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winter tyres

  1. J

    M3P in Switzerland

    Hi, I just got a M3P in UK in December, and happily driving winter here. I'm planning a trip to lake Lucerne in February and a little concerned if the performance tyres will be ok. Mostly it'll be Autobahn in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, but coming off the highway onto to ordinary (steep)...
  2. G

    Winter Tyres vs Wheels

    Hi there, I got my M3 SR+ end of September, am delighted, and have started reading all about winter tyres; As others, never had to have winter tyres, always drove all-season on an AWD car. So now I've decided I need some, mostly as we plan to drive to the Alps in the winter. But not clear to me...
  3. bjbrown

    Winter Shoes [tyres]

    So here is my M3P with her new winter treads. 19” bbs Alloys with Vredstein Quadrac 5 All Weather Tyre. Installed by GM Garage Inverurie. Used the jack pucks which gave me peace of mind. The new wheels came with TPMS and Tyres as a Package from Wheelbase who were very careful to check it...
  4. LukeT

    Winter wheels

    And another one... I have a second set of wheels on my current car for the winter. I think winter tyres make a real difference, cost no more long term in tyre wear and I have storage space, so I'm strongly minded to do the same again. The £2300 tesla option - is this regarded as ok value? It's...
  5. WannabeOwner

    Which Winter Tyres in UK?

    Which Winter Tyres are you / would you use in UK (for 19") I don't know why, but I asked Tesla for some before XMas and they seem to be taking weeks to get them, just had the Winter Tyres on another vehicle replaced and that was an overnight-order, so more inclined to give the local guy my...