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wood trim

  1. J

    Shanghai and Berlin have nicer interiors

    Why do TMY have nicer interior trims in all markets but the USA. I notice the wood trim on the doors everywhere but here in America. I can see the flat spot on the door panel where it wood go, looks like they use the same panel just no trim. Can you add this to the Model Y with after market or...
  2. E

    REMIN Dash Kit DOES NOT FIT!!!

    Hi, All: Was ready to order a new Model S in Red/Cream, until I discovered that the "Light Oak" trim is actually a euphemism for BUTT UGLY HOME DEPOT PLYWOOD! Then I thought, well maybe I could buy the dash wood kit from REMIN and just cover over that ugly mess. So, before I bought the new...
  3. O

    Dash And Wood Grain Misaligned?

    Hello everyone: I noticed that the seam between the wood grain and dash on my M3 appears to be misaligned, resulting in the plastic of the dash to slightly protrude out. As a result, it's creating a indentation on my front passenger side door. Has anyone else run into this before? I've had my...
  4. plasmo

    Has anyone tried to Plasti dip their wooden trim?

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried to Plasti dip their wooden trim to a different color. Other than properly masking the surrounding areas, it seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to do. Compared to other options (removing the trim then painting vs. wrapping), could dipping be a more...
  5. V

    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    I have a dual motor LR TM3 ordered with white interior that should be here (Palm Springs, CA) by November 2018. I love the wood dash that comes with the black interior and am wondering if any black interior owners would be willing to make the swap with me for my white one at no cost to you. I...
  6. Nathanael

    Staining the wood dash on the Model 3

    I'm a fan of the Model 3's wood interior, but in my opinion it would look much better with a darker walnut stain like this mock up; I came across this video, and this pretty much what I would like to do. Has anyone else done this to their M3? If so, any tips? Does the stain always stay...
  7. Kenriko

    Using Butcher Block Conditioner on the Wood Trim.

    Length | 3:25 TLDW 1) I apply the conditioner 2) Gibberish 3) After a few weeks I go over the results 4) Makes the wood color deeper with a satin finish and should provide protection 5) Might build up over time due to the wax in the product 6) Overall I'm happy with the results 7) Closeup of...