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  1. B

    Seeking Advice on Wiper Blades for 2024 Highland Model

    Hello everyone, I have a 2024 Highland Model 3 which I absolutely love. Recently, I had the entire car, including the windshield, ceramic coated. However, I’ve noticed an issue with the standard wiper blades. They tend to chatter on normal speed during light rain but work fine in faster modes...
  2. Radio Kid

    Operate Windshield Wipers When Car is "OFF"?

    I want to troubleshoot a windshield wiper that is "wobbly" when running on the high speed. If I get out of the car, the wipers stop wiping (immediately, or after a few strokes). Is there a way for one person to have the wipers running when not sitting inside the car? Perhaps some special...
  3. X

    Help! Windshield wiper problems

    Since delivery, I've had problems with my wipers squeaking loudly (when they reverse directions at the top and bottom of each wipe), as well as loudly chattering, skipping and thumping across the windshield. Video demonstrating the problem (volume up) The only (temporary) solution I've found...
  4. R

    [Feature Request] - Wipers On : Lights On?

    It is law in many places to have your lights on when your wipers turn on. Unless I am missing something, I don’t see that as an option to happen automatically. This seems like a simple upgrade in software. Does anyone know anything about this feature? How do you make a suggestion to Tesla...
  5. fasteddie7

    HW4 auto wipers seem drastically improved

    After a few days of no stop rain in a new Model S with HW4, it seems the auto wiper behavior has been significantly improved from what I’m used to in 2.5 and dare I say on par with my 2016 MS with an actual rain sensor with the mobile eye suite. This was an improvement I wasn’t expecting and a...
  6. ikarusk

    Done with Tesla Model Y Performance after 2000km

    Hi all, sorry for the bad English sometimes... I speak Dutch. I have my Model Y Performance for 35 days now and driven it 2000km in Belgium (Europe). I like to give you my honest opinion of this car coming from multiple BMW's, and why I want to switch to BMW again. Probably already a zillion...
  7. H

    Autonomous wipers not working on Model S 2015 85D

    Hi I have a Model S 85D. On the wipe stalk it has off, auto slow, and auto fast and then the two speeds. On the two speeds the wipers work fine. However, the two auto positions either do not work at all. Or when first switched to these position they will operate the wipers once. Very...
  8. T

    PIAA wipers or stick with Bosch Aerotwin OEMs for windshield wipers?

    Hey all, Starting to notice some streaks on the windshield wipers so I figured it's about time to replace them. I noticed there are PIAA silicone wiper blades that are made for the Model, but they are about a bit over 2x the price of the Bosch Aerotwin OEM wipers. Are they really worth the...
  9. Frizzle Fry

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    I'm currently driving across Canada in light winter conditions and have had to fight with cruise control a lot more than I'd like. When you activate cruise control you are also engaging Autopilot even if you don't have the Full Self Driving package. And because Autopilot depends on the car's...
  10. M

    Idea for easier control of wipers

    When you press the wiper button on the left stalk to do a single wipe then the control pops up on the screen. What if the left scroll button then able to change the wiper speed from off through to auto, just while the pop up was on screen? I'd find this much easier to do than have to touch the...
  11. Y

    Aftermarket wiper blade for Model X (2019)?

    Wondering what wiper blades I could use except going to SC. The wiper blades have very loud noise. Even after SC replaced twice (they charged me $70- $80 each time) in 2019 and 2020, the blades start making loud noises quickly after several weeks (or even shorter). I am tired of this, and...
  12. D

    Headlights - everyone thinks I'm on full beam

    I have an early UK M3P which I suspect may have been among the cars that Tesla had to retrofit UK lights to dockside after they shipped from the US. When I'm driving nearly every other car coming the opposite way flashes thinking I have my full beam on so I'm starting to wonder if the lights...
  13. K

    Glare + Streaking after new wipers + windshield. Any ideas?

    Hi guys, hoping to get your held and opinion regarding poor visibility in my Model 3 during wet weather. *** There are videos below of the issue. Please watch it and if you want to know more about what my thoughts are read below, especially last bolded paragraphs *** My original windshield came...
  14. Mmackinnon

    MY and the Winter

    So today was the first day of snow here in northern AZ. Couple of questions came to mind. 1) Does everyone else think the auto for the wipers is all over the place? In the snow it was fast as hell for a bit when there was little coming down and then when i could barely see out of the window...
  15. N

    Tesla auto wipers is a real danger

    I was driving with light rain, and wipers on auto. The fact you cannot change the speed quickly and that the automatic detection is poorly working can be deadly. In my case, the rain suddenly became so strong that I could not even see the motorway and the system did not adjust the speed...
  16. Riguy

    Wipers skittering

    Has anyone else noticed their Y’s windshield wipers skitter across the windshield or is it just me? Mine do not smoothly move across the glass at all, even in a full downpour. Not sure if this is just a poor design or perhaps there’s something going on with mine, specifically. Anyone else...
  17. PrGrPa

    Washer hose wear/tear

    Anyone had any problems with washer hoses wearing or tearing above the reservoir? This is a Q3 2019 RHD UK SR+ I’ve seen posts on the Y-connector not being connected. This seems different. Prompted to fill my SO’s washer reservoir. Only took 1L and reached the limit. operated the washer and...
  18. R

    Model X Wipers

    Hi all My X75D got some issues with the Wipers. If I enter our underground car park of the settlement and park my car forward, so the wall is ahead of the car and come to a stop, the wipers start with fullspeed. Sometime I see a truck ahead of the car in the screen. But the wall is white and...
  19. hijdaarmetdieX

    Ruitenwissers Model X niet storm bestendig

    Van de week tijdens de storm klapte mijn ruitenwisser dubbel. Nu was ik benieuwd of andere X rijders dit ook ervaren. Het is me nu twee keer gebeurt tijdens harde wind. De eerste keer klapte hij zelf terug maar de tweede keer was hij half afgebroken. Tesla kon me niet helpen alleen afslepen, op...
  20. Avendit

    Thoughts on AI feature parity with specialised sensors

    So I've been sticking it out on 40.2.1, which was the first with 'deep rain' (make sure to pause then use your special voice for that!) as the 50's don't offer much in the UK and this working really well. Today I did my first long drive in a while - 6 hours in total - in mixed weathers, across...
  21. V

    I really hate the wiper controls

    Of all the cars I've driven many $25k cars have very precise intermitten controls down many intervals of adjustment. I really hate how many clicks and screen touches I have to make to adjust a simple wipe. The main problem is not rain, it's fog and frost that the sensors cannot detect. I'm...
  22. M

    Auto Wipers Start at Max Speed Every Time

    Has anyone else noticed this when they have Auto Wipers (Beta) turned on? When there is moisture already present on the windshield and I start the car by pressing the brake and being to move, the wipers will start sweeping at full speed for at least 5-10 passes before slowing down to a more...
  23. R

    Problems with new Tesla in the Snow

    I've had my Tesla for three days, and I'm experiencing some frustrations. I'm hoping the forum can help: Wipers--we're getting our first snowfall and already the OEM wipers suck. They can't clear anything. I did look on the forum and see a few suggestions for alternatives: Bosch PUV and Trico...
  24. NCM3

    Improved Wipers

    During this morning's drive in light rain I noticed a drastic improvement in the automatic wipers. They have been way too inconsistent in the past, but today it seems like the camera is picking up even small drops and speed is dead on to keep the windshield clear. I know Elon promised they...
  25. R

    Wipers wiping no rain...

    Regularly having issue where wipers do a pass or two or five (with pauses between) and no rain or moisture on windshield. I have cleaned glad in front of windshield camera... That did not solve. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  26. M

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    I can almost never use auto wipers. It seems under most conditions my visibility gets to borderline to outright dangerous before they activate. Even in a steady downpour they only wipe intermittently leaving intervals of near total blindness. Adding to the danger is the fact that to change...
  27. GalacticHero

    Wipers stopped working, then headlights and Lane Avoidance

    I have an M3 AWD with f/w 2019.20.1. This morning the wipers wouldn't activate via the screen or the turn signal button. They also wouldn't move into the Service Mode position. When I got to work I discovered the headlights weren't coming on. I leave them in Auto and they turn on when going into...
  28. C

    Model 3 Replacement Wiper Blades

    Bosch Replacement Wiper Blades for the Model 3 available at O'Reilly Auto Parts Front Left: 26 inch blade Front Right: 19 inch blade Bosch Spectrum DirectFit Beam Wiper Blades Description: Bosch Spectrum DirectFit™ Beam matches the same blade technology and connection fitment to deliver...
  29. M

    Can I disable my wipers auto start when I get close to my garage front wall?

    When i pull into my smallish garage I have to get real close to the front wall ~4" away. At about 6" away the windshield wipers come on automatically? Is this 'by design'? Is there any way to disable this? I don't want it because it startles me and other family drivers and it could scratch the...
  30. David99

    Windshild wipers not working

    My good old 2014 Model S developed a new issue. A few weeks ago during very heavy rain the wiper stopped working while driving on the freeway leaving me with poor visibility. No setting on the control worked except spraying wiper fluid. Rebooting the MCU seemed to help but that's still a 2...
  31. S

    When do your windshield washers spray?

    Up until about three weeks ago, my washers sprayed when the wipers were traveling up the windshield. I think that's when they are supposed to spray. Then I made the 'mistake' of trying service mode for the wipers, just to see it in action. It worked pretty much as I expected, but I notice ever...
  32. VistaM3B

    Scratches on Windshield Caused by M3 Wipers

    Hi, I lately noticed scratches on my Model 3 windshield. They are very fine hair like scratches and could be seen at night or during bright, cloudless days with the sun. It is clear that all scratches ran tangential to the path of the windshield wipers. Have you noticed this on yours? Any...
  33. X

    Tried to turn on winshield wipers while driving; instead put the car in Park

    I live in a very rainy area called SoCal... So.. I was driving the other day and it was raining (it rains a lot in LA).. of course the “auto” winshield wipers were not working (which I think we can all agree on is the worst feature of the car but that’s another subject) and I tried to turn them...
  34. Vawlkus

    Model X wipers in winter....

    So yeah..... this happened last year. And then this happens this morning. This is after about an hour of heating plus two cycles of the wiper alley heater. I’m honestly at a loss as to how to keep the wipers from freezing to the windshield inside wiper alley where they can’t be...
  35. C

    Did something really stupid today

    I spent the week with an ICE loaner. It rained several days. Today I finally got my model 3 back. When I was waiting at the light, it started raining again. At the exact moment I turned the windshield wipers on, the light turned green, and I stepped on the accelerator. And the car went...
  36. B

    Rain Sensing wipers

    Over time, since they started working, my rain sensing wipers have worked sometimes and not others. Sometimes pretty well sometimes terrible. My current software is 2018.39.6. On my previous car, Lexus RX 400h they worked well the entire 235,000 miles I owned the car. They are now not working at...
  37. Derek Kessler

    Observation: the momentum of intermittent wipers is enough to shake the car

    Sitting here in the rain and the auto wipers are going on their lowest setting. I can feel the car bumping sightly to the left with each reversal of blade motion. It doesn't matter and it doesn't bother me. I'm more amused than anything.
  38. T

    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    I discovered a pretty neat little thing that our Model 3s do with the wipers. They actually retract down below the windshield line when not in use or when a bit of time has passed between intermittent wipes while on auto. I tested it while on the highway and the only reason I can find for this...
  39. plasmo

    Poor sensitivity for rain with Auto setting on Wipers

    Does anyone else have issues with wipers not automatically triggering (in Auto mode) when it is raining...until its almost impossible to see (especially when driving in the dark while raining)? It usually gets quite difficult to see before the wipers start, and it would be nice to increase the...
  40. K

    Wipers still a little erratic?

    I'm finding the automatic wipers provide erratic performance in .12, although slightly better than .10. Most of the time, vision is significantly/dangerously impacted before it double wipes. Occasionally it does an almost reasonable job (still a little later than I would like). In .10 it was...
  41. mlondre

    Swiping wiper settings in 2018.4.9

    Is anyone else having issues swiping between the activity cards and accidentally activating the wipers in 2018.4.9? If I swipe about 1/3 up from the bottom when transitioning between the main card, wiper settings, PSI, and energy usage, sometimes I’ll accidentally turn my wiper settings from...
  42. M

    Model 3 - drive in rainy condition

    Hi Folks Today was my first drive of my new model 3 (4 weeks old) in the rain today morning, and I observed a few things Issue#1 - if wipers are set to auto, the wipers are not doing a smooth operation. I see a staggered wiping, and a lot of noise. Video is uploaded at Wiper Blade.mp4 - Note...
  43. cookpwr

    Windshield Wiper - Fluid - Discovery

    Used the Model 3 windshield wipers for the first time today and was surprised to find the windshield fluid is built into the wipers themselves and not "spray nozzles mounted on/under the hood" as in most every other car I've owned. Very cool innovation.
  44. Haxster

    Cruise Control-Wiper Confusion

    How many times have you turned the wipers on when trying to adjust the following distance for the Traffic Aware Cruise Control? After six months, I still keep doing it. I hope that I'm not the only one.
  45. N

    Major Safety Issue - Hoping a Tesla engineer watching the forums reads this!

    Last night, while driving down the highway in pitch black lighting, my headlights suddenly shut off! This has happened before, but not during a pitch-black scenario, and I was assured that this was a firmware bug, that it was identified, and was fixed. Obviously that's not the case. I had to...
  46. Haxster

    8.2 Updates for Model S HW2

    8.1 has only been out a few days and now 8.2 fixes or adds: 1. Wipers have rain sensing 2. Wipers stay in their parked position if turned off when already parked 3. Audio system doesn’t lose playing position within a song or podcast 4. Autopark more reliably recognizes a parking...
  47. Haxster

    HW2: Still no rain-sensing wipers. No Auto-high beams

    I can understand the difficulty of safely implementing AP functions, but what's the deal with sensing water on the windshield or controlling the high beams? Both of these are really mature technologies and have already been implemented in pre-HW1 Teslas. I was hoping that these two features...
  48. plasmo

    Windshield wiper fluid broken?

    I'm in Chicago, and it's cold. I haven't really used the windshield wiper fluid until recently, and after pushing in the button (both light and deep), nothing happens other than move the windshield wipers across the dash. I checked the fluid and topped it off, which was almost full. Does...
  49. S

    Wiper and Headlight Settings

    Can the headlights be set to turn on when the wipers are activated? This is the law in some locations and while I'm not aware of any cars that have this feature, it would be nice to have.
  50. MGMDaware

    windshield wiper seems to stop short

    Just took delivery a few days ago. I had a dirty windshield so I used the washer/wipers. The driver side wiper seems to stop short on the up swing, leaving the edge of "wiped" water/dirt somewhat in my visual field. Just wanted to check if this was a normal Model S experience. Thanks! -MG