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1UP Bike Rack with 3 bikes at supercharger

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I am planning on picking up a 1UP Heavy Duty bike rack to carry 3 bikes total. I'm not concerned on the range hit or any of that, however, I am concerned on being able to back into a charger and still be able to plug in WITHOUT removing the bikes. I have seen a couple posts showing the same rack with 2 bikes however, around the area's I'd be charging some locations have the tesla sign even with the charger or others have a red post that is even closer to the car not leaving much room in the back. I prefer not to get a roof rack if I can avoid it. The pull in slots aren't' always present and even if there is a single pull in slot, more times then not its taken up by someone too lazy to back in unfortunately. Any word of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

charger 1.JPG

charger 2.JPG
Very difficult endeavor - I wish there was a extension cable that we could use in situations like this.
I wish there was. Even a 3 or 5 footer would be more then enough. In Europe they have a lot more that are pull in or pull through if you have a trailer. I don't understand why they don't do that here in the states. It would save a lot of headache.
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I have Kuat 2.0 with two or three bikes (with or without extra bike add-on) attached to Stealth Hitch on Model 3. With two bikes (no extender) I have been able to charge in seven of eight superchargers visited to date. It is usually very close. With the third bike I would have a problem more frequently. The only solution would be pull in sideways if spaces are not busy or to unload the bikes and fold up the carrier.
Not gonna contribute as much as you want, but I just backed up the 1up this weekend and didn’t even need to get super close and it was fine, I think you can manage it just fine with the 3 bike version But you will need to back Up to almost touching im thinking.
...also many charging locations have at least one stall where the charger is located at the front of the stall. Not sure if these are marked on the map though...View attachment 826183
You're right, most do. I just wish more drivers would leave those open for people with bike racks, cargo boxes, or even trailers where backing into a spot might be more difficult. This is a perfect example of what I was talking about. All stalls open but the driver took the 1 optimized for people with cargo on the hitch.
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