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wipers mechanism

  1. F

    poor wiper performance for refreshed Model S (windshield wiper nozzle issue)

    During a recently big snowstorm, I noticed my passenger wiper has noticeable poor wiping performance than my driving side wiper. the problem is the windshield fluid can not reach the far right side of the window, resulting in poor wiping performance while the windshield is dirty (e.g. during...
  2. ruralectric

    Suggestion for Improved Windshield Wiper Interface

    I've had my 3 for almost a month now, and last night was the first time I've driven in extended, rapidly changing rain conditions. From no rain, to needing highest setting, and back to no rain, and at night on a single lane winding road. I'm very familiar with the wiper controls, but find myself...
  3. T

    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    I discovered a pretty neat little thing that our Model 3s do with the wipers. They actually retract down below the windshield line when not in use or when a bit of time has passed between intermittent wipes while on auto. I tested it while on the highway and the only reason I can find for this...
  4. davedavedave

    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    I have serious wiper blade chatter and squeaks, so based on recommendations from other threads on TMC, I decided to purchase some Bosch Icon Wiper blades from AutoZone. I used their search tool to find blades that fit the Model 3, and it cam up with the 26 and 19 inch Icons...
  5. Haxster

    Wiper Anomalies

    So, I’m patiently waiting for the rain-sensing to be enabled on my HW2 MS. I’m spoiled by having that feature on my 17-year-old Porsche. How tough could this be? Didn’t they verify that they could detect rain using the front-mounted cameras before they got rid of the IR rain sensor? Maybe it...
  6. fsch

    Wiper mechanism broken: how do you remove wiper arms?

    The wiper on passenger-side stopped working while under heavy rain this weekend. We drove back home (150 km) hoping the drive-side one doesn't break. Surely, this had to be one of the arms in the wiper mechanism since the other wiper was still working. As I'm out of warranty for long now and...