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wireless charger model 3

  1. L

    Tesla Model 3 wireless charger

    TESLA MODEL 3 - WIRELESS PHONE CHARGER - original accessory - good condition - used for 2019 Model 3 - have original packaging Price: $65 Local pick up or you can pay shipping
  2. C

    Discounted Jeda Wireless charging pad V3 $60

    Hi there, I recently upgraded my iPhone which required a MagSafe V4 version of the Jeda pad. I'm selling my like-new (used for two months) pad for $60. I basically just swapped the new V4 pad into my car, so I'm including the spacer and all Jeda-provided cables. First to reply gets it...
  3. M

    2021 Wireless charging pad - it randomly pauses at times

    I noticed while driving that my phone (Galaxy S10) screen will wake up with the notification "Wireless charging paused," as if it has suddenly lost connection to the charging pad, even though I'm driving in a straight line and not doing anything funny. This appears to happen with both wireless...
  4. M

    Phone keeps slipping off charger pad

    I just got the Jeda wireless charging pad and installed it. Before, the charging connector kept my phone from slipping completely into the storage space. It just dangled. Now that I have a wireless pad, there is nothing to keep the phone from slipping off the tray into the storage area below...
  5. Emcp422

    Vegas model 3 owners accessories

    Anybody in vegas would like a nomad wireless charger, wife gave it as a gift, but I just picked my model 3 and it came with it, selling it for 70 brand new never used. Paid 99 plus tax for it.
  6. Sgt.GuyGrr

    New Jeda Wireless Charging Pad $70

    Brand new in box, "never used" Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for the Tesla Model 3. I purchased this charging pad and never read the FAQ where it specifically states it won't work with the QuadLock phone case that I'm using. I don't want to swap phone cases out when I go mountain biking so...
  7. D

    Nomad Wireless Charger

    I apologize in advanced if this is in the wrong spot but I had a question. We have a Model 3 and bought the Nomad wireless charger. The first one we got, we did not have the jeda hub yet so used the splitters to be able to have the hard drive for sentry mode and the charger pad plugged in...
  8. Briar_Reed

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless charger

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless phone charger. I recently attempted to “top off” tire inflation using the air compressor from the Tesla Tire Repair Kit, which was connected to the 12V outlet in the center console. After about 90 seconds...
  9. N

    3d printed piece for Model 3 Wireless Charger

    Not sure if anyone else had an issue but when I got the wireless charger for the Model 3, my phone would slide off when ever we hit a bump or accelerated quickly. I designed a quick little shelf/clamp to help keep the phone from sliding off, it is about 4mm tall and flat instead of rounded. If...
  10. Kappelan

    The Best and Fastest Wireless Charger for M3

    Choosing a wireless charger for our new SR+. What is the best one would be in terms of speed and quality?
  11. S

    For sale - Taptes Gen2 wireless charger and original M3 carpeted floor mats

    I have a taptes gen2 wireless charger for sale $50. It’s pretty much brand new in the box, they took forever to ship it so I bought the nomad and I like it. Also have the original floor mats and frunk mat that I would like to sell for $60 or reasonable offer. Both items are for local pickup...
  12. J

    Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

    I preordered the Model 3 Wireless Charger the day it was released, planning to replace my Nomad charger once I received the new one. My primary reason was because the way the Nomad charger is designed, it severely restricts the size of the phone that's able to be charged using it. With my Nomad...
  13. B

    New wireless charger - VTeq

    Review for VTeq I was fortunate enough to be sent this prototype from John at VTek. This is a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with VTek. This isn’t a paid sponsorship or a promotion product. This product is strictly for user purposes for an honest review. This charger is sleek, quick, and...
  14. E

    Model 3 Wireless Charger Group By

    I am really interested in this group by. Please share your interest in you need one wireless charger for you model 3 and don't want to break your bank account. NiceShop.ca
  15. Kbra

    Taptes Wireless Phone Charger Pad

    I got an early Christmas present, the Taptes Wireless Phone Charger Pad. Got to say im a huge fan at under $50 right now for a well built dual phone wireless charger. Super easy to swap out. I was having a hard time getting my phone to line up with the plug due to my thicker case. Now I can just...
  16. CullinKin

    The Poor Mans Wireless Charger

    Heylo, I guess I’m on a roll with these posts. This time, I wanted to create an affordable wireless charging setup for my Model 3. I know this has been done before and mine is probably the easy way out since I didn’t make the actual chargers, but it definitely saved me quite a bit of money over...
  17. Doves27

    Wireless Charging for Phone

    for $12.77 I installed a wireless charger for Model 3. AIMELIAE Universal QI Wireless Charger Charging Transmitter Module Cell phone Amazon.com: Buying Choices: AIMELIAE Universal QI Wireless Charger Charging Transmitter Module Cell phone This module comes with a sticky back and slips just...
  18. A

    RPMTesla seems deceiving... Skeptical about their wireless charging mat

    RPM Tesla I've seen their video on how to install it here: I also read somewhere that the Tesla USB chargers are standard 1 A. In order for fast charging to work, you NEED at least 2A drive. From an electrical engineering standpoint, if you input 1A at 5V to the charger, the maximum power...