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wrap coating

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    My new baby straight home from Wrap Innovations.
  2. J

    Bumper cover

    Hi, I picked up my model y and I want to put a protective film on the front bumper to protect against the frequent trips to Tahoe. I wanted to see what options are out there and what people have done? Thanks
  3. T

    Looking to do matte wrap in San Diego, have some questions..

    Hi all, New member here and about to be a new Tesla owner. Getting my brand new S delivered tomorrow, so stoked!! Got it in black and want to do a matte wrap. A few questions: Anyone do a wrap in San Diego who can recommend a shop? Looking to do a matte wrap, tinted windows, yellow calipers...
  4. IDOA

    Vendor XPEL PPF&Tint, Ceramic Pro coatings, Wraps and Chrome Delete

    Hello All, We are a small shop located in the heart of Dunwoody, GA. Opened back in 2017 and have been working and learning ever since. We are authorized XPEL and Ceramic Pro installers and 60% of our clients are Tesla owners! I myself impatiently waiting in line for my Cybertruck! We would...

    Marbled Steak wrap idea

    I loved to eat steaks.
  6. S

    Wrap/Ceramic Coating for Model Y

    @bionichomer - Do you still do wraps and/or ceramic coating in Atlanta area? What other interior work do you do? I am in the process of buying a Model Y and wanted to get a few things done right away. Please advise. Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    Ceramic Silver+ and Wrap

    Hi All, Going through a lot of posts and thinking of getting my 2019 Model X Red a cermaic Coat and a clear wrap. The cost is about 4300 USD in SF Bay Area - do you think this is high or low? Anyone got a better deal? Thanks a ton in advance :)
  8. AusDetail

    Vendor XPEL stealth conversion

    Hey all, This week we saw the completion of the first XPEL stealth transformation from gloss in finish to matte. We did this by applying our computer cut XPEL PPF to the car, wrapping all edges to ensure a seamless fit. We also did a Chrome delete too. Looks amazing! Thanks ADS team.
  9. NHK X

    DIY wrap

    Anyone on here have experience doing a full DIY wrap for their Tesla? Not asking for a debate with going to a shop instead. Saving money isn’t the objective, although nice. I like DIY and want to learn how to do this so I can change out colors easily if the vinyl is damaged or I want a fresh...
  10. B

    Wrapping, Coating, etc - investment or waste?

    I've been exposed to a crap ton of M3 folks incessantly discussing which wrap, or coating or bra etc they are going to apply. Could you help me understand whether one of these is a no brainer for any new car, or just avoidable bling / overinsurance. I'm only interested in protecting the resale...