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2010 Tesla Roadster Sport with 3.0 Battery Upgrade

Good morning fellow TMC forum members. I just thought I would publish a post that I have listed my 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport with the 3.0 battery upgrade for sale. It is on all of the major sites - Autotrader, Cars.com and eBay. I have also created a overview video. VIN is: 5YJRE1A3XA1000613. I have it listed for $79,900.

I have not had the car very long and I have only put 250 miles on it. It was thanks to members on this forum that helped confirm this was a well-cared for Roadster worthy of buying. I'll just add some basics here and if I can link to the video I will. Otherwise PM me with any questions. I've listed it at what I paid for it. Some will say I overpaid, but I've had a few people already reach out indicating they thought it was reasonably priced given its rarity and condition. In any event, the first question people will ask is, "Why are you selling it?". If you know me than you wouldn't be surprised. I've owned 30+ cars over the past several years. Once I buy one I kind of go off the deep end. I bought one of every Tesla new and decided why not complete the set with a used Roadster Sport :).

Fast forward five months and the other thing with me is if I don't use it, I move on. So I just figured I would put it up for sale and eventually someone who is wanting one of these sweet vehicles for spring/summer/fall will start looking for one.

Fully loaded with original MSRP of $150,550 + $29,000 battery upgrade.

Amazing condition with all of the following factory options: Radiant Red Metallic paint, Solar Guard Windshield, Clear Coat Carbon Fiber removable roof (with canvas roof as well), Forged wheels with no curb rash, tires with less than 1,000 miles, electronics group, adjustable suspension, premium interior and premium carbon and leather.

Includes 50AMP wall charger plus TWO standard 110V wall outlet wall chargers, plus both HC Sharp adapters so you can plug your Roadster into the Tesla 2.0 wall charger or standard public J1772 plug ($1,500 value), Tesla OEM Roadster indoor car cover, 12V battery wall charger. Car also has the OVMS system installed so you can track charging, etc remotely via the OVMS app. It is pretty slick. You can initiate charging remotely if you want.

I have all service records since the original in service date (this car has had great, caring owners), plus window sticker, owner's manual, and three keys. I bought this because I am a car addict. I have bought and sold 30+ cars in the past year (yes, I have a problem). I bought this because I decided to buy one of each Tesla to experience them all. Only problem is when you have four Teslas none get enough attention. And I am just not a collector as much I want to be :) . I just enjoy buying cars, learning about them and then sharing them with others. Sometimes I think I see vehicles as art and just enjoying sitting in my garage and admiring them.

Often times with less special of vehicles I just trade them in to get the sales tax benefit. The universal comment with my cars is, "Is this thing new? Did you even drive it?" That's because I rarely keep anything even a year. Obviously this one is not brand new (2010) but it is a beautiful car. The previous owner did full detailing and it shows. He ordered replacement rear badging (in silver) which I have included in an envelope with sale, but he opted to have custom black Tesla letters added instead and I have kept it that way because I think it looks so great. So you can get it back to stock logo on the back if you are so inclined.

Please feel free to email me any questions. Happy to answer. I'm not desperate to sell it - it is just parked in my nice car garage plugged in under the indoor cover so please, only serious buyers. If you're looking at this you are probably looking at others. Here's what is unique about mine - low mileage under 7,000 miles, beautiful red metallic, pristine condition, $29,000 3.0 battery upgrade by Tesla, no dings, no dents, no front license plate holes in bumper, all documentation and kept up-to-date with Tesla service.

If you want something special, this is the one. I'm listing it for what I paid for it last year. But that is before I added the car cover, the two HC Sharp adapters, the extra 110V wall charger and annual service so I know what it is worth! Get it now to enjoy this spring and summer! Title in hand. I'm happy to help you arrange shipping if you are out of state. I live in Olathe, Kansas (Overland Park area).

I also have a YouTube video of the vehicle if you would like to see more details:
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Wow. Gorgeous color in great condition with all the goodies. This is an amazing deal at $80k. Someday we'll look back on the days when you could get a clean original R80 for under 100....
Yeah, I wish I were a collector but I'm not. I just buy for pleasure now. But I agree, in some years this will be even more special.