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  1. P

    Replacing Charging Cable Gen 3 HC

    Anyone have a picture of the home charger opened up w the faceplate uninstalled, revealing the internal wiring? Charging handle was ripped off after car slide down driveway. I found replacement cable (used) on eBay yet took forever to come in. Total my mistake was not snapping a picture of the...
  2. Z

    How to slice plug and wand from two different generations? model s charging

    Does anyone know if I can splice these two together? I believe they are from two generations. One wire is for the plug and the other is for the wand. I need to know what each color is for and which ones go to what wires from the plug to the wand. There are also 2 extra wires on the plug so not...
  3. Deaf Paul

    Cant Make Head and Tail of: Aftermarket Tow Hitch/Wiring Options for HW 4.0 Cars

    I've spent the last few days reading dozens of threads on this here and still am at a loss as of to how to best get a new MYP with HW 4.0 to tow so i can get rid of my gas tow vehicle. My MYP is an inventory car that I put a deposit on, so I was unable to add the hitch option. It's due to...
  4. S

    (Accessories) Is the seat weight sensor wiring harness easy to access?

    Hi everyone. This is a long shot but I figured I'd see if anyone knows. I am not a Tesla owner but rather an electrical engineer who makes automotive accessories. I'm amidst trying to solve a problem for my client, a breathalyzer interlock company, who cannot successfully install their device...
  5. siriuszero

    Help needed: Hansshow 10.25” Instrument Cluster

    Need some help. My car has been in my garage for a day and a half for a 1 hour-ish project. I am adding the Hansshow 10.25” display to my dash, a bit for CarPlay but mostly for the front camera feature. Got the unit wired up, everything works great but I am having a real hard time with cable...
  6. A

    Model 3 Ambient Lighting Wiring Question

    Hey all, I'm installing a ambient lighting kit on my 2020 M3 Long Range. Everything has gone well except for the last part which is connecting the controller box to power, the kit came with this 12 pin connector but I cannot seem to find out where it connects in the car. Install guide says under...
  7. Q

    2012 Model S Seat retrofit to Lexus IS (HELP NEEDED)

    Hey all, I am currently putting 2 tesla seats into my Lexus IS. I've fabricated seat brackets for them but cannot figure out wiring for the drivers side. The passenger side was as easy as splicing 2 wires to get all power functionality. I did the same work for the drivers side but only lumbar...
  8. K

    Euro 2019+ Model 3 Trailer Wiring Module ECU and plug whip $300 obo

    I had a friend in Europe snag these for me, but my car is just a little bit too early to have the gray plug behind the bumper to utilize them. This is a plug n' play option for trailer light wiring if you have a 2019+ Model 3. I was going to snip the euro trailer connector off and graft on a 4...
  9. T

    Steering assist wire harness…help

    Had some rodents eat through my steering rack wiring harness. I cannot figure out how to disconnect this connector, anyone know the secret? I’m 250 miles from a service center so I hope to get the connector released and splice in for the short term. Longer term, t chance anyone know if that...
  10. D

    Wall Connector Wiring for 75+ ft run

    The point where I want to install my wall connector is at least 75 ft away from panel and has to run outside the home along the walls. I am thinking 80-85. I got the 4/3 wire THHN/THWN-2. Ground is #8. Will that wire support 48 amps given the long run? Can I use 60Amp Breaker or Would it be...
  11. R

    2nd Gen 80A Wall Connector car charger cable wiring

    I have an 80A Gen 2 wall connector and the wand broke. I purchased a new cable but the wiring is different. The original had a 4 thin wires in purple, blue, black and orange. The new has only 2 thin wires purple and yellow. Any ideas how I wire this? Nobody at Tesla seems to have any idea and...
  12. S

    2018 Model S Power Seat Wiring Diagram? Locate power and ground wires?

    Hello everyone! I know it can get old answering silly questions from people but I really could use some love from Tesla owners! I have a drivers side power seat from a 2018 Model S. I am attempting to wire the seat up to power and install into my Sim Racing Rig. The seat has several...
  13. P

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    I have a 2020 Model 3, and a Gen 3 Wall Connector. I will have a 60 Amp / 240 breaker installed. 6/3 wire will be used from the breaker up and inside the wall, into the attic and over about 9 ft horizontal, down inside the wall to the location of the Wall Connector. From the electricians I spoke...
  14. G

    Model Y Trailer Wiring Harness - Part Number?

    Hello Tesla People! I've been hunting high and low for this. Like many of you I've ordered an aftermarket EcoHitch for my Model Y and am happy to work through the installation on my own. Re: a wiring harness, I have not found any 7-pin connector solutions and also can not see a reasonable way...
  15. A

    Model 3 Wiring Connectors

    Does anyone have the list of connectors used in the model 3 wiring harnesses with the names/part numbers? I have the Tesla codes for the connectors that I need from the wiring diagrams but don't know what the standard names/numbers for these are to be able to order online. Thanks
  16. S

    Does the battery outer case get very hot?

    Hi: Does anyone know if the bottom of the Tesla battery case gets hot to the touch during use? I am considering running a conduit to carry a dash cam wire from the rear view mirror to a camera on the rear bumper. I can take a super smooth route directly attached to the battery cover or a...
  17. X

    Electrical Wiring On A Long Range Model 3

    I was thinking of purchasing this plate hider for use at local car show: Electric Hide-Away License Plate Frame Kit According to the installation instructions, One must: Connect the red wire to a good 12V source; Connect the orange wire to a switched ignition 12V source; and Connect the green...
  18. C

    Wall Connector/Charger Daisy Chaining on Separate Breakers

    Hey all! I'm working through the plans for adding two wall connectors to my garage for our soon to be delivered X and upcoming S and have run into what seems to be an obvious solution except for perhaps limitation of the wall connector setup. The goal is obviously max charging speed within...
  19. K

    DIY: Troubleshoot "dead" horn on 2014 pre-facelift model S

    I have had my horn in for service a couple of times at Tesla's because it stops working, and of course starts working again at the shop. They "clean the contacts", whatever that means but since it's already working when they have it in- house they are never able to fully troubleshoot the issue...
  20. McGillUSAF

    Headlight retrofit

    I'm currently trying to do a LED headlight retrofit on a 2013 P85. I need help finding the wiring harness part number for the headlights on a 2017 Model S. I have the headlights on hand and would like to try to change the harness out and reprogram the vehicle vs opening the headlight and...
  21. M

    Aftermarket accessory install: Source of 12v power only when phone w/app / fob is detected in range

    I am working on testing a kick sensor for the Model 3 for the frunk and realised the 'trapped person' button inside the frunk is constantly active, meaning tapping this button to pop the trunk with the kick sensor also allows opening the frunk while the car is locked. I am aware that there is...
  22. AlMason

    New Y Frame Process & Wiring Harness Plans: Great Stuff or Wall of Worry

    Recent comments and patent filings indicate Model Y production will use a new frame maufacturing technique to create a good part of the frame in one peice and also use a new wirng harness having much less wiring in the wire harnesses (100 meters vs 1,500 meters as in the Model 3). All great...
  23. ctn531

    HPWC Wiring: Is conduit required in crawlspace?

    Between my breaker panel and my garage there is a 40' run of crawlspace. I have a 90A breaker and 2AWG wire running to my HPWC. I will use conduit for the run in the garage leading up to the HPWC. But how about inside the crawlspace (between my breaker panel and garage)? Is conduit required...
  24. ctn531

    Which AWG Wire? Someday want to upgrade 14-50 NEMA (50A breaker) to wall charger (90A breaker)

    I'm 4-6 weeks out from getting my MX (100D). For now I plan to wire a 14-50 receptacle (50 Amp breaker) because it is cheap (relative) and easy. At some point down the road I'm hoping to score a referral and get a free wall charger (or maybe find one on Craigslist or ebay - anybody out there...
  25. zanary

    Improving the Tesla Model S Alarm

    Back in 2005, I installed a shock sensor to the hood latch alarm of my old Infiniti FX35AWD primarily because the alarm in my old FX (like my Model S) only activates when a door, frunk or trunk is forcibly open, not when there is substantial motion detected. With the help of a friend, we...
  26. xpitxbullx

    Installed a hitch and wiring harness on my M3

    Installed an Eco Hitch on my M3. I also wired a 4 prong harness for about $25 in parts. The wiring is also completely hidden. It accelerates like I’m not pulling anything. The trailer has standard bulbs and works fine but I’m going to switch them out for LED.
  27. S

    Changing the mirror assembly in a 2017 Model S

    Hi - someone clipped and broke my right hand (passenger) side mirror. The wiring and chrome base etc are all fine and the assembly still rotates but it has to be changed with a working mirror assembly. Anyone know how to do it and can provide guidance? Also will 2015/ 2016 Model S mirrors...
  28. Haxster

    Question: Routing of purple wire from rear hatch release switch

    I'm trying to tap in to the purple wire coming from the rear hatch trunk release. This is the switch just above the license plate. I'm hoping to find the wire somewhere in the trunk, but no luck so far. Does anyone know if it's there and how to locate it? I'd prefer to tap into it in the trunk...
  29. chriSharek

    HPWC Amp and Wire Specifications

    I'm preparing for my baby 9 months out (fitting, right?). I hope to take delivery prior to our annual Thanksgiving trip to Grandma & Grandpa's. I'm getting a single charger S85. Is the spec for the HPWC a 2-pole 40 amp breaker or 50? Also, based on the breaker size, what size wires will I...