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19" vs 21" Model S wheels in Australia

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I'm going to be pushing the button on a new Model S 100D early June and I'm currently leaning towards 19" carbon wheels. I know the 21s look good, but the roads here in Sydney are really crap and I think they'll be easily damaged. I also do a bit of freeway driving so think the 19s might be quieter. Does anyone have experience with both on Australian roads and can give me a heads up? Thanks
My advice is to do the 19" wheels initially and then think about the 21's later. This way the LCT and stamp duty are not applied to the price and even with the uplifted price as an accessory you are ahead. I started out to do exactly this and ended up just keeping the 19" on the car.

The 21s are much more likely to be damaged by kerbs and large potholes, wear faster and use more power - but do look good. I've driven on both, but depending on how hard you want to corner it may not give you much appreciable benefit. As I said above, financially you are better off adding them later if you want them.
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Let me share a different opinion. I have 21’s on mine and have had no issues. Plus, with the air suspension the ride is still sublime compared to any car on steel springs. And I do think the handling is a bit better with the extra rubber. No doubt they cost more to replace - but IMHO they look MUCH better. The Model S has a very big wheel arch and the19’s really don’t fill it up.

Anyway - that what’s make a market...
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Taking a tiny bit of care with your drive will be enough to avoid damaging the wheel in pot holes. You won't have to change your life.
Tyres for 21s will cost you a minimum of $509 per, they hang on a little harder in corners but is it worth that extra cost?