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wiring diagram

  1. Julien000

    MS2016 driver handle not presenting, not opening, can't find the reason

    Hi everyone, (and sorry for my English) I've searched and read many threads but haven't been able to find a similar problem I woke up a morning and the two left handles were not working. I first thought it was the Door Control Module (DCM) but had the good idea to check the fuses and yes, it...
  2. D

    2013 Model S Headlight Out (New Bulb, Ballast, and Assembly)

    Title says it all, bulb started flickering and going out. Off and on would reset and it’d fire for about another 2 minutes. While new bulb was in the mail it went out for good. Changed bulb, no luck. Moved to the ballast. Changed that to no avail. Talked to Tesla, they said it would be the...
  3. Z

    How to slice plug and wand from two different generations? model s charging

    Does anyone know if I can splice these two together? I believe they are from two generations. One wire is for the plug and the other is for the wand. I need to know what each color is for and which ones go to what wires from the plug to the wand. There are also 2 extra wires on the plug so not...
  4. A

    Model 3 Ambient Lighting Wiring Question

    Hey all, I'm installing a ambient lighting kit on my 2020 M3 Long Range. Everything has gone well except for the last part which is connecting the controller box to power, the kit came with this 12 pin connector but I cannot seem to find out where it connects in the car. Install guide says under...
  5. Q

    2012 Model S Seat retrofit to Lexus IS (HELP NEEDED)

    Hey all, I am currently putting 2 tesla seats into my Lexus IS. I've fabricated seat brackets for them but cannot figure out wiring for the drivers side. The passenger side was as easy as splicing 2 wires to get all power functionality. I did the same work for the drivers side but only lumbar...
  6. M

    Model X air suspension adjustment unavailable

    So I bought a Model X from a Copart auction, light front bumper damage yet all interior airbags blown. Bought all replacements, car wouldn’t move due to low voltage. Replaced main battery pyro fuse & 12v pyro fuse now vehicle is operable. It still shows air suspension adjustment unavailable. I...
  7. R

    2nd Gen 80A Wall Connector car charger cable wiring

    I have an 80A Gen 2 wall connector and the wand broke. I purchased a new cable but the wiring is different. The original had a 4 thin wires in purple, blue, black and orange. The new has only 2 thin wires purple and yellow. Any ideas how I wire this? Nobody at Tesla seems to have any idea and...
  8. S

    2018 Model S Power Seat Wiring Diagram? Locate power and ground wires?

    Hello everyone! I know it can get old answering silly questions from people but I really could use some love from Tesla owners! I have a drivers side power seat from a 2018 Model S. I am attempting to wire the seat up to power and install into my Sim Racing Rig. The seat has several...
  9. N

    Model X Seat Wiring Scheme

    Hello! I am in big need of the wiring diagram (like my picture, but the right one). The seats are from a model X 2016 with Cooling feature. The white connector to the seat has 16 cables in total.
  10. derdzyan

    Tesla Gen1 mobile connector wall side wiring diagram

    Hi I bought from Ebay a gen1 UMC and didn’t notice that its wall end adapter is cut. So now as I'm far away from the US and received it I need to figure out how to refurbish it. I see there are two thick red wires which are L(+), two thick black which are N(-) and green-yellow which is G...
  11. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    It looks like this:
  12. A

    Model 3 Wiring Connectors

    Does anyone have the list of connectors used in the model 3 wiring harnesses with the names/part numbers? I have the Tesla codes for the connectors that I need from the wiring diagrams but don't know what the standard names/numbers for these are to be able to order online. Thanks
  13. D

    Solar Panels + Powerwall

    I have learned so much in the past few hours reading through some recent posts. I appreciate all of you who provide insight and feedback. Even more so, I appreciate those that take the time to read through my crazy thoughts below and try to answer my questions. I am hoping to get a 4 kW panel...
  14. zanary

    Improving the Tesla Model S Alarm

    Back in 2005, I installed a shock sensor to the hood latch alarm of my old Infiniti FX35AWD primarily because the alarm in my old FX (like my Model S) only activates when a door, frunk or trunk is forcibly open, not when there is substantial motion detected. With the help of a friend, we...