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1 year count down?

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I was all prepared to buy a new 70D. I have about $30,000 saved to put down & was ready to pull the trigger when they announced the "Luda"...well I put everything on hold to reconsider my purchase. I'm retired & own my home, but I will receive a huge bump in my retirement next July, about $1,500 a month after taxes. I do have a credit line on the home with an outstanding balance. It's the only thing I owe on. My plan now is to pay down the outstanding balance & wait until my extra retirement kicks in next year and spring for the whole enchilada P90DL. or Hopefully find a CPO P90DL.
What do you guy's think, buy the 70D now or get everything lined up for a P90DL next year?:confused:
Since you were considering the 70D I have to ask, what about "Luda" makes you want to make such a significant jump?
I thought my hotrod days were over years ago, & it's really the only fast car I would consider owning at this point. I have owned may different fast cars in the past (Porsche, Corvette, Cobra) but there is just something appealing to me about the P90DL being so understated & so fast. My last hurrah maybe
IMO, just do it now. I've followed Tesla company since inception, and this forum for over a year before getting mine. Although I'm very happy w/ the newer tech/4G/autopilot, felt a small regret that I missed a year of enjoying this car. Despite some issues w/ nav (use Waze, it's awesome) and needing to do a little planning for trips, I absolutely love this car, it's amazing in so many ways, wouldn't trade it for any other.
Thanks for the response guys. I have always bought the top of the line vehicle. If I'm going to buy a new car & don't want to spend years saying I wish I had gotten something better. The Tesla was going to be the rare exception because I want it so badly now. The Full Luda is currently out of my reach. However once I realized it would be easily in reach a year from now, I am trying to talk myself into waiting for the full Monty.:cool: