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  1. noahthomas03

    Significant damage to right side of my Model 3

    Well, the unexpected happened. I was t-boned by a speeding car while I was turning left in an otherwise clear intersection (he was going 45mph in a 30 zone and flew around a corner before he hit me). Still waiting on the police report, but I hope I'm found not at fault. Pretty significant damage...
  2. BBrownUT

    Front Bumper Accident

    Only had my M3 SR+ for a little over a month and I had a guy back into my front bumper in the parking lot. Saved the dash cam. Got his info. All looks fine except a little bend in the front license plate (not the car just the plate). I want to get it checked out, but other than physical...
  3. S

    I hit a Tree in my Tesla Model 3

    During the February 15th Eastern US Ice/snow storm I was on my way to rescue a friend from his 4 day power out home. It had just turned dark and pouring down freezing rain adding more ice to trees with 2 in from previous ice storm. My enhanced Autopilot decided it couldn't see well enough and...
  4. ricky3stacks

    Fender Bender

    I got into a fender bender today - it only appears to be body work but I'm thinking it's still better to be fixed at a Tesla dealer rather than a regular body shop just in case something else is discovered. Any tips or an idea how long I can expect? My appointment is 12 days from now.
  5. vangogh

    Bad Luck Comes in 3's

    First I get rear-ended April 4th on 880 near the Tesla Factory...Luckily my bike rack absorbs most of the energy... Only impact to bumper and lower hatch area (that had been wrapped with a protective file and clear coated) I was able to get a very fast appointment at the San Jose Tesla Body...
  6. azpyroguy

    Rear-ended @ 70+ mph in my Model S

    Last night I was rear-ended by a HOV Lane Cheater. She hit me at over 70mph. I was traveling at 58 mph, and then slowed to 43 before impact. As you can see in the video she came in HOT, and didn't even attempt to break, we estimated her speed to be in excess of 70mph. The only...
  7. CrazyCarl

    Rebuilding wrecked 2015 Tesla Model S

    Hello All, I recently acquired a front end wrecked Model S 70D, and am in the process of rebuilding it! The only code its showing is "Car needs service Contact Tesla service" It had a the codes "Battery power very low" and "Car may not wake up, charge immediately to remedy" Due to sitting...
  8. T

    Rental Replacement P85D - Turo?

    1st post! Unfortunately it’s because my 2015 P85D was rear ended on 3/27/19. Low speed, stop and go... they were probably texting. Their insurance has already contacted me and claimed 100% liability - which is great news but only the beginning of making the situation right. I’m wondering if...
  9. selfbp

    Some woman hit my car. Anyone experienced in the rack and pinion?

    Well a woman hit my parked car- front left wheel Saturday and I came back to some damage to my XPEL wrap but thankfully no permanent visible damage. I'm almost 100% that it was just her SUV's tire that smacked me. My concern is that I was not there to view the incident and now my alignment is...
  10. S

    Autopilot, Crash and Insurance - Who at Fault?

    Has anyone on here dealt with a crash while on autopilot and how competing insurance companies decided fault? In my situation, I was in autopilot in the left lane going about 30 miles an hour in heavy traffic. In the lane on my right, an SUV pulling a long trailer attempted a lane change...
  11. GasKilla

    Am I the only one to unlucky enough to wreck my MS twice?

    l was rear ended last year (not my fault and car was in the shop for 6+ weeks) and just today I hit a guy making an illegal U turn right in front of me. Don't know how long this repair is going to take. No real injuries in either accident but I'm super annoyed to go through the repair process...
  12. GasKilla

    Any recommendations for body shops in LA area (valley)?

    A 16 year old driver decided to cause a wreck on the freeway and did this damage to my MS. Looking for recommendations on a Tesla approved body shop in the LA area, I live in the valley but I'm willing to drive to a highly recommended shop.
  13. AutobahnEV

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    My name is Henry and our business is Autobahn Dismantling in San Diego CA We have been a premiere Porsche/BMW dismantler since 1988 Recently we decided to add a Tesla division and I have been spearheading this venture I have 6 cars currently with more on the way, ALL PARTS from suspension to...
  14. Sean Mitchell

    Looking for rear facing seat (jump seats) crash test safety data

    I'm doing some research on the safety of the rear facing jump seats that Tesla offers in their Model S and came across your work - well done. Surprisingly, I'm having a very, very difficult time finding any supporting data on the safety of the rear facing seat (jump seats). It doesn't appear...
  15. VerityZooms

    My sister, MX, MX5s, and AutoPilot: 0 … concrete construction barrier: 1

    When I was startled to wakefulness by the horrific screeching sound, I was absolutely convinced that my sister had totaled my month-old dream-car. We both climbed out, trembling, only to discover that despite the duration and volume of the scraping sounds, the above was the “only” damage to the...
  16. G

    Tells Body Repair

    My Tesla P85D was in a serious wreck yesterday. Anyone have a recommendation for body work in the Dallas area? Any experiences appreciated.

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