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  1. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS MagSafe Compatible charger for 2021-2023 Model 3 and Model Y

    Hey folks Iliya from TWRAPS here. We get asked a lot to make a MagSafe charger for the 2021-2023 Model 3/Y, because the iPhone camera bump was preventing a decent charge at the OEM charger. I am happy to say that we've finally developed one. Since the OEM charger is built in a way that won't...
  2. Ostrichsak

    [Feature Request] Tesla Should Add the Ability to Turn Wireless Charging Off in Settings

    I love the idea of wireless charging for when I need it. This will likely make up about 2% or so of our use though. What I don't need is my phone to go through a dozen charge cycles on a quick 15min drive in to work, more on longer trips. For us, we normally have plenty of charge left at the end...
  3. F

    How is everyone charging their AirPods with the wireless charger?

    I think I've gotten spoiled with the wireless charger in the center console. I never carry a charging cable for my phone anymore, but then I'm out of luck when my AirPods need a charge. Has anyone found a good way to get AirPods to charge on the wireless charger? It needs to be spaced up...
  4. B

    Model 3 OEM Wireless Charger

    For sale is an OEM Model 3 wireless charging pad with USB-C connection. Compatible with 2020+ Model 3. Slight signs of use but works great. Will ship for $90.
  5. MontyFloyd

    Abuse of Wi-Fi for fixed devices; added costs, headaches, and vulnerabilities.

    Abuse of Wi-Fi / Wireless for fixed devices; added costs, headaches and dangers. (411) Wireless (Wi-Fi) is the absolute worst connection method for most fixed devices; for everyone's safety and sanity, avoid using Wireless! First off Wireless was to provide connectivity for portable devices...
  6. Daniellane

    Model S Wireless Phone Charger in Tesla Store

    Just placed my order. Model S/X Wireless Phone Charger
  7. gallde

    If I don't want wireless charging...

    ...can I get a replacement phone platform for my model Y that has the slots for the wired phone charging plug at the bottom? My Pixel 2 doesn't have the Qi charging, but I'd like it to connect to plug in the tray as shown in the manual. Clearly the wireless charging tray doesn't have the slots...
  8. UncaNed

    Stronger cell connection somehow?

    Summoning in and out of my garage - or even to move a foot or two fore and aft - sometimes requires 8 - 30 tries with the result mostly being unavailable connection just before the instant when the car seems about to move. I'm a wheelchair guy and got myself bottled in in the garage needing to...
  9. G

    New MX QI wireless charging...

    Has anyone received their MX with this fitted as standard yet? I ordered after the change on the site by the looks of things just wondering if anyone noticed any other changes.
  10. M

    Any wireless charging mats work with Airpods Case?

    I just purchased the Apple Airpods Pro, and I'm sad to report that I can't get the case to charge on my Jeda wireless charging mat no matter where I position it. Does anyone know if there is a wireless mat on the market confirmed to charge the airpods case? My jeda mat has been squeaking a bit...
  11. P

    What is the cellular modem Model S uses?

    Looks like Model 3 uses Telit. But how to tell the ones used in my Model S? Thanks
  12. Rudolf

    Wireless USB stick for dashcam possible?

    The November 2018 version of the manual says this: To access the video footage from dashcam, pause the dashcam, then remove the flash drive and use a personal computer to access the video files located in the “TeslaCam” folder. Is anybody using a wireless USB stick? I have seen information...
  13. M

    Jeda Wireless Pad for sale

    Barely used Jeda wireless pad for sale. Bought for $110. Asking $80 including shipping.
  14. CullinKin

    The Poor Mans Wireless Charger

    Heylo, I guess I’m on a roll with these posts. This time, I wanted to create an affordable wireless charging setup for my Model 3. I know this has been done before and mine is probably the easy way out since I didn’t make the actual chargers, but it definitely saved me quite a bit of money over...
  15. akidesir

    Model 3 Jeda Wireless Charging Pad

    Model 3 Jeda Wireless Charging Pad - Used for 1 month Jeda Wireless Charging Pad. - Everything included, box, instructions, etc. The little sticky's behind the charging pad haven't been peeled off. Located in Toronto, Canada. Selling for $70 USD or $80 CAD.
  16. D

    yet another wireless charging mod

    I finally had some time to make a diy wireless charging. Tried a few different coils…raw/parts and just found them to be bulky for my mod. I did end up using what everyone has been using. These are incredibly thin 3.5mm and is corded to boot...
  17. C

    802.11g Not Much Happening on Wireshark Capture

    As I anxiously await the 2018.10.4 firmware update from the mothership, I thought I would try (first time) a little snooping of the 802.11g wireless traffic between my Model S and home AP/router (Motorola SBG6850). However, after monitoring for several hours, I noticed only a small amount of...
  18. Electric700

    Plugless Power Systems to be Installed in Philadelphia Parking Garage

    Plugless Power, a wireless charging system available for the Tesla Model S, will be installed at a parking garage in Philadelphia. Plugless Power also has plans to support the Tesla Model X and Model 3 too. Link: 1st Of Its Kind Wireless EV Charging System Coming To 500 Walnut Residential Tower...
  19. Electric700

    Plugless Power Now Available to Reserve for the Tesla Model S

    Plugless Power is now available for the Tesla Model S rear-wheel drive platform. The system should also support the AWD Model S later this year. More here: Wireless 7.2kW Charger for Tesla Model S | Plugless
  20. M

    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    Hello, I'm not an owner and not a regular visitor here, but I'm curious if there has been any discussion about some sort of automated plug-in mechanism that could be added to (or included with) home chargers. I know that: "Wireless charging" has an appeal to a certain segment of owners and...
  21. L

    Will Model X have 4G?

    Does anyone know if the Model X will have 4G connectivity?
  22. Doug_G

    Wireless Charging

    Full article: Collaborators Seek Air Power For Electric Cars