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20" Wheels Performance Data?

Hi all - new to the forums, so apologies if already posted on another thread, but I am curious if anyone has 20" aftermarket wheels on their Model 3 and can share any performance issues it might have caused.

Curious about Wh/Mi difference, wheel clearance or rubbing issues, etc.

Any details would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
I have been running 20x8.5 front and 20x9.5 rear Enkei wheels and have had no rubbing issues or clearance issues at all. Also, the car still feels zippy, although I may had lost around 5% range at most, the indicator of range is still pretty accurate, at 30 pounds a wheel, it is similar to the option that Tesla sells for a 20 inch wheel upgrade. the car is lowered as well. I am looking to sell this set, as I used it for a trial to see if fitment and range would be sacrificed, which is not, now I am looking to get a set of forged wheels which will be even better. The car is lowered too


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