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12'000 km with my Model X 75D - my experiences


In Musk, we trust.
Aug 23, 2015
Hi folks

I bought my Model X in April 2016, got it delivered in September 2016 and drove 12'000 km since then. I like to share my experiences with this car so far.


Car configuration
Model X75D, 2016, 6 seater, without premium package, with Autopilot V1, towing package, titanium silver, tan leather, light headliner, cash price incl. delivery: CHF 106'100.--

Driving dynamics
Although this is the Model X with the weakest engines, it is a very powerful call with 330 H.P. I never had such a fast accelerating car so far. All my cars so far did 0-100 in about 7 seconds - My Model X does it in 6 s! Lauches from traffic lights has become fun now. You really feel the power at high speeds on the highway. Uphill overtaking with a trailer in the back is no problem at all. Really fun. Of course there is always room for improvement. I got a Model S 90D as a loaner when my Model X was at the Service Center. This thing accelerates noticeable faster - brutal force. A 90D is even more fun, but costs a lot more, especially more road taxes in my living state. For me, the power of a 75D is more than enough. I would be happy with less. 7-8 sec to 100 is more than fast enough for a SUV.

I really like the clarity of Model X, having this high seating position and the wide windscreen. You can drive right below the traffic lights at intersections and still have the lights in view - great. But the A-Pillars are horrible. Two huge trunks in the side view - this is not very helpfull for safety. I never had so big pillars in a car so far. In my opinion, this is not optimal and they should be smaller for better view.
The view backwards is ok due to the nice wide angle camera and the big screen - as long as the camera remains clean. Tesla should invent something here, for example a retracable solution like VW does (camera is hidden behind the moveable VW badge).

I drove mid size trucks in military - they have been similar in terms of handling like Model X. If you have to maneuver, Model X feels like a truck. It doesn't mather on the roads. City-roads, nun-urban roads, Highways - all fine. Directional stability on the highway is great. But maneuvering in parking decks - and we have many of them in Switzerland - is just horrible. The car is too big for that and the turning circle is to wide. At least the needed turing force can be set to very low at comfortable steering mode.

Energy usage
My average energy usage is 27.2 KWh/100 km, which costs me about CHF 5 per 100 km. I think thats reasonable for a car of this size. This is comperable to the energy of about 3 litres of diesel per 100 km. My last hybrid-SUV used about 10 liters of gasoline per 100 km with the same trip profile. Economic drivers might be able to drive the model X with 24 to 25 KWh/100 km. I don't really care about that, at cold weather conditions, seat heating is always on and I don't realy drive economical.

Of course there is a lot of space in Model X - very lot. You can also place a lot of stuff under and between the seats.

Unfortuantly, all the stuff in the car "flyes" around. The storage concept is suboptimal in my opinion. It lacks fixation options, safety nets (skis crash into the 17" front screen if you brake hard), mounts (e.g. for clothing), room separation stuff, pingeonholes.
The middle console pingeonhole is also just horrible. Stuff from the first pingeonhole gets stuck below the second pingeonhole.
The pingeonhole in the trunk and also the frunk should come with a seperator, so you can at least two subcompartments and not just one hole.

I bought the 6-seater because the 5-seater was not available at that time. Today, I probably would order the 5-seater, because you can fold the seats. That improves usability a lot. The 7-seater would be a No-Go for me without the option to transport long stuff. Even if the 3rd row is folded, you cannot store long stuff like flat screen TVs in the 6-seater. Small stuff like skis or gardening tools are ok. For bulky workpieces, you've to use the trailer with the 6-seater.

The frunk is quite roomy. Unfortunatly, it can only be locked and unlocked mechanically and to close it, you get dirty fingers. Suboptimal. For that price, this should be electric. The back door should be gesture controlled as well, like Audi and VW do this with some models. Grabing the remote control with two bags in your hands is just inconvenient otherwise.

In terms of usability and storage features there is definitly room for improvement with Model X. Somehow I get the impressions the designers stopped thinking about the car after designing the first row.

Autopilot 1 is awesome - one of the reasons I bought the car. In my opinion, this is a must-have feature when optioning the car. I doubt there is something better on the market, at least till Autopilot 2 catches up. On the highway, Autopilot works perfect - except for road works. There, it is not able to distinguish between the temporary orange lines and the permanent White lines. I use Autopilot on Highways whenever I can. You have to get used to it for 2-3 weeks, after that, it is more relaxing than driving without. I often cruise on the right line instead of constantly changing lanes. Tesla did a very good job on that one. The traffic aware cruise control is very harmonic and "intelligent". Also Autosteer is very smooth.

Nevertheless, you always have to look on the road. If something would lie on the road, Model X would probably not prevent that. The "Hands-On" detection is still useless for that and does not help with attention in my opinion. You just pull on the steering wheel a little if you see the white flashing dashboard in the corner of your eye. A camera monitoring your eyes instead of "Hands-On" would be the better mechanism to monitor awareness in my opinion. You also don't have "Foot-On"-Detection for cruise control, don't you? In addition to that, "Hands-On"-Detection is not very reliable - often, it does not detect my hands on the steering wheel, althouth they are.

A little bit annoying is the lack of speed adaption to the speed limit. Model X detects the road signs, but does not adapt, even if Autopilot is engaged. A great feature on the other hand is the automatic speed reduction ahead of narrow curves. Like a human driver, Autopilot reduces speed ahead of the curve and accelerates after. Great!

Overall, Autopilot is fantastic and I would not give that back again.

My Model X does not come with adaptive curve lights and that is the only premium package feature I am missing a bit The LED headlight of Model X is ok, but not really outstanding. The full beam assistant, which automaticly activates full beams when there is no incoming or ahead driving traffic, works ok, but should switch a little bit faster.
Overall, lights are ok, but have room for improvement for the future. I think german premium cars offer better options, like Matrix LED, laser lights and so on.

Wind noise is ok meanwhile. But Tesla had to improve, new seals had to be ordered. The ones from the factory didn't fit. Service Center did a good job and now it is ok. Withouth engine noise, such stuff gets the attention faster.

The standard Stereo is fantastic. Very good bass. I never had such a good stereo in a car. DAB+, Spotify integration , good job. But the iPhone-Integration has room for improvement in terms of functionality. Sound quality is great. Sometimes, the DAB+ channel gets lost, seems like a little bug.

winter experiences
Let's start with the positive things: Traction. Digital all wheel drive is great. Traction without limits. I once had an electric all wheel drive with my Lexus, that one wasn't bad - but the one from Model X is just perfect. Air Suspension up and you can drive everywhere. Really great uphill. Downhill is a different chapter. You feel the 2.5 tons pushing the car and you have to be carefull, especially as the car starts braking when you lift your accelerator pedal. Nevertheless, in terms of winter driving, Model X is a good car without any doubt. You will not get stuck. But you have to remain carefully. It is not funny if the car starts slippering. It would be a pitty if you crash into a snow wall.

A different story are the electrical doors in winter, when the car parks outdoor during snowfall. Mechanical doors are easy to handle when they are frozen, you just pull harder till they open. This does not work any more with Model X without any door handles. My doors have been frozen multiple times as I live in the mountains. Preclimate does not always hep. Either it is not sufficient to melt everything or I forgot to enable it before. Tesla shoud consider stronger door motors or heating elements. Once, I managed to open the front door, but it did not close any more as the locking mechanism was frozen. I had to hold the door during driving. In the parking garage at my destination it melted and I could close it again afterwards.

If you open the back door, snow falls into the joins and you have to clean it before closing. If the Falon Wings are open when you open the back door, all the snow slides on the second seats. Falcon wings do open with snow on them, but a lot of the snow falls on the seats below. Such things happen to you one or two times, then you first clean the car before opening any door at all. These are just things you don't have to consider that much with "normal" doors.

Preclimate by smart phone is a great feature of course. Unfortunalty, seat heating cannot be enabled by smart phone. That would be cool.

Heating is ok, bot not outstanding. Without heating, the windscreen is fogging instantly. After I got the car, I had natural draft from outside and the heating did not manage to compensate. With the improved seals, it is ok now.


I don't have any range issues. Anxiety least of all. Fully charged, I can drive around 330 km, with "trip"-settiung around 300 km. 75 KWh are more then enough for me. I even would have ordered a 60D if it would have been possible at that time. On longer trips, to germany for example, I just pass by a supercharger and recharge fully. These are fast, free and you can chat with other Tesla drivers there. Superchargers are marked in the navigation map and it is visible if there are free charging lots available. I tried Dietikon, Sargans and Beckenried - worked like a charm at any place. I don't use them just for a free charging, just when I need them. In emergency situations, you can still use an ordinary Non-Tesla charging station, there are a lot of them around. I never had to so far. I charge every night at home with cheap night energy at my personal 400V/16 Ampére socket. For emergency purposes, I have a mobile 230V-charger in the trunk.

On of the best things of this car are the electrical front doors. Sit in, press the brake pedal - the doors close. Grande. Push the button, passenger door opens, woman gets into the vehicle - Gentleman 2.0. Really cool. Except for the problems during winter, see before. What I miss is an option to open the front doors with the remote control. For closing this works, but unfortunatly not for opening.

Falcon wing doors are great if you have enough space on the side of the car. You get in the car or can stow stuff easily. Especially if it is raining these doors are great as whey work like an umbrella during boarding. Gorgeous. Model X is a real showcar due to this doors. You get a lot of attention with them opening.

On the other hand, these doors are rubbish in low parking garages. The open just a little bit with an angle. Ok for kids but a pain for adults. At least for me, These doors work withouth any problems so far. Nevertheless, I have my doubts about long term durability. If I had a choice, I would have ordered Model X with "normal" or sliding doors instead of FWD.

build quality
Interior is premium quality and very well made. Except for the truk. I don't like that carpet and the way it is attached.

The exterior was not very well made when the car came the factory. As written before, seals didn't match, you could see the metal and it wasn't airtight. The rear window was not correcly attached and had to be replaced. One decorative strip was missaligned and had to be replaced. It had two paint flaws at the back door. Everything has been fixed in the meantime at the Service Center. I still think Tesla has room to improve here. Before my car, already 10'000 Model X have been built.

Unfortunalty, my interior and exterior color choice cannot be ordered any more. I don't like he new options so much and would have a hard time ordering again with the few current options.

Trailer hitch
Driving with a trailer is great. The car is so powerful, you don't even feel that you have a trailer attached. Unfortunatly, Autopilot gets disabled if there is a trailer attached. Energy usage is higher of course, but not that much.

The windshield is great during the day. Due to its construction, there is ghosting from optical refraction. Tail lights and front lights are doubled. This is irritating, especially at the beginning. You get used to it a little bit over time.

Windscreen whipers
The windscreen whipers are rubbish. If there are foggy and light wet conditions, the lower part of the driver windscreen whiper is smearing.The cleaning fluid does not get there during driving, only when you stop and use a lot of it. I hope there will be a modification soon. At least the fluid tank is large so you don't have to fill up all the time.

Service Centers
A few times, I had to go to the service centers. Staff there is very friendly - unlike other garage personell. Young people, cool, very customer oriented. Still, service processes do not yet work as polished as in other car companies. You may have to wait very long for replacement parts - I had to wait three months. I had a little accident and had to replace both side doors. Tesla does not repair such stuff themself but has another big swiss garage as a partner. Interrestingly, the Service partner is the main import company for their competition (Audi, Porsche, etc.). Nevertheless, the car has been repaired perfectly. If there is a flaw, there are no discussions with Tesla, the just fix it, as it should be. Of course it would be better to have no problems at all, but at least things are corrected without any arguing.

Generally, I recommend a good insurance for this car. Aluminium parts and falcon wing doors get expensive if they have to be repaired.

Model X is a fantastic car. Great acceleration, great driving assistant, very good four wheel drive, awesome electric front doors, great windscreen, great stereo, nice looking futuristic shape and nice and well made premium interior.
But this all comes with a high pricetag. I never thought that I would ever buy such an expensive car. At the end of the day, Model X is still only a car.
The lack of alternatives made me doing this step. I already had a BMW i3 and for me it was clear that I will not ever again buy a car with combustion engine. I needed an SUV with Trailer hitch. Porsche Macan? Candidate, but only available with environmental unfriendly Diesel Engine or energy innefficient gasoline engines. Jeep Grand Cherokee? Same, and no usefull driving assistance avaiable. Jaguar F-Pace? Same here. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV? Electric range is a joke. Model X is still the only electric SUV, the only electric vehicle with Trailer hitch, the only bigger Premium electric vehicle and the only holiday trip capable car due to the good supercharger network. It is the good overall concept with its own fast charging network that remains the advantage of Tesla for quite some time. Because of the supercharger network I am able to do longer holiday trips with my Family without the need for owning a second gasoline powered car.

Autopilot improves my work travel trips significantly and helps me relaxing. I won't sell my car anytime soon. Due to Software Upgrades, the car remains up to date for quite some time. This is a unique selling point for Telsa. In my opinion, Tesla is a class on ist own. Although there are some drawbacks in exteriior build quality, overall, they are second to none in the premium segment, currently also superior to german premium car makers.


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Oct 13, 2014
On of the best things of this car are the electrical front doors. Sit in, press the brake pedal - the doors close. Grande. Push the button, passenger door opens, woman gets into the vehicle - Gentleman 2.0. Really cool. Except for the problems during winter, see before. What I miss is an option to open the front doors with the remote control. For closing this works, but unfortunately not for opening.
A double-click of the FOB will open the driver's door (always been this way). Once the driver's door is opened (either via FOB or manually or automatically), another double-click of the FOB will open the passenger door (this is from a new update earlier this year).
A double-click of the FOB will open the driver's door (always been this way). Once the driver's door is opened (either via FOB or manually or automatically), another double-click of the FOB will open the passenger door (this is from a new update earlier this year).
I don't believe that function works anymore. I have tried that many times, but it does not work on my 2016 MX AP2, unless I am missing something here.


In Musk, we trust.
Aug 23, 2015
However, as you said, there is no real alternative, the first one will probably be the Audi e-tron Quatro, but not before 2019 if we want to try it before. In addition to that, it will come without the supercharger network :mad:

You have to consider that Tesla is continuing to improve the X. I am convinced that a lot of the drawbacks of X will be gone by 2019 and whatever Tesla Killer is available at that time, it will have a hard time against the 2018 or 2019 Model X.

I guess the seating concept will be improved in the next version, as well as the exterior build quality, the lighting, the whipers. This is all relatively easy to improve, while the advantages of Tesla are hard to achieve (Software concept, Supercharger).

If you look at the Model S today compared to the first version of 2013, it is big step forward. I expect even bigger steps for the X.


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Aug 18, 2012


In Musk, we trust.
Aug 23, 2015
Yes, AP1 is a very good solution indeed. AP2 seems to need quite some development after reading the forum experiences here. It's quite a bit of hubris of Tesla to think they can replace Mobileye mature path sensing software of AP1 with that kind of maturity in just a few months. I mean, the guys of Mobileye had 17 years of experience on line detection and algorithms for generating models of paths. Going away from Mobileye is probably a good decision in the mid and long term, but the transition should have been longer. Somehow, it is common sense that Mobileye is not opening their software to be used with foreign hardware - quite a bit arrogant of Tesla to try to force a supplier to such a deal.
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If you look at the Model S today compared to the first version of 2013, it is big step forward. I expect even bigger steps for the X.

Sadly, I cannot totally agree.

- For software, yes, Tesla is very responsive to customers’ requests. By example tire pressures: in 2014 this function was present on most small sedan, even in Nisan Leaf but not in model S. Actually, it is probably one of best and more clear display.

Sadly, it goes not in same way for hardware, even if we wait some time/years.

-As example in model S, even the new facelift one have always the same crappy rear seats: no arm rest, no 3 part folding as we can find in each high level German sedan, even VW. Still no pockets in doors or in back of front seats -> almost no improvement in 5 years. There is no possible comparison with BMW/Audi or Porche regarding interior lighting and other comfort stuff. Even the mini of my wife is a lot nicer lightened.
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Aug 23, 2015
I've 18'000 km on the counter now.

In the meantime, the air conditioning compressor broke down. You could hear a chattering when driving slowly or standing still. Due to residues, most of the cooling components had to be replaced (compressor, condeoser, ac lines, chiller). Service Center did a good job and fixed everything again within two weeks. I'm happy to have my X back, the model S I had as a loaner was sportier to drive, but not so comfortable. I missed the electric doors and the high seating position.
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In Musk, we trust.
Aug 23, 2015
Just passed the 37'000 km mark. The only issue I had in the meantime was a problem with the electric folding side mirrors. They did not fold and unfold electric any more. Service center had to reset the controller unit to renenable that feature. They said this can happen if the side mirrors are folded manually, this can confuse the control unit. Further, they had to adjust the rear track. Tires have been weared off only on the inner side.

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