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wireless charging

  1. MrMister

    Wireless Phone Charging Case Recommendation Please

    Hi Tesla community. I have an Oppo Android smartphone. If has NFC but does not have wireless charging. Can anyone recommend an induction coil / case that works well with a 2023 MY / M3? I did purchase one I found on Amazon but it's performance is absolutely rubbish. Before I go and buy...
  2. rdskill

    Ghosted by Jeda Products

    Has anyone else been ghosted by this company? I got an email in May that my order was being shipped. I didn't remember ordering anything from then, but when I checked I had way back in February! But back in April I purchased a wireless charging pad, completely forgetting about my previous...
  3. pcmike

    Charging pad & iPhone 13 mini; measurements on charging coil/MagSafe alignment? 3D print spacer for tray

    I’ve yet to receive my MY, but I have some first hand experience placing my iPhone 13 mini onto a MY charging pad to know that the coils don’t exactly align very easily and charging doesn’t exactly work properly. Does anyone happen to have measurements as to where the charging coil is on MY...
  4. T

    [Poll] USB Retrofit Campaign UK

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask; for the people who are missing wireless charging and USB ports, have you had an exact date of installation yet? It seems that when we put a service request, they just close it and say they will contact you. I have not seen a thread about this so thought it...
  5. C

    Discounted Jeda Wireless charging pad V3 $60

    Hi there, I recently upgraded my iPhone which required a MagSafe V4 version of the Jeda pad. I'm selling my like-new (used for two months) pad for $60. I basically just swapped the new V4 pad into my car, so I'm including the spacer and all Jeda-provided cables. First to reply gets it...
  6. C

    Wireless Charging Problem With Otterbox Defender

    I've racked my brain over this and can't understand the science of it, so I turn to you for help. My wife has a brand new iPhone 11, so we got an Otterbox Defender protector for it. We noticed that putting the iPhone on the wireless charging pad in our new Tesla 3 (got it on 27 June) didn't...
  7. Emcp422

    Vegas model 3 owners accessories

    Anybody in vegas would like a nomad wireless charger, wife gave it as a gift, but I just picked my model 3 and it came with it, selling it for 70 brand new never used. Paid 99 plus tax for it.
  8. M

    Any wireless charging mats work with Airpods Case?

    I just purchased the Apple Airpods Pro, and I'm sad to report that I can't get the case to charge on my Jeda wireless charging mat no matter where I position it. Does anyone know if there is a wireless mat on the market confirmed to charge the airpods case? My jeda mat has been squeaking a bit...
  9. H

    Wireless Fast Charging for Iphone

    I bought a Jeda wireless charging pad. I have an iPhone XS Max. Is there a way to configure the charger for fast charging? What equipment is needed? Thanks!
  10. justinchu77

    [GTA] looking for one more to get Taptes Gen 2 Wireless Charging Pad for model 3 for 34.99USD

    if buying 3, extra $15 off TapTes Wireless Charging Pad for Tesla Model 3 I believe this is the only one that would allow horizontal phone placement and include a splitter. Please pm or let me know I’ll try to my best to meet up or even deliver to you. As long as you are in GTA
  11. P

    DIY Wireless Charging in Console Cover?

    I have an idea for integrating wireless charging with the model x/s, but wanted to pass it by you guys first. The idea is to place a wireless charging coil in between the sliding tray and the wood cover that sits on the sliding cover, mount to the pcb underneath the sliding cover, and run power...
  12. Model X iPad Docking Station

    Model X iPad Docking Station

    This is the RevoZport iPad docking station with wireless charging ability.
  13. S

    Qi Wireless Charging for Refreshed Center Console

    I just completed this mod and it went fantastic. This thread, QI Wireless Phone Charging, inspired me so give credit where credit is due to those owners that pioneered this idea. For my application, I ended up using slightly different parts: 3 Coil Charging Pad USB C Charging Receiver I'm not...
  14. Electric700

    Plugless Power Wireless Charging Update

    Below is a link to an interview of one of the first people to install Plugless Power on a Tesla Model S. In short, the Tesla owner really likes his new wireless charging system. There will also be a live interview on January 30th at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET! To join, go to Plugless Power |...
  15. Electric700

    Plugless Power Systems to be Installed in Philadelphia Parking Garage

    Plugless Power, a wireless charging system available for the Tesla Model S, will be installed at a parking garage in Philadelphia. Plugless Power also has plans to support the Tesla Model X and Model 3 too. Link: 1st Of Its Kind Wireless EV Charging System Coming To 500 Walnut Residential Tower...
  16. Electric700

    Wireless Charging: Plugless Power Demonstration Video

    Below is a link to a Plugless Power wireless charging demonstration for the Model S! :cool: From what I understand, the cable going to the parking pad can be installed under the pavement.
  17. Electric700

    Plugless Power Now Available to Reserve for the Tesla Model S

    Plugless Power is now available for the Tesla Model S rear-wheel drive platform. The system should also support the AWD Model S later this year. More here: Wireless 7.2kW Charger for Tesla Model S | Plugless
  18. tanner

    Instead of Robot Chargers, WIRELESS!

    I hope the whole robotic charging arm concept is intended for just superchargers and not a pricy "sold separate" option to make the 'summon' feature truly great. Instead of selling a possible robot charger, why don't they just develop something similar to the drive-over wireless charger for the...
  19. Electric700

    Wirelessly Charged Buses Begin Operation in South Korea

    More good news for wireless charging! These buses use energy transmitted wirelessly from transceivers located in the roadway directly underneath the buses. The system is only active when a bus is near that is capable of being charged wirelessly. Additional information here: OLEV-powered buses...
  20. NeverFollow

    Toyota's 2013 Avalon becomes world's first car to offer wireless In-Car charging

    Does anyone tried to install an In-Car wireless Smartphone charger in a Tesla S Does anyone tried to install an In-Car wireless Smartphone charger in a Tesla S http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/19/3785166/toyota-2013-avalon-limited-first-car-qi-wireless-charging I know, the Tesla S has a 17...