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$1000 screw [through tire]

Last night, on my way home form getting some food for the family, I was driving down the road listening to some tunes when all of a sudden the drum beat in the music was off. Wait, is that the music, or something else? I turned down the music and hear the familiar THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. Oh Shih-tzu, I got a flat. I drive a few blocks and find a neighborhood to pull over in and park. I get my Tesla Porta-Compressor out and try to re-inflate with no luck. Must be a pretty big hole. I call Tesla Roadside Assistance, and they offer to tow my car to the nearest service center or tire shop, but I decline and ask to get a tow to my house. 10 minutes later, the tow truck shows up and he does a great job of towing me to the house, where I park in the garage and get our 1 hour old food to the family.

The next day, I put the car up on jack stands, ready to take the tire to get repaired or replaced at Discount tire. Once I remove the tire, I see why it wouldn't hold air. The 4 inch screw had PUNCHED THROUGH THE WHEEL! What are the odds? Now I'm waiting for Mobile Service to see if they can bring me a new wheel and tire, but it will have to be Monday. (today is Saturday.) I suspect the cost to be $400 for the tire and $600 for the wheel.

Looks like a Michelin PS4S on a 20” Sport my guess is $750 Rim and $350 tire. If it’s a 19” your estimate would be closer. Best of luck. I’ve seen photos of a construction bolt go through both the rim at the barrel AND tire. Crazy stuff.