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18 vs 19 inch OEM Ride Quality - Revisited

Have a LR RWD with 19" sports. Rotated the tires yesterday at 11k miles at 3.5 months. the rears are really wearing. I floor the car a lot. I also drive a lot. I think my tires will make it to 25k maybe? anyways.. I'll need new tires in the about 8 months. I think the ride of the 19" is a bit harsh.

Saw a local guy selling a set of 18s with TPMS... only a few hundred miles on them for not much more than a set of 4 new tires. was thinking of just buying them and just switching between 18" and 19" for the heck of it till both sets wear out.

I've also been reading posts about 18's vs 19's ride quality but no one really has any actual seat time and most of these posts were from 2018 and very early 2019 era. The only back to back solid test I found was Edmunds.. but even that is limited seat time. So it's late 2019. Anybody have any experience? perhaps I just gotta buy this guys wheel/tire combo and be one of the first ones.

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