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  1. D

    20" Asanti Wheels with Vredestein Winter Tires (set of 4) $2000

  2. S

    Pirelli Winter SOTTOZERO 3 Tires

    235/40 R19 new take offs for $150 each. These are Email [email protected] to place and order and mention “TMCTIRE”.
  3. C

    14 Day winter parking at airport - RESULT

    Hi guys - wanted to share an interesting observation. We recently parked out MY for 14 days at JFK airport in the long term garage. I expected that it would drop about 1% per day. I did the following: - Charged to 90% at JFK super charger - Turned off: Sentry + Wifi, Auto Lights and...
  4. J

    winter features that urgently need fixing

    Things seem to be slowly getting worse for us living in the harder climates. Since there is no way to give feedback to Tesla anymore, I'm hopeful someone there could read this post and potentially drive things forward. I have both the 3LR and the XLR and the same issues are present in both. 1)...
  5. 907XCP

    Snow tires for 21 Ubers?

    Hello, Before you attack me, I tried searching the forum for similar questions but didn't find an answer. I hope this time I could get some help. I have one simple question: Has or does anyone know what snow/winter tires I could use on the 21" Ubers for the MYP? I know OEM size tires are going...
  6. jrc91

    Tsportline Model 3 Winter Wheel and Tire Package

    $1600 obo Locate in Colorado Springs TSportline 18 inch Wheel and Winter Tire package. Winter Tire package was selling for $3,300 before tax online and winter tires are out of stock. Includes: Michelin X-ice tires (Practically brand new, 1,000 miles, still measures full tread) 4x 18x8.5"...
  7. S

    FS 2021 18” Aero Wheelset w/ Rimetrix Orbital Caps Bluetooth TPMS LIKE NEW Portland Oregon

    I have a set of 18 inch Aero wheels and tires that came off my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3. I took the wheels off with only 1000 miles on them. They are in pristine condition. No curb rash or scuffs at all. In the photos you can see the black Rimetrix Orbital wheel caps installed. These are a...
  8. J

    enable slip start from home page

    In snowy conditions not being able to enable slip start (disabling traction control) can be a safety hasard. Currently, when you are about to get stuck driving on a slippery road, you have to frantically navigate through the menus to try to get to the option to activate slip start; when you...
  9. Joe85sti

    Model 3 18” Winter Wheels and Tires set (4).

    Set of 4 wheels/tires. I’ve had this winter setup for my 2020 model 3 performance for two winters, and roughly 15k miles. Still lots of tread left. The wheels are 18X8 SPORT EDITION A10-2 GLS BLACK from tire rack. I paid $600 for the set. The tires are 235/45R-18 GENERAL ALTIMAX ARCTIC 12 XL...
  10. Tony_YYZ

    Model Y winter tire inventory in the GTA?

    Hi All, I know there is currently a tire shortage in effect due to I assume Covid related supply constraints. I’m looking for a set of winter tires for my new Model Y. Have any of you been able to purchase a set for the 19” sizing recently in the GTA? Kal Tire is sold out chain wide. I’m...
  11. R

    LR or Performance for so cal ski resorts

    I go skiing every weekend during winter (Southern California). My understanding is that I need to get winter tires and need to change tires much more frequently for the performance model. Should I choose the long range model?
  12. J

    Tesla Model S Winter tires mounted on wheels with TPS

    I recently sold my 2018 Tesla Model S P100 DL and no longer need my set of four 19" wheels mounted with Hankook i Cept Evo II performance snow tires, size 245/45/19. The wheels look quite nice on the car and fit perfectly. Approximately 50% treadlife is left. They include the Gen 2 Tire...
  13. maxshuty

    Model S 19" slipstream with winter tires

    Hi all, I have a used set of 19” rims and winter tires with Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 winter tires. These are off of a Model S. Selling because I bought these for our X but ended up finding a set off of a Model X that has the bigger tire profile the X requires. The rims do have a little curb...
  14. .FP.

    Winter Wheel & Tire Package

    Selling a great winter set up. 4 19" Wheels and Pirelli Sottozero winter 240 serie II tires. 245/45-19R tires have plenty of life left. Wheels are plastidipped Anthracite Grey. This also comes with gen 2 TPMS. Located in NY. Priced at $600 for a quick sale.
  15. B

    Tesla Set of 4 19” Winter Rims Wheels Tires Reno, Nevada

    I’m selling my set of Tesla MX 19” winter wheels and tires because we’re moving to a warmer area. These are beautiful black 5 star wheels with mounted Atturo snow tires size 265/50/R19 AW730 ICE 110H. The tires have fantastic tread still and I only used them for a month this season and the...
  16. Schmeltz318

    Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share my results with Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3. After having the cheap $30 Chinese mud flaps for half a year and not liking the fitment and the contact they were make with the paint, I knew I needed something better. I wanted a quality product and good paint...
  17. Space_CowBoy

    Rear defroster not working

    I picked my 2021 SR+ last December and haven't done much winter driving since I work from home ever since the RONA started. The few times I did go out when it was snowing, the rear defroster didn't work. Brought it to SC last week and they replaced the rear window where the heating elements are...
  18. kishkaru

    Surviving Yosemite in Winter Without Charging

    I'm planning on taking a trip to Yosemite National Park next weekend for the long holiday weekend. The trip is 3 days / 3 nights. Temperatures will be in the 20's and 30's, with high chance of rain and snow. The hotel I booked inside the park does not have a level 2 charging station (or even a...
  19. T

    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Hey all, just trying to get a real sense of how I should feel after I damaged the paint on my Tesla Model 3 Performance (2021)... Saved up for 7 years just to give it scratches all over in the first blizzard :'D. Has missing paint inside the doors, underneath the frunk (hidden) etc. I love the...
  20. Jimt29

    Winter Weather - What Is Climate Control Settings

    The temperature has been set at 69 degrees since I got the car June 4th. I ‘m wondering what you other folks have the setting and why. Jump right in and give your opinion.
  21. Bthbth

    Model S 19" Slipstream Wheel + Winter Tire Package

    FOR SALE: 19" Slipstream Tesla wheels and Pirelli SOTTOZERO winter-rated tires for icy driving months ahead, purchased new from Tesla. Significantly improve traction on all surfaces in sub-freezing conditions. Very good-excellent wheel condition, tires have 10K miles of highway wear. $1200 (will...
  22. Space_CowBoy

    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    I'm planning on setting up my garage to do car washes at home. Not sure what my requirements would be given that the winters here can be brutal. Additionally, what type of waterproofing would I need to do to the walls(bathroom paint) and or floors(epoxy). Also, would the drain need to be...
  23. R

    Cold Weather Efficiency Impacts

    Hi, I'm considering an upgrade to a Model Y AWD from my current Model 3 RWD LR. Now with the cold weather, what are people seeing as the range hit on average? For my Model 3 I usually get 150 wh/KM in the Summer and 200ish wh/KM in the Winter (0C and below). (Approximately 240 wh/Mile Summer...
  24. Deep Blue Blizzaks 623

    Deep Blue Blizzaks 623

    Straight up our driveway my Alaskan Sharon likes to give it a bunch of Welly as she heads to Stage 1, Southeast Alaska.
  25. irelandm

    Should I order the official Winter Tire package or ...?

    Okay, first off, while I am sure this topic has been covered before, I was having a hard time finding any threads that apply to my case. If there is one, I'd be more than happy to follow any links to other TMC forums about this topic. Now that that is out of the way ... TL;DR The package in...
  26. M

    Tesla shop debuts Model Y Induction Wheel Winter package

    Anyone have $4K handy for this upgrade? Tesla Launches Model Y Induction Wheel and Winter Package for $4,000 USD - TeslaNorth.com
  27. Mmackinnon

    MY and the Winter

    So today was the first day of snow here in northern AZ. Couple of questions came to mind. 1) Does everyone else think the auto for the wipers is all over the place? In the snow it was fast as hell for a bit when there was little coming down and then when i could barely see out of the window...
  28. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...
  29. kcm117

    Used: Tesla Model S 19” Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package

    Price: $1100 Description: Factory/Original, Excellent condition set of four winter wheels + tires for Tesla Model S. Used for only two winters on my 2016 Model S 90D. Listed as "VIN greater than P50900, Silver". Original Link on Tesla: Model S 19" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package...
  30. CertLive

    Should recirculate be renamed to range boost mode? (Winter Tip)

    For all pre heat pumpers out there coming into winter time. Press the recirculate (range boost) button for a % range boost on longer trips! I am not sure it gets simpler than that but it seemed to work looking at winter travel figures on SR+.
  31. O

    3d Maxpider Mats - Costco.ca

    Posted also on Model Y forum but they're now available. Ordered mine - $179.99+tax for front and back, incl shipping.
  32. O

    FS: Tesla Model S Wheels/Winter Tires (Set of 4) Chicago (Western Suburbs)

    19” Rial Luguano. Slight curb rash (see photos) 245/45R-19 MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 XL tires with 7/32 tread left. Includes TPMS and Lug nuts I am asking $750. I am located in Chicago (western Suburbs) area. Local pick up is preferred. If you have any questions please let me know.
  33. O

    Model S 21" Staggered - Michelin Pilot Sport All Season Tires

    Came across what looks like a new option to now have all season tires on the Model S 21" staggered setup. Does anyone have any experience yet with these?
  34. Gwgan

    Model X power steering bolts NHTSA Recall

    NHTSA Recall Code 20V-062 certain Model X 2015-1016 bolts holding power steering unit can corrode and break. This was settled on early Model S some time ago. I received a letter about this in early April and the best guess at that time was that the parts would be available in Late Summer 2020...
  35. venezing

    Model 3 Standard Range+ owners... how is it in New England?

    I’m very close on pulling the trigger on a Standard Range Plus. I wanted to see how everyone’s experience is owning it in New England. Range loss in the winter? Driving on the “great” roads of New England (I live in Western Massachusetts) How’s your paint holding up? Do you have snow tires...
  36. M

    OEM Tesla Model 3 Performance Winter Tires and Rims For Sale

    Selling a set of 4 rims and tires. They are OEM 20” winter snow tires that work with Tesla Model 3 Performance. They are sized to be compatible with the performance brakes. These tires have roughly 3,000 miles on them. The tread is in very good condition. One tire does have a small leak in the...
  37. B

    Tesla Model 3 SR+ with 100 mile round trip commute

    Hi All, So I recently placed an order for a Model 3 SR+ which at the time of ordering has an estimated range of 250 miles. I drive 100 miles a day round trip, 50 miles to work and 50 miles home which is roughly 15 miles back roads and 35 miles highway (65-70mph). My wife and I have a bigger SUV...
  38. ElectricIAC

    Winter tires....All (No) Season?

    So I’ve made the decision to keep my P3D+ 20” for the time being and will swap out with the Gemini 19” when the Mrs’ LYD arrives. We have a trip coming up to CO and anticipate some wintry weather both coming and going and want a nice grippy tire that will still function well in more favorable...
  39. D

    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD -- 200 miles range vs 320 claimed? [NJ]

    Hi everyone, I wanted to confirm if this is normal. My Tesla Model 3 LR AWD is getting around 200 miles on a full charge with an average of 370 wh/hr. Here are my factors and conditions when I calculated the 200 mile range: NJ Commute ~50 miles round trip Traffic during 50% of my commute 35°...
  40. V

    Tesla as only vehicle

    Hi there - first time poster here, finally getting into this because I am finally at the point where my first Tesla is hopefully in my not too distant future. I currently own a 2016 RAV4 hybrid and have had 0 problems with it. Only 60,000 km (~37,000 miles) on it, so it has lots of life left...
  41. K

    Brightness percentage in your country?

    Hi, and best regards from Finland. Wish there would be snow, it gives so much light. What's your midday brightness percentage? (Thinking about you, Californians... :))
  42. Colgate2004

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Brand new owner here (actually not-even-owner yet; I pick up my car in 2 weeks). I am planning to buy a second set of wheels to run studded snow tires (we get a lot of snow & ice where I live). My car is a non-Performance dual-motor AWD, long-range/extended battery Model 3. I've done this on...
  43. BMW740iL

    Diesel Heater

    Hi there, any Tesla model 3 owners who have installed a diesel cabin heater? I found this user story on insideev: As demonstrated by commenter Stanislav Jaracz in New Jersey, you can install a diesel/petrol combustion heater for less than optimal plug-in driving days. All the heat you want -...
  44. BMW740iL


    Met de eerste Model 3 winter ben ik benieuwd of er meer rijders zijn die denken dat de verwarming niet efficient is. Bij winterse kou gaat de range hard omlaag, zijn lange ritten oncomfortabel koud en duurt opladen langer. Ik heb bij Webasto gevraagd of het mogelijk is een standkachel in de...
  45. E

    Cabin Heat / Speed Interplay on kWh/mile

    Here is the thought problem. Its a very cold day. I have to drive 60 miles to my destination. Assume, just as an example, cabin heater needs to draw 5 kW to maintain a given cabin temperature. What would be the ideal speed to drive at for the least kWh/mile for this trip? Obviously if you are...
  46. K

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    i bought my model 3 in aug 2018. After the software upgrade I only got 316 miles when charged to 100%. Last night I got only 312 miles from 5% SOC to 100%. A 4% degradation within 10 months? Have others degraded similarly?
  47. Y

    18" Winter Tires/Rims for P3D

    Hello everyone, I have a Model 3 Performance and ordered 18" XIce3's with a set of rims from PMCTires that were guaranteed to fit. Went to get them installed, drove off and within 20 seconds came right back due to a loud noise from the back tires. Turns out the calipers were scraping against...
  48. R

    Problems with new Tesla in the Snow

    I've had my Tesla for three days, and I'm experiencing some frustrations. I'm hoping the forum can help: Wipers--we're getting our first snowfall and already the OEM wipers suck. They can't clear anything. I did look on the forum and see a few suggestions for alternatives: Bosch PUV and Trico...
  49. V

    Model S oem Wheels on X ?

    I have a spare set model S 19” wheels I’m planning To use on the winter months on The MX , tire will be 255/50/19, are they (wheels) okay to use safely due to the heavier weight on the MX ? Can’t find any info about the oem weight load anywhere ... thx guys
  50. Bonaventure

    Model X Winter Tires & Rims - 265/50R-19 PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER

    Tires: 265/50R-19 PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER Rims: 19X8.5 SPORT EDITION WX9 BRIGHT SILVER Includes sensors! Order Total was $2,220.53 Asking: $1,600 (OBO!) Location: Kalamazoo, MI Area (49009) --- Unfortunately I had to sell my Model X. I have tires used for one season (last year) available...

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