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1 year, 1000 posts, 20000 miles

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Oct 29, 2014
San Francisco
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to write my 1000th post, after just about a year of joining you lot, by stating that I've really appreciated the knowledge and willingness to share of most everyone on this forum.
I've tried to contribute my fair share of knowledge in my short 10-month of ownership, but ever since the D (and something else :wink:) announcement I've found this forum to have some of the most courteous, friendly, helpful, and respectful fellow Tesla owners.

Thank you all for contributing to my EV obsession, keeping me up late at night reading what's new, and more importantly helping change the way we transport our butts every day :biggrin: to a more sustainable model. This is really important to me and I take it to heart, so thank you for helping the movement mature.

Here's to another 1,000 post, 1 year of chatting, and 20,000 miles of INSANE (or perhaps LUDICROUS) driving!