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winter tire

  1. X

    Available Model 3 18" aero wheels X-Ice, Boston MA

    Selling my winter wheels/tires from my model 3. We upgraded to a Y so do not have a use for them anymore. They have the older RF TPMS and not the newer bluetooth in them They have between 8/32 and 9/32 depending on the tire. They have about 10,000 miles on them. They have been rotated between...
  2. T

    Best All Weather Tires for Model Y 20" Induction Wheels

    Hi All, I have owned several luxury cars including a Tesla Model S for many years. But a year ago I feel like I made the mistake of swapping out my S for a Model Y long range with the horrid 20" induction wheels. OK maybe that's not fair. The wheels are fine but the GoodYear tires that the...
  3. Z

    Tsportline TSS 20”

    Selling my tsportline wheels. Coming off my 2020 MYP TSPORTLINE TSS with Michelin x-ice tires and lug caps Rear 2 wheels have light curb rashing. I have the tsportline touch paint but I don’t trust my self. Chicagoland area Looking for $2500
  4. B

    Model X set of four 20”wheels and Winter tires $1,200 - DC Metro area

    Model X set of four 20”wheels and Winter tires $1,200 - DC Metro area For sale: Set of four Tesla Black 20” Wheels with Nokia’s Hakkapeliitta 8 studded Winter Tires, low rolling resistance, deep treads. Wheels have some visible curb rashes. Tires have about 5,000 miles. Tires are staggered...
  5. T

    Is it safe to drive with Michelin Pilot sport 4s during winter?

    all the winter tire packages on Tesla online store is out of stock, I wondering is it still safe to drive with my Michelin sport 4s during winter? All do you guys know any other tire that I can find to replace my current tire?
  6. D

    Cyberstream wheels on previous gen Model X

    Will the cyberstream winter wheel + tire set fit on my 10/2020 built MY21 Model X? I don’t know much about wheels, and the Tesla site says “for 2021+ Built Model X”, but wondering if there’s actually something different that would make them not fit.
  7. M

    Toronto - Model 3 Winter tires and wheels - OEM

    Model 3 18" Aero wheel and winter tire package Purchased from tesla, used for 2 seasons, less than 10,000 km Upgraded to model Y, so these don't fit :( $1000
  8. 907XCP

    19 Gemini Winter Tire Set - Will it re-stock?

    Does anyone know if Tesla has been restocking these or is it likely they are sold out for the season and I am just wasting my time waiting? We have a MYP arriving in January here in Alaska and the Summer tires on the Ubers will be a big no go for us. Likely selling the Uber set on the car but my...
  9. T

    Using 245/45 R18 or 235/55 R19 tires on Model Y?

    Switching over from an E300 & a GLC300 to two (our first ever Tesla) Model Y! I have winter tires from both those cars and wondering if they can fit Model Y? It doesn’t officially match according to Tire Rack.. but wanted to hear from the community if these tires would fit the Model Y: 1. 245/45...
  10. D

    Selling Brand New Gemini Wheel & Tires. How much to charge?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Put in my order for a Model Y AWD/LR. I've done so much research on the big debate about wheels and going from 19's to 20's etc. I've finally decided that I'm going to get Martian 20's (8.5) because they are still lighter than the 19 Gemini's and with 4inches...
  11. M

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheels with Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero S2 Tires

    For Sale: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels with Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero S2 Tires Winter tires were used for 1 season. Less than 2k miles Wheels have some curb rash, but are good for winter driving. Hardware included. Prefer Denver Pickup. $1200 available in Denver
  12. J

    Model S Winter Tires for Sale - barely used

    Hello - I purchased winter tires for my Model S, and used them briefly for two winters. They have had less than 1,000 miles put on them. I purchased them from Tesla in 2018 for $2,700. These are still being sold on Tesla'swebsite today for $2,500. They are barely used, and look new. The...
  13. Jeff Wa

    Equal Winter Tire Size?

    Hey folks I think I have posted this or something similar before. My brain hurts from trying to find a simple answer yes or no. I have a Model Y with 19 inch Gemini wheels and I am looking for snow tires and wheels. I have a set of great Nokian Hakkapellita R2 SUV that I used for 1 season on...
  14. eCharcoal

    When to switch from winter tire to summer/all season?

    This winter has been mild and we didn’t get much snow here in Chicago. The snow on Halloween kinda tricked me into putting on winter tires in late October, thinking that winter had come early. Was planning to put them on in mid November. After that it’s always in the 40s and 50s speeding up wear...
  15. T

    Tire Package From Tesla- Back Order or Just Terrible Service?

    Hi, First time post. I took delivery of a Long Range Raven Model X over the summer and love it. I ordered a winter tire package from the Tesla online store in mid-October, exactly 48 days ago. Given the significant amount of time that has elapsed, and no outreach whatsoever from Tesla regarding...
  16. A

    Tesla Winter Wheel and Tire Package Delivery Time?

    Hi everyone, Was hoping some people had experience with this to comment. I ordered the m3's official winter tire and wheel package off the website and other than the initial confirmation, I haven't gotten any updates other than it could take up to 15 days (which was a few days ago). Does anyone...
  17. टेस्ला

    [Ottawa] Model 3 Winter Tire Group Buy with KalTire

    There is a group buy via Tesla Owners of Ottawa (Ontario) Facebook page for: Nokkian Hakka R3's Replika R187 Gun Metal Direct Fit Wheels Pre-programmed TPMS Total Cost: $2294.25 (incl. tax) Checkout the group for ordering info: Tesla Owners of Ottawa (Ontario)
  18. J

    Are winter tires necessary with the long range dual motor AWD?

    First off I live in Connecticut and was wondering if winter tires are really necessary. Does anyone know how the Model 3 with AWD handles in the snow with the stock tires? I got a quote from one tire shop for federal Himalaya ws2 tires- 235/45r18 to have the tires mounted on my stock rims...
  19. W

    Price increase on 18 Aero winter tire package [Update: no it didn’t, was viewing Canadian site]

    Just placed an order last night on model 3 18 Aero winter tire package, noticed the price was increased to $2,700 from $2,000. Refreshed the page and the number went back to $2K. Not sure what's going on, anybody saw the same issue? Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package
  20. M109Rider

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages. Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD. I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal. Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?
  21. K

    18" P3D Wheels to Fit Pilot Alpin's

    I'm looking to put 18" wheels with Michelin Alpin's on my Model 3 Performance for the winter - either Pilot Alpin 5's or Pilot Alpin PA4's. I'm struggling to find any wheels that fit the wider performance bore. Has anyone had the Alpin's on their P3D with 18" wheels? In case it helps, here are...
  22. ebirck

    19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano w/ Michelin X-Ice Winter & Tires Gen 1 TPMS

    Selling a lightly used set of 19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano Turbines w/ Michelin X-Ice winter tires and Gen 1 TPMS sensors. I bought them back in January for my P85D and used them for 3 months before switching to 21" Turbines in April when it warmed up. No more than ~5k miles on them, mostly...
  23. T

    Model S wheels and winter tires

    Set of 4 19" wheels with winter tires Firelli Sottozero TPMS Gen 2 Tire totes included Clean, in very good condition $800 for full set Local pickup only New Hope, PA
  24. Wyomingtim

    WTB 19" wheels with TPMS and winter tires

    Looking for a set of 19" wheels, preferably with TPMS and usable winter tires already on them, for use on my 2019 Model S. I'm in northwest Wyoming, and we have more winter than summer...
  25. mhs

    Model S Winter Tire & Wheel Package (graphite) COMPLETE TURN KEY

    Model S 19" Winter Tire & Wheel Package COMPLETE TURN KEY Greater Baltimore/Washington Metro Area (Annapolis, MD) (for local pickup) I purchased this package from TireRack because I wanted the dark graphite-colored wheels and Tesla doesn’t sell a winter tire package that isn’t silver in color...
  26. R

    Tesla Model S 19" after market, Tires and Gen one TPMS plus 4 tire totes.

    Used for my 2014 Model for winter tires, upgraded to Model X now. Asking $900 CAD Location: Canada Ontario GTA Text: 4165641375
  27. Phantom3

    Bought my own winter tires...

    Where is the best location near Burlington to have them installed on my stock M3 rims? I’m a member of TOCO so maybe a discount on installation? Thanks in advance. (Michelin X-ice 3)
  28. EVTuning

    Vendor Model 3 Winter Wheel and Tire Packages now available

    Summer is coming to an end and Winter will be here before you know it! Being that we're located in New England there has already been a large number of inquiries for Winter wheel and tires. This is especially a concern for all the RWD customers. For RWD Model S snow tires were pretty much a...
  29. chibi_kurochan

    Tesla MS 19” OEM Five-Spoke Wheels + Pirelli SottoZero 3 Winter Tires Set

    <5000 miles Pirelli SottoZero 3 Winter Tires ($1100) on 19” OEM Wheels with working TPMS. Please see photos and will add additional photos if needed. Minor chips and rashes. Asking $1400 Prefer pick-up in South Bay Area, might be willing to ship (at buyers cost) Will also give 2 original...
  30. R

    Rial Lugano (silver) wheels with Hakka R2 snow tires Wisconsin

    Four Rial Lugano (Bright Silver) 19” wheels mounted with Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 non-studded snow tires with Tesla TPMS sensors (Dec 2014+ version) Lug nuts and gorilla socket included. 7/32” tread remaining. $1500 plus you pay shipping (or pick them up in Wisconsin) New: $2400.00 These...
  31. T

    Looking for Aftermarket Winter Rims

    Hey guys I have a MX with the 22inch turbine wheels and I was trying find some winter tires for them. The cost of the tires are pretty expensive and if I did the calculation right I could just get a another set of rims with tire. I was wondering if any of you guys have any good...