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12v battery requires service/Parking brake functions degraded

Wanted to share these error with everyone.

Has anyone come across these error messages on their 3? Came up this evening on my screen. Car has been great recently, no noticeable issues. I’m still on 2019.28.3.1.

Put in a service request, earliest availability is Sept 23 o_O
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This is one of my pet peeves. If your 12v system starts dropping voltage you get all kinds of system error messages. Dollar signs start flashing in your mind as your told to bring the vehicle in for service.
I think the first message should always be “12v system is low..... ignore all of the next messages”. ;)
Wish EV manufacturers would show us the 12v system voltage like cars used to do. I’m thinking of buying one of those cigarette lighter 12v meters just to keep an eye on it.
This morning the car did some phamtom things, windows went all the day down when I opened the door, alerts that I can't charge, blind spot monitoring disabled, and yes..add washer fluid :rolleyes:.

In service now, haven't received a cause as yet. Should take an hour to replace, under warranty.
So waiting. . . looks like I have to wait 6 days for mobile service to replace a 12v battery?, Roadside said they can't help as the car is not dead or stuck on the side of a road and I have an "undriveable" car with a message it could shut down unexpectedly (yeah real safe to drive).

This is the one sucky part about owning a tesla - the service just sucks so bad. (And this is coming from a major tesla fan - we have 3 in the extended family) Nearest center is 30 miles away. Luckily I have an old lexus backup car. Otherwise how I supposed to commute to work - no loaners and I'm not gonna uber to work - it's not like anyone has even responded to the messages in the app or offered a loaner or uber. with lexus you can drop off the car and get a loaner - prob be fixed within an hour (battery replacement). Funny thing is my sister had her Model 3 completely dead from a 12v issue and they changed it out within an hour (roadside) at her house in Northern Cali. I'm in So-cal. And there's no service #'s to call and talk to a live person either.