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20" Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tire Life (P3D+)


Tesla Podcast Host
Oct 10, 2009
San Francisco, CA
Just curious if anyone here has worn through a set of 20" tires on their P3D+ yet. If so, how many miles did you get out of them, and how often did you rotate them?

I'm at 13k miles, just rotated for the second time, and mine seem to be doing OK. I'm curious what to expect out of them.
You need to rotate tires on AWD cars?
TBH depends on how you drive but the front wheels tend to get a bit more action due to steering. On my Golf R, the fronts do tend to wear down faster than the rears, and especially the outer edges of the rear tires tend to be worn less. The power distribution of AWD cars will vary, unlike a full-time system. The PS4S in previous experience tend to wear decently even with a track day here or there. A more spirited driver like myself I wouldn't expect more than 15,000 miles before nearing or being at the wear bars. Doesn't mean there's not more tire left for good dry conditions - just not so good in the wet.
I’m @ 18K and getting close to needing new tires. Maybe 20-22K and I’ll replace them. I could probably go longer but I’m one of those people who don’t let the tires wear all the way down. Because 1) less traction and 2) they get noisier.

PS I drive hard on them so I’m actually impressed they’re still going.

I rotated once at around 7K.
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