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  1. kishkaru

    Surviving Yosemite in Winter Without Charging

    I'm planning on taking a trip to Yosemite National Park next weekend for the long holiday weekend. The trip is 3 days / 3 nights. Temperatures will be in the 20's and 30's, with high chance of rain and snow. The hotel I booked inside the park does not have a level 2 charging station (or even a...
  2. D

    Trip LA <-> Yosemite

    Hi everyone! I have Model 3 SR+ and thinking of taking a four days trip to Yosemite. Looking at the Supercharger map makes me worry if I will be able to feel comfortable and enjoy a trip rather than counting miles and constantly adjusting route to the charging needs. Has anyone had experience in...
  3. M

    Weekend trip from bay area? Are the SC stations packed?

    Ordered a Model 3 SR and I'm wondering if it will be good enough for one or two-day weekend trips around the bay area. I'm mainly interested in three destinations: Big Sur (Carmel-by-the-sea), Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe. Using abrp, I found there is very limited flexibility in choosing SC...
  4. V

    Can Model X 75D do Groveland SC to Mammoth Lakes over Tioga?

    I am planning a trip for summer and given Tioga is closed right now, the trip planner in my car isn't obliging, so asking the community for help. I plan to charge to 100% @Groveland near Yosemite and then go to Mammoth Lakes. Before booking the hotels, I wanted to see if anyone else has...
  5. BLKMDL3

    Model X Road Trip and bug guts.

    For some reason the Model X attracts bug like heck. On every road trip I have my whole front splattered with bugs. Even if I drive around LA there is a few bugs on the front within a few days of washing. Have you guys experienced the bug invasion of your front bumper. Here is a pic of Yosemite...
  6. EV-lutioin

    Supercharger - Fish Camp, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Completely surprised by this one at Tenaya Lodge It is not even on supercharge.info They just need to flip the switch, one more PG&E inspection according to the front desk.
  7. H

    Yosemite Valley

    [Apologies if this has been answered but a cursory search didn't find anything] [Apologies as I posted this on the Tesla forum as well] I will be picking up my 75D with Pano roof and high amp charger at the factory in Fremont Saturday 8/6. We will be driving back to Illinois. First overnight...
  8. D

    Taiwanese planning trip to LA, SF & Yosemite with Model X

    Hi everyone, I'm Andy from Taiwan. I've driven a Tesla Model S P85 in Taiwan for almost 2 years. And as my model X delivery time approaching, I decided to have a road trip from LA to Yosemite and San Francisco with my new Model X in June. I'm familiar with Tesla's charging infrastructure, yet...
  9. jamieb

    Let's get some HPWCs installed in Yosemite

    As far as I can tell, there is only one J1772 charger in all of Yosemite National Park, in Yosemite Village. I could make it to the valley floor from my home in Sacramento using 178 miles of rated range in my P85 (according to EVTripPlanner) but I'd be worried about gaining access to the only...