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  1. Noneduck

    Expired 2021 Model Y Long Range with FSD [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2021 Model Y Long Range with FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. I

    Wrapping a White Model 3

    Hi everyone, I purchased a white Model 3 a while ago and have been really wanting to wrap it recently. Preferably a type of black. I know the jambs could cause it to look a bit goofy and was considering paying quite a bit more to have them done as well. Has anyone wrapped their white Model 3? If...
  3. cheqsgravity

    Expired 2020 Model X Long Range +, 29K miles, 7 seater, Wrap [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2020 Model X Long Range +, 29K miles, Wrap,. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. T

    FS: Nov 2021 Model 3 Performance (Houston TX) 2,500 miles, wrap + ceramic, crystalline tint, Vossen HF-2, Vorsteiner kit

    Only 2,500 miles. Solid black with satin silver chrome wrap. Almost $27,000 in wrap + ceramic coat, crystalline tint, Vossen wheels, Vorsteiner body kit. Located in Houston TX. Picked up from Tesla Houston in Nov 2021. Rarely driven because I travel a lot for work and later purchased a Model...
  5. K

    Car wrap - vector files with templates for plotter cutting? (whole car)

    Can someone help please where I can download vector files with templates for plotter cutting for the purpose of vinyl wrapping of Tesla cars? I tried to search this forum but found only files for interior or chrome delete. I also learned that XPEL has such templates, but they can be used only...
  6. Troglodytes

    $69,420 - Tampa - '20 Model Y LR - Blue/White, FSD, 20", 13K miles, Homelink, Tow Hitch, Full Body Stealth PPF, & more extras!

    This car has been babied. Non-smoker, clean interior, garage kept, charged to 100% exactly twice for longer or overnight road trips, rest of time limited to a max charge of 70%, only hand-washed, still in original warranty period. Super charged for exactly $2.43 of power just to test it out...
  7. tmruwart

    2022 MYP with full-body STEK Prismatic PPF wrap

    Took delivery of my shiny new deep metalic blue 2022 MYP in late June. Brought it over to TintPros in Fridley, Minnesota three days after taking delivery and had it wrapped with STEK Prismatic (aka DYNOPrism) PPF. It is a clear vinyl that is designed to transition the blue to purple depending on...
  8. B

    Rebadging template suggestions?

    I had my model 3 wrapped and got replacement black chrome T emblems for the trunk and frunk as well as new Dual Motor/red stripe (have stealth performance) for right of the license plate. I'm wondering if anyone has fashioned a template to use for placing these centered and straight and can...
  9. J

    Which color should i pick for my wrap MYP

    Thinking of wrapping MYP, currently it’s white exterior , black interior. Having a hard time deciding which color to go with .. Help me pick..
  10. C

    Wrapping and custom work services

    Hello I’m located in Brooklyn and offer services as wrapping full color, ppf tints to Tesla’s I also installing all Telsa parts as - steering wheel -light up door handles - auto funk auto open and close doors - interior lights (ambient lighting, starlight, footwell) - extra dash screen And...
  11. 1plavs

    Avery Dennison SW900 Supreme Wrapping Film - Brushed Aluminum

    I have never wrapped a car, but have a few questions. I recently purchased an ebike and absolutely love the color on it that I wanted to see about matching the color as close as possible with an Avery wrap like this one - Avery Dennison® Brushed Supreme Wrapping Film How long do they last...
  12. J

    Bumper cover

    Hi, I picked up my model y and I want to put a protective film on the front bumper to protect against the frequent trips to Tahoe. I wanted to see what options are out there and what people have done? Thanks
  13. LBM4

    TAPTES Inner door "Anti-kick" 3D carbon fiber look protective wrap Model 3 (How to and pics)

    So, I just installed the TAPTES inner car door "Anti-kick" 3D (carbon fiber look) protective wrap for my Model 3. I did a search and it looks like no one has done a "how to" or reviewed this product. This goes for $12.99 @ Click here to Purchase This product offers protection of your inner...
  14. Y

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Hello, Today I got my new MYP back after paying $3k for XPEL front clip PPF and XPEL tint by an XPEL certified installer. I’ve noticed a lot of dust related bubbles on both the PPF and tint and am wondering if this is normal, or if I should be contacting the installer. I also had the mirror...
  15. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  16. Diamond Hills

    Matte Clear Bra VS Gloss Clear Bra...What do you prefer?

    Which one do you guys prefer? A clean look or a stealth look?
  17. IDOA

    Vendor XPEL PPF&Tint, Ceramic Pro coatings, Wraps and Chrome Delete

    Hello All, We are a small shop located in the heart of Dunwoody, GA. Opened back in 2017 and have been working and learning ever since. We are authorized XPEL and Ceramic Pro installers and 60% of our clients are Tesla owners! I myself impatiently waiting in line for my Cybertruck! We would...
  18. S

    Model 3 interior door, center console wraps, and door jam wraps

    These only work on the old style of center console. All these wraps are from Avery and are very pliable and easy to work with (kind of) and are pre-cut/ small pieces peeled away for easier installation. These kits will only include the wrap cutouts and without tools or instructions (they are...
  19. W

    2020 MXP Red Chrome w/ Custom Designed Wrap

    New to posting, my second Tesla, first being a ‘18 MS75D. Upgraded to the MXP September of 2020, and stock doesn’t last with me.. Here are current pictures of my MXP!
  20. Q

    Nikola Pro Model 3 Chrome delete/wrap & decal wrap

    Hi All, For sale are 2 brand new kits for a Model 3 in Satin Black Chrome Delete (Without Heatgun /2 kits) & a Satin Black Badge Delete. The links to the products are below. Paid 153 and asking 120 Chrome Delete (you get 2 full kits here, not 1) Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete | Nikola Pro...

    Marbled Steak wrap idea

    I loved to eat steaks.
  22. TM3Newbie

    Group Offer: Undefeated Garage - Inland Empire, CA

    Hey Everyone! Just wanna provide you all with an offer you cant resist. My close friend is hosting a special week of PPF installs. Give Javi a call and let him know that Dylan sent you! Phone #714-323-2064 OFFER IS ONLY VALID NOVEMBER 9-14 They use SunTek and Xpel films, you choose which one...
  23. thewallaby

    Wrapped model 3 with different color than original door frames

    Can anyone please share some photos of their wrapped model 3 with the doors open where the inside of the door frames show the colour difference? I want to wrap my white model 3 fury orange but don't know if the colour difference will bother me. Also do you notice the colour difference in the...
  24. S

    Best place for Vinyl wrap at a fair price?

    I live in the Bay Area and I'm about to take delivery of a new M3 in a few weeks. Does anyone know any good places in California that will do vinyl wrap + ceramic coating, at a good price? Willing to travel 2-3 hours away if it means not having to pay thousands extra. Thanks!
  25. S

    Model 3 interior door, center console wraps, and door jam wraps.

    These were made for a business deal that fell through, so now I'm here to offer them to the community. All these wraps are from Avery and are very pliable and easy to work with (kind of) and are pre-cut/ small pieces peeled away for easier installation. These kits will only include the wrap...
  26. D

    Any experience with 3M wraps and interruption of radar and sensors?

    Hi there, I will be purchasing my Model 3 in a few days and I would like to apply a 3M 1080 Wrap on it. I am however concerned about impact on performance of sensors such as the radar for emergency braking. Does anyone have a experience with these wraps and if they have any impact on the car’s...
  27. G

    Model S - Dashboard and other internal Wrap

    I have the wood effect internal dashboard and thinking of getting it wrapped to get the carbon fibre look. Anyone done this and can provide estimated cost?
  28. Troglodytes

    Wrap now or wrap later when the SC/body shop needs to do rectification

    145xx VIN picked up about a week ago. Sent Tesla email with list of defects before 3 days/100 miles; I was told that they will review the issues and get back to me on what they can do/are willing to do as 'goodwill'. SC appointment scheduled for three plus weeks out from today; that was first...
  29. BHCLUC

    Wrapped Mirrors Will Not Open

    I'm having an issue with my driver side mirror. The mirror stalk was wrapped, and had to be re-done because of a peeling issue. Once wrapped for the second time, I could head that the motor was laboring to open the mirror, and ultimately noticed that the wrap was folding over itself under...
  30. AdVanced

    Let's Talk Accessories

    Hey everyone, I'm sure like many, after ordering, I immediately went to look up what accessories i'd want for the car. Bought a few to prematurely (Wireless charging pad and Hub) but was able to recoup most of the cost back. After taking delivery last week, I put together a list and acquired...
  31. H

    Advice on wrapping M3

    Hey folks - I wanted to get some advice / anecdotes on Model 3 wrapping and how to do due diligence on the shop I choose to do it. A) I want to go for a satin wrap, and am trying to decide if getting a satin-finished PPF is worth the $$ and what the cost delta would be between just going vinyl...
  32. mikegre

    2020 Model X White Satin w Chrome Delete

    Also powder coated the wheels black satin and wrapped inside carbon fiber on dash.
  33. B

    Modified Tesla Model 3s

    Hi everyone! Lately I have been seeing a lot of people personalizing their Model 3s, If you have a modified Model 3 Post a picture on this thread. So we can get inspired by each others builds!
  34. DrTaras

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Ludicrous PIMPED-Unlimited SuperCharging-6 or 7 Psgr-TSportline 22" Wheels

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous PIMPED OUT 6 or 7 Passenger: TSportline Wheels Unlimited SuperCharging Transferable-Matte Black/Red Don't be hesitant to make an offer!!! This is MY car (I'm not a dealer)! Tesla Wrote Me (Warranty & SuperCharging): Super Charging: "Since your Model X was...
  35. DucaTinus

    Advies bij model 3 wrapping i.c.m de parkeersensoren (foto's)

    G'day Vorige week mijn tesla model 3 LR een complete wrap laten geven. Ben erg blij en een prachtig resultaat echter de witte ringen in de parkeersensoren storen mij enorm. Iedereen die mijn auto ziet vraagt logischerwijs wanneer dit wordt afgemaakt en dat is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling als je...
  36. T

    Anyone wrapped their Tesla?

    Anyone here wrapped their Tesla? If yes any pics?
  37. AusDetail

    Vendor Matte converted M3

    Need help standing out? Contact us today.
  38. AusDetail

    Vendor XPEL stealth conversion

    Hey all, This week we saw the completion of the first XPEL stealth transformation from gloss in finish to matte. We did this by applying our computer cut XPEL PPF to the car, wrapping all edges to ensure a seamless fit. We also did a Chrome delete too. Looks amazing! Thanks ADS team.
  39. FrForget

    Best place for Tesla wrapping near Montreal

    Hi, I’m currently living in Montreal and I’m looking for the best places to get my Model 3 wrapped near Montreal. I’m still unsure which kind of wrap I want to do and I’m not sure is wrap quality is a thing, but if it is, feel free to explain to me the differences between the most popular ones...
  40. Illin

    Fresh Wrap

    What do you guys think? This is night blue metallic matte. I had the chrome deleted with satin black, windows tinted to the legal limit of 35%, and the wheels powder coated gloss black. The lenses are also filmed. I'm considering lowering it soon.
  41. ForTheLoveOfX

    Make Me an Offer on: 2018 Model X 75D. 5k Miles. Pristine. 6 Seater.

    Serious offers PM me. Taking offers on my gorgeously wrapped 2018 75D Tesla that is pretty much brand new! This thing turns heads! Many people stop and ask if they can take pictures of it. Bought brand new directly from Tesla for $102.5k, last December (2018). Added a $6k wrap with wrap + chrome...
  42. T

    Minor Upgrades to New M3

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and new to Tesla ownership. I've had my Blue/White Standard Plus M3 for almost a month. I thought I would share my initial upgrades with other new owners. Of course, being the SP model, I needed floor mats. (Quick tip: A passenger wearing high heels can chew up...
  43. D

    Bad Wrap Job?

    White Model 3 wrapped in Xpel recently and then ceramic on the full car. $3000 dollar job all in. The wrap was full front, rocker, and door edges. We got it back, and within the first 2 weeks I now have many new dirt line accents. Trying to determine whether it was just a bad application...
  44. FilmTraveler

    Protective Wrap/Ceramic Coat Option in Hampton Roads VA (Norfolk/VB)

    Howdy all. Last time I posted was for advice when my new Model 3, Newmoon, got broken into--though it turned it it hadn't been broken into, just left unlocked due to bluetooth losing sync. [facepalm] But now, I get to post something positive. I searched around for a good way to partially wrap...
  45. N

    Alcantara Upper Dashboard

    I would like to wrap my model 3 upper dash with alcantara like the door panels. Does anyone think this would be a bad idea ? The alcantara would be above the wooden dash, I know RPM sells alcantara dash replacements but i want the UPPER dash to be suede, not the main dash. Does anyone know...
  46. S

    Where to get model 3 wrapped in Vancouver Canada?

    Hi, I'm buying a model 3 soon and I want to protect the paint of my car. Can someone suggest a shop and a product to go to in Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Area) Canada?
  47. L

    How does a full wrap make sense?

    I take delivery of my M3P Wednesday. I drive 100m/day average and previous cars acquire notable road debris chips in the front end within a year. I had a bumper 3M clear bra applied on a car 7y ago and I felt it was a waste of $500. Within a few months it had a rock gouge through the film and...
  48. H

    Black or MSM Stealth Wrapped M3?

    Tesla Model 3 - Midnight Silver Metallic - Stealth PPF - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com Tesla Model 3 - Solid Black - XPEL Stealth - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com
  49. NHK X

    DIY wrap

    Anyone on here have experience doing a full DIY wrap for their Tesla? Not asking for a debate with going to a shop instead. Saving money isn’t the objective, although nice. I like DIY and want to learn how to do this so I can change out colors easily if the vinyl is damaged or I want a fresh...
  50. Q

    White Model 3 with Suntek Ultra Matte

    Has anyone done their white model 3 with Suntek Ultra matte clear bra? I have seen several with the regular clear, but none with the matte finish. Would love some pictures! Looking to have mine done this month. I’ll post when complete.