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1966 Tesla Model R

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Dec 29, 2016
Pac NW
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Actually, they were ahead of their time.
The air cooled control box serves that purpose.
When the vacuum tubes within implode, they suck up all the impact energy thus sparing the passengers.
Amazing, I say, simply amazing.
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Those were simpler times.
so were the early 1900's.


I look at that advertising from the times and think, she's driving, she's hot, and she's got a dog!

The truth is back then, women had issues cranking ICE engines to start them. so electrics catered to the ladies. i learned that from Jay Leno on one of his shows. He has an old Baker.
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Model 3 [1 motors]
Model Y [1 motors]
SEMI [4 motors]
Roadster [3 motors]

Might all these be the same motor?
Seems Model 3 may get AC induction motor for the front (rather than the "reluctance type rear motor)".

Devil always in the details of the actual costs. But consider the "economies of scale" IF all these motors are the same or share many parts.

Right now, it would seem all Tesla vehicles will eventually have the 2170 cell - and all storage products as well.