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~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

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No problems here. I typically get around 330Wh/mi in my P85/21", today with v7 I got 295Wh/mi over 39mi. Probably need to gather more data before jumping before jumping to conclusions. So many factors can affect range, from day to day and trip to trip.
Is anyone else experiencing this? The v7 update installed last night.
I typically get around 280Wh/mi driving around town. Today I was getting around 320Wh/mi.

I don't know where you're located, but if you're on the east coast of the US it became much cooler this weekend. Keep in mind the car will use more energy for pack and cabin heating.
Sudden shift to cooler nighttime/morning temps below 50 has a noticeable impact on range, as the battery needs to be warmed in the morning. I remember being surprised by this two years ago. Best way to address is to time your charging to wrap up just before you drive the car in the morning, so the battery warms up on shore power. I start my 80a HPWC at 5:45.
Mine dropped, but it's not due to v7. It dropped last week when it got cold on my daily commute (still on 6.2).

Also, last trip outdoor temp was 75-80F (6.2), this trip 45-50F (first trip with v7). Obviously range took a hit.

So I'm sure it's not v7 for me.