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12 days and 1,900 miles on my 3 so far!

Hey Guys,

As the title says, I have had my 3 for 12 days and have put 1,900 miles on it. I gotta say, this is a very different experience! This car reminds me of a semi-exotic like a Lotus in that it has a bit of minor build/design quirks and overly chintzy items in the interior, but a phenominal drive system and overall technology. The car is fast, efficient, quiet, very good looking, and a huge hoot to drive.

The only issue I have had is the somewhat buggy electronics. My GPS stopped working for an entire day (that is fine now) and my Android phone doesn't sync for phone calls reliably. I have never had the door unlock problem others have had. My does always unlock as I grab the handle. But, more than 50% of the time I have to manually tell the car to pair with my phone for calls and, even then, it can take 2 or 3 minutes to finally sync. I have an appointment next week for them to look at it.

Other than that, this thing is awesome! Oh, the autopilot is fantastic, it has never asked my to take over. It just works.

Haha yep, maybe you and I are the same type. We’re finding excuse to take the Tesla every where! 30 days = 3000 miles! Oh wait only 3 weeks, I had a loaner for a week and that was 800 miles.

Elon and team, if you’re reading this, give us unlimited miles for 3 years. We’ll prove to haters that the car will last for 500k miles.