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A.K.A. Kraken's Wife
Sep 3, 2015
This is my first time starting a thread so forgive me if I miss an important detail you may find obvious.

Quick background without getting too carried away with details. I'm sure many of you saw this article and video earlier this week, Watch a Tesla Model S assist one of the US's most well-known spy planes during takeoff. Well this car was a rental, but, they are thinking about replacing their Camero's in the near future and Tesla is on a list of potential replacements. So, they need more information to make an informed decision thus my query to the brain trust that is TMC.

I'm curious how many full tilt runs or how long you all get at the track before needing to recharge in a 100D vs P100D. I'm sure there are only a select few of you who actually push the limits of your vehicles but any experience with this would be helpful. I'd imagine that the 100D would be able to go for longer since it's not accelerating quite as quickly. I tried searching previous threads and didn't see details on this sort of information.

No need to implicate yourself if you are worried for insurance reasons...I'm sure your "friend" who does run their car at the track wouldn't mind ;)
Old P85 here, but hopefully this helps.

The takeoff takes 15 seconds (1:55-2:10 on the video), and from runway markings takes about 1000' of runway, a bit less than 1/4 mile. Not surprisingly the U-2 is NOT accelerating at drag strip speeds. Then the Tesla gets to slow down as gently as it wants, since the runway is much longer than that, so it can regenerate some of that energy back. Using the estimate above and my own experience, I think a 100D would be more than adequate and could do more launches between recharges than there are existing U-2s. Probably 30-40.

But you weren't asking for the U-2. For the drag strip, pedal to the floor each time, maybe 5 before it slows down a bit, 15-20 total?
Ok, so typically they do the initial takeoff chase that is shown in the video in the article, than while the U2 is in the pattern they have to do a "run in" from a taxiway to match speed with a U2 over the runway in order to give height above the runway callouts. These "run ins" is when they would be really gunning it. In the Camero's they currently have they have to floor it to get up to speed and match speed with the plane. These videos depict what it would be used for better than I can explain it. That's why I'm curious with how many runs you could get out of charge.

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Thanks for the link that video is very helpful.

So assuming we start off with a full battery and loose 1-2% per max power run (which seems to be the average based on the videos I've seen) we could get about 45 or so runs. It will probably be less than 45 just due to the extra systems (AC, radios, etc.) utilizing the battery power as well, still I think that should be sufficient.