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2.4GB download on 4/20/2018??

My home WiFi stats show that my Model X had a very large (2.4 GB) download over the last day which was the day after 2018.14.2 download/installation (223 MB).

Anyone have thoughts on what just staged on my Model X? I’ve never had this large of a single day download.


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I just got my map update for my AP1. Tesla technician pushed 14.2 to mine a few days back, he informed me the map would be updated through WiFi connection. Since then I tried to park my car as close to my home WiFi as possible (about 1 to 2 bars unfortunately), so it took a few days to get the bits downloaded.

The new map is sharp, better than the old one, but still needs some polishing work. I love it! The navigation voice over is less bossy than the previous version. :)
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Here are the stats for the last two days:
20APR Download: 5.5GB
20APR Upload: 122MB
21APR Download: 2.8GB
21APR Upload: 66MB

It looks like the verification process does pretty intensive active verification rather than just client side checksums. That’s cool to see.
Yup. I had the same issue. The car was redownloaded many times for many nights. I ended up... open the passenger door to prevent the car goes to deep sleep at night. Have "Energy saving" OFF & "Always Connected" ON, but the car goes to deep sleep at night & makes thing fail.
I got the new nav update a few days ago and it is a tremendous improvement. Directions are much more accurate, interface is nicer, particularly the small left hand screen and time predictions are more accurate - now similar to Waze which used to be much more accurate.