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  1. H

    Model X Unicorn (white/blk), 6 seater, MCU 2

    Hi all, Selling our immaculate 2017 X75 D as we get to pick a company car. White exterior, black interior 6 seater with armrest. Upgraded to MCU2 with HW3 (done in Jan 2021 for USD 2.5k). Window tint all around. Comes with lifetime connectivity subscription. Available end of Feb with 30k miles...
  2. V

    Tahoe Road Trip - Range Concerns in Snow

    We’re planning on going from LA to Tahoe in our X75D this week. First time skiing in Tahoe! It may snow a few feet during our drive there. My main concern is having enough charge to go from Sacramento-Rocklin to Truckee supercharger going uphill in the snow. The trip is 78 miles. ABRP is showing...
  3. R

    Model X Wipers

    Hi all My X75D got some issues with the Wipers. If I enter our underground car park of the settlement and park my car forward, so the wall is ahead of the car and come to a stop, the wipers start with fullspeed. Sometime I see a truck ahead of the car in the screen. But the wall is white and...
  4. tescroft

    12'000 km with my Model X 75D - my experiences

    Hi folks I bought my Model X in April 2016, got it delivered in September 2016 and drove 12'000 km since then. I like to share my experiences with this car so far. Car configuration Model X75D, 2016, 6 seater, without premium package, with Autopilot V1, towing package, titanium silver, tan...
  5. cstromme

    Acceleration and performance of the X75D compared to a 2014 S85?

    Picking up a X75D on Saturday to replace our 2014 S85 (pre-AP, RWD), and I just now started wondering if the X75D will feel slower than our old car. 0-60 and 0-100 are listed as slower than our old car, but I also there was some issues with these numbers back in 2014 so I'm not quite sure if the...