maryland. I'm wondering what the process is for swapping tires on the tesla. Just from googling it seems like it is a little more difficult than just going to pep...
  24. IndyToronto

    Question & Poll on Winter Driving experiences : Watts / km (or Watts/Mile)

    I'm trying to determine what experiences people have had driving in winter - especially with snow on the road. On an especially bad sunday where radios were warning people to stay home, I did a 200km (125mile) trip at 300Wh/km (480Wh/mile). Note this is not peak but avg over the entire round...
  25. F

    Battery Degradation, cause for concern already?

    A little bit of background: I live in Maryland where we get legit four seasons I live in an apartment and I do NOT have access to charging at work or at home I have had the car since June 2019 Here is some information I sent to Tesla recently: I have under 5,000 miles on the car. In V9 I...
  26. kbecks13

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Well, like the title says i'm interested in seeing what different wheels people are throwing on their model 3's. If you have some aftermarket wheels, or have seen some in the wild, post a picture of what you got!
  27. K

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    i bought my model 3 in aug 2018. After the software upgrade I only got 316 miles when charged to 100%. Last night I got only 312 miles from 5% SOC to 100%. A 4% degradation within 10 months? Have others degraded similarly?
  28. EVSmartParts

    Vendor EVSmartParts.com offers maximum protection mud flaps with minimalist visual impact. Made in USA!

    If you are concerned about the looks of your car AFTER this coming winter please check out our website NOW Home - Splash Page to see extremely effective and durable mud flaps with minimum visual impact on your TESLA Model 3. Inconspicuous, very low, very wide, quiet, and flexible...
  29. H

    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    Maxpider 3D Mats are currently on sale at Costco. $40 off and a must have for winter! Model 3 link: https://www.costco.ca/.product.393507.html Generic link:https://www.costco.ca/3d-maxpider-mat-custom-fit-all-weather-car-mats%3b-row-1-and-2-only.product.10367254.html These sold out really...
  30. E

    Snow experience with and without smart air suspension

    I have been searching for the right 2015 or 2016 Model S with dual motors. Has anyone driven in a snowy winter without air suspension and then switched to a car with air suspension? I am wondering if it is worth the extra weight and complexity (and repair costs) to be able to raise a dual motor...
  31. T

    18” or 19” Wheels for Winter?

    I’m planning on buying a Model 3 AWD. I’m in Canada and get a lot of snow, but I’ve managed just fine without winter tires so far, so I’m not planning on getting those. I’m stuck deciding between 18” and 19” wheels. Normally I’d want the 18” for winter driving (extra clearance for sticky snow...
  32. YYZ-IAD

    First Buffalo Winter with 2018 Model S - Lessons

    Buffalo winter has been particularly nasty (maybe you think they are all). Many large snow falls and several days with temps 5-15 F (down to -20 C). Lessons learned: 1) Model S handles very well in snow. I have Michelin X-Ice Winter tires. Handling in snow is secure - on par or...
  33. S

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Last week, I drove from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Above 5000 feet, it was snowing (heavy flurries), snow on the surface, temperature 29-31F, on a two lane highway (US50). We stopped for 2 hours while an avalanche was cleared, and then resumed travel in the dark. Soon, the road was barely...
  34. zer0frequency

    MX 100D Trip from NJ to Florida in winter

    Hi Guys, Here is my dilemma. I used to get 340-380 Wh/mile but in winter, it has been hovering around 460-490 wh/mile. I have a trip to Florida (NJ to Fort Lauderdale) - now the trip planner tells me to make about 10 charging stops but I am nervous. What do you guys think? Please help. PS...
  35. T

    Possible battery issue?

    I traveled 290 miles from the twin cities to Madison Wisconsin for the holidays and had planned to stop at one Super Charger on the way to complete my trip. I kept EAP/TACC at 77 the duration of the trip. Unfortunately, I ended up having to stop at two Super Chargers to make it the entire way...
  36. Leopold Stotch

    Autopilot through construction!

    Autopilot did really well, have a look! Let me know what you think. Started a YouTube channel, videos will get better with time as I learn to edit.
  37. EVTuning

    Vendor Model 3 Winter Wheel and Tire Packages now available

    Summer is coming to an end and Winter will be here before you know it! Being that we're located in New England there has already been a large number of inquiries for Winter wheel and tires. This is especially a concern for all the RWD customers. For RWD Model S snow tires were pretty much a...
  38. G

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Hey Ive got an order placed for a P3D with the Performance package that comes with the Michelin PS4S 235/25/R20. Since these are a summer tire Im going to look into getting some snow tires for the winter (Pittsburgh, PA). I know Tesla sells PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 with either the Aero wheels...
  39. Padelford

    Get cold air rather than heat from vents

    we’ve just driven from Seattle to Ohio along I-90, and we’ve experienced cabin heating problems when the battery is 50% or less. We get no heat from the vents even with the temps set at HI. External temps have been in the 20’s to low 30’s. Range mode is OFF. Firmware is 2018.12. We don’t...
  40. E

    RWD Winter driving

    Hello TMC! First post here. Hoping to be a first time Tesla owner as well! I am located in north Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and just received the config email a week ago (yay!). My question for fellow TMCers is: - how would rear wheel drive be in winter driving (with decent winter tires)...
  41. M

    Michigan Winter driving in a Model S

    Wow, I'm impressed! There is no other way to start this thread. We just received a few inches of snow here in Michigan and I have to say, the S handles better then I ever thought it would in the snow. FYI, I'm in a 75D with stock 19's and all-season tires. My favorite driving characteristics...
  42. pl804

    FS: Model S - Thule / Konig K-Summit Low-Profile Snow Chain – New - $250 – Palo Alto / Redwood City

    Size K45. Fits Model S with 19” tires. Brand new, unopened. I received these as a warranty replacement set. Will include the old set as well as a backup. One piece in the old set is fully functional. The other piece has 1 broken link. If you’re good at this stuff, you might be able...
  43. Raindog1

    Dual motor vs. RWD in winter driving.

    I haven't been able to find a good thread on this subject even though I'm sure it exists. Does the extra costs warrant the getting a car with dual motors??? My main concern for getting Dual Motors would be winter handling but I'm unsure of the extra cost? What is your experience/thoughts?
  44. ev-now

    Tips for snow driving and keeping AP happy?

    First decent amount of snow in CO. Managed to pack a good quantity of snow in the wheel-arches but the 50 mile drive was uneventful (RWD, traction control, sensible driving - handle as well as I had hoped it would from comment here). Stopped car, cleared arches. 6 hours later (losing a little...
  45. N

    Add winter tires for just one and a half months?

    Just ordered an X90D, but delivery may not happen to February. I live in NJ but drive to the Hudson Valley of NY that does get snow. Is it worth adding winter tires + rims for just 1.5 months or can I get away with the stock 20" tires? I would get the winter tires for the following season though.
  46. b_rad

    Range in winter conditions and mountain driving

    I just put in my order for a X90D but before I confirm I wanted to check and see if anyone has data on efficiency loss while driving in the mountains in the the winter. I live in ft Collins, CO and have family in Steamboat Springs and will be doing that drive rather frequently. It is 155 miles...
  47. T

    Winter Driving Recommendations (Range Specific)

    Hi Folks, I am stoked to have recently placed the order for my new 75D (EAP, PUP, SAS). I cannot describe the excitement!!! As owning a Tesla can be quite the paradigm shift from all that we are used to, one of the things that has me most concerned is driving range during winters. My wife LOVES...
  48. T

    Model S 75D Range Anxiety

    Hi All, I am too torn between the 75D and the 90D. The 75D is more than sufficient for my daily commute and day to day needs with its 259 miles "EPA" range. And the best part is that it fits my budget like a glove. But every now and then we visit family which ends up being about 160 miles round...
  49. N

    Tesla assistance for AutoSock on Model X

    With winter coming to the Pacific Northwest, I've got a few road trips planned that'll involve snowy and icy weather. On my previous SUV, I used AutoSocks and they were great--easy to put on, quiet, and great performance. My Model X has the 22" wheels (for which Tesla doesn't even offer chains)...
  50. W

    Winter Tires - Michelin X-Ice Xi3 vs. Nokian Hakka R2

    This thread died out last fall: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/21694-Winter-Tire-Options/page6 and wasn't in the main forum. There have also been a few other threads. Opening a new one, please feel free to combine, reassign, or redirect if I missed an appropriate thread. While...