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1 Week Ownership Update

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So I have now owned my Model S 85D for exactly one week - done just shy of 1,000 miles on it, and have a few observations. Overall, the vehicle is BEYOND amazing, and I am totally satisfied.

The Great

1. The vehicle as a whole - could not be more satisfied.

2. TACC is the BOMB! - So I am in the middle of a short road trip (about 350 miles each way) and TACC was not just critical in helping me keep my speed, but to keep my sanity as well. I started the road trip at 4 am and with the coffee just kicking in the TACC, by maintiaing my speed and, when I came upon other vehicles, a true dream. It relieved my stress levels exponentially! I can't wait for Autopilot to make it even easier.

3. Next Gen Seats - totally comfortable. I am 6' 3" and weigh about 260, and I love these seats. I wish for a few more adjustments but overall excellent.

4. Acceleration & Handling - my wife jokes about "because we can" in her Audi, in the Tesla it takesit to a whole new level. I got stuck behind two semis "roadblocking" essentially and, when the opportunity came to weave around them I took it - not just because "I can" but also because the car is so excellent at handling it was because "the car needs to!"

5. Tesla Center Console - the cup holders and iPhone dock are excellent and convenient - I will NEVER use the cupholder under the armrest.

6. The App - while I have not purchased the "Remote S" app - the Tesla app seems to be working well enough for my purposes. I have started the climate on several occassions when it was really hot out and when we got to the car there was relief...

7. 85D - Range - Am so happy I went 85D - I've met several owners at Superchargers (including 85 owners) and considering my lifestyle I am glad I have the extra range that comes from the 85D - it helps reduce my "anxiety). And, the speed and capabilities are nice too!

Some Things I'd Change

1. Adjustable seat belts - it really is a problem for my small wife (5' 3").

2. Steering Wheel Button Search for Slacker - it is too difficult to change "stations" in Slacker - you need to do it on the screen and that takes a lot of steps. I like being able to change "songs" but a way to change the "channels" would be nice.

3. Range Anxiety on Navigation - this killed me on the first part of my road trip and, frankly made my anxiety worse. I used EV Tripplanner to map my route with my speed preferences before entering it into the Tesla. The native nav wanted me to stop at 2 Superchargers (one when my range was more than enough to reach the next Supercharger but would recommend I skip the second one and spend 25 minutes topping off my range on trip mode). I took the advice, stopped at 4:45 am (with 200+ miles on range to go 109 miles to next Supercharger even though it did not want me to stop at that one). As I sat there I opened my iPad and realized that I had plenty to get to the next Supercharger so I decided to go. I stopped the Nav but after about 45 minutes I reentered my destination thinking it would now tell me how long my stop at the next Supercharger would be - it did the opposite - it kept telling me to turn around and go back 45 minutes rather than go the extra 45 minutes forward to the next charger. I grew concerned that maybe the charger was closed or something, so, while driving very fast on a highway I had to pull up the internet and search to see if the other one was closed. I kept going, eventually forcing the nav to accept the new route, arrived at the other Supercharger with 90+ rated miles left, spent 10 minutes charging (and talking with another Tesla owner) and went on my way happily. They really need to fix this....it made things worse and not better.

4. Rear cupholders/chargeports - really? None?

Problems I have had

1. Slacker did not work for about 12 hours - couldn't figure out why - wheel kept spinning. I hit the Restore Tesla Account" button and it worked again - who knows if that was the problem but whatever.

2. Had problems connecting my app this morning - it (and Visible Tesla) kept telling me could not connect to car - it eventually worked.

Overall, the vehicle is beyond awesome. I am in love with it (my first 'car' in 17 years of driving SUV's). From a performance standpoint I could not be happier. I know we are at the forefront of new technology so I am willing to put up with the little glitches. Here is hoping the Burberry guy they hired makes some "real world" improvements on the interior.

I am in small town PA right now and am getting a load of questions about it - it really is a game changer and I am glad to be an adopter of this technolgy. Even more, I am glad to get behind the wheel every time!