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2 Powerwall System Reading Double

Hello all, new here so apologize for any bad post etiquette. Any help is much appreciated. My system is a 10 kW system with 2 Powerwalls (Powerwall+) for reference

Essentially, whenever I pull any power from Powerwalls directly, it will read ~2x as much as what that load/appliance actually uses. It's super easy to put on display within the app since as soon as I set the backup reserve to 100% to turn off the PW discharge, the house draw cuts in half when it flips to the grid kW reading. As soon as I kick the PWs back on, it'll basically double immediately. I've troubleshot it so many different ways to verify. The Dryer, AC unit, Model 3, on and on. I'll include a screenshot with me charging a Model 3 at 5 kW on Grid power and then on Powerwall power I'll show the readings. Nothing else major is on.

The issue becomes that my Powerwalls seem to think they are using power twice as fast as they actually are so I assume they won't discharge fully. The solar reading is spot on for my inverter and all of that. Really the only issue I've had it the kW reading when the Powerwall is discharging.

My installer has been fantastic but they are stumped as is Tesla on what's going on. They say the CTs look spot on and Tesla agrees. We've tried troubleshooting CTs and the Neurio. We are going to do an individual load test on each circuit to further troubleshoot. However I'm just so confused myself.

Curious if any one has had a similar experience or good ideas and feedback. I find it weird the grid reading on the app can be so accurate and the Powerwall discharge reading is ~2x.

Thanks in advance!


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