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2.5 roadster black/silver forged wheels - front only

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I have 2 rear black forged wheels for my 2.5 Roadster. Am looking for a pair of fronts to match!

You might be better buying the new fronts, honestly I think it'll be impossible to find a used front set that's clean or worth repairing. By the way, if you bought those rears off the guy in Washington on Ebay, beware. Those rims were damaged, repaired, and repainted. I hope he disclosed that to you. I know other Roadster owners had bad experiences with him. He turned me off so much with his overly inflated ego that I passed on those wheels, but I was able to get him to state they were damaged and repaired. If I were you I'd make sure the wheels are still true, just for the fact that they were damaged. And who knows what the damage was to them and how they were repaired.

I have one front and one rear in the 2.5 Sport style, but I may before they get sold out pick up a new set for the car and use these as a spare. But honestly I'm looking at having a custom set of wheels built up for the Roadster which is my priority. A set of forged rims that are 17" front and 18" rear, going a little wider, but trying to keep the rolling resistance efficiency loss to a minimum due to the larger width. Looking to make the Roadster more stable at higher speeds (70+) by going taller as well as also "filling" in the Roadster to give it a fuller look. I also found the correct tire size that should work and not trigger any TC errors on the 1.5 cars. I want these to be done right, so I'll most likely trailer my Roadster down to Southern Cali to the wheel builder so we can get all the dimensions dialed in right. Wheels are definitely an area on a car which you can adversely effect the handling performance of the car if not done right. I'm looking at about $500-$600 for each custom front wheel and $700-$800 for the rear. And these are *real* custom wheels built to your order. They're not "drilled and filled" rims which some people are offering here on TMC which I personally find to be dangerous.
Firstly let me enjoy the smile you gave me upon seeing your name!! A breath of fresh air wiz!! I think I bought the rear wheels from Oregon and they are still in the box. You can PM me the name to be sure if it's the same person, ex Tesla employee?? Thanks for the advice. Tesla sells the set of 4 at a decent price but won't give the same deal if only buying a pair.
best regards !!!
Thanks Bart! I'll let you know if I ever free up that front wheel I have. It has just a minor nick on the outside of the rim and is a very easy cosmetic only repair. I'll also keep you posted if I seen anything that pops up. Yes, that's the guy up in Oregon under the ebay username 2020auto. Here's the email thread I had with him. What an arrogant SOB, and the comments he was sending at the end was over the top. Very odd to say the least:

Hi, do you have any damaged 2.5 wheels? chips, nicks, etc. I've found two a front and a rear and looking for other random one's to make a set. I'm going to look into having the rims repainted, so all the imperfections can be fixed in the process if they're not too deep and the rim's still true.

Thanks a bunch!

I don't have any others. These were silver and damaged and I had them powder coated black.

I'm going to blast over the color anyways, going to do the gun-metal which was rare. I have the gunmetal in the cast version. Love it since it brake dust blends in very.

What is the lowest you can go? ( he had a "best offer" option in the ebay ad and I hate haggling both as a buyer/seller so I like getting to the bottom line )

Take care.

I'd do $1300 or just leave them in my attic.

Gun metal grey was never available on this wheel. Only 1.5 cast wheels and all gun metal no machines faces were mistakes and removed from most of the cars

Only the "final five" 2.5 Roadsters had the gun metal grey color to the wheels, hence the rarity.

Regardless of the color they are $955.40 each. I was there and have photos of the final five together. Not all have or had grey wheels. Hence the ranty to-wit. Let me know when reality hits and you pry open your wallet with a crowbar and are ready to buy. I can have these powder coated grey for $110 each.

I didn't mean to sound rude. Maybe you can't afford new wheels or ones at half price. I should be more considerate. Maybe they have something in your price range at pick n pull. Just a thought :)

??? - odd comments.

Just as odd as people trying to get roadster parts like they are honda parts and readily available.

^^^ after those last 2-3 comments above from him I knew that I didn't want to purchase anything from this guy or really any seller who an attitude who throws comments out from left field. Purchasing from these types of sellers typically doesn't end well for the buyer one way or another^^^

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Wiz, How can I tell if the wheels are "true?" If he repaired them (despite supposedly being new wheels@) I would hope they are ok.....

You can take the set into a wheel-shop to have them tested and see how straight they are. Wheels is an area where you really want to know what "damaged" means if they were previously repaired.

But by all means they were not "new". Was the ebay listing stating they were new? His older listing I believe was listed under the "used" category.