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$1000 Price drop gone LR AWD

Looks like the $1000 price drop is gone tonight. Wonder how it’ll affect those of us who ordered at the higher price and saw the drop in our accounts. Will we go back to the original higher price on our purchase agreement?
My question is how they handle those of us who ordered at the higher price, saw the drop in our Tesla accounts, but not they increased it back to the original price. Time of order for us is the higher price.
My purchase order still shows the lower price, so my guess is they’ll honor it. I saved the document. Guess we’ll find out in two weeks when I take delivery lol
Mine also still shows the lower price. I ordered before the price drop happened so my order agreement shows the original higher price. I completed the payment part of my delivery profile while it was lower, and the lower number still shows in my payment method. I was matched with a vin yesterday and called my SA to ask if I should plan fir the increased cost or what was locked in with Tesla financing. They didn’t have an answer and said they’d call back.

Scheduled delivery 3/18-3/24. Planning to touch base with Tesla financing and SA today. I will let the group know if I learn anything new.

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