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wish list

  1. M

    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    Love my Model Y, but there's always room for improvement...What features would you like to see Tesla make for Model Y or Model 3? Let's classify this as either A) software updates or B) hardware upgrades (for new cars and possibly retrofitting to existing cars). I'll start... A) Software...
  2. hirtaza

    Model 3 2023 updates? Or what would you guys like to see?

    Hi everyone…I was just wondering if anyone has seen or aware of any leaks for any upcoming updates to our model 3 for the year 2023. I feel like during the previous years we have seen leaks or rumours at least online on what it could be….I know there was one in the source code about the second...
  3. A

    Anyone else wish this?

    So I’ve had my beloved Model 3 with white interior and keep wishing one of the updates pushed out an interior view update within the phone’s climate control setting. It has always showed the black interior and wish it would reflect the interior I have. Does anyone else wish this as well?
  4. H

    Dream Car Wish List

    Decided to ask this question here also... It is a given that Tesla aims to create a car like no other. The thought came to me that owners would be great candidates to dream of other possibilities to challenge the inventors at Tesla. What would you dream of to further differentiate a Tesla from...