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2012 P85 or 2015 70

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Hi all,

I need a bit of advice. Never had a Tesla, about to buy the first one used. See original my WTB thread here:

WTB Model S 85kwh under $40k

Now, I've found a few options that would fit that criteria. 2012 or 2013, P85, between 60k and 100k miles. Some even have CPO warranty left.

However, I've read of people who claim the first Model S years (so 2012 and 2013) were notoriously buggy, and basically had a lot of "baby flaws", it being a brand new model and all.

So - my question to the pro's here (and I know it's probably more a thing of personal preference, but I'm interested in people's opinions):

Would you rather go for a 2012 P85 with tons of fun options, or a 2014 (or even 2015) regular 70 with less options, assuming both have the same amount of miles?

I've read through the official change list per year by Tesla, and there are some interesting things there. AP is nice to have, but assuming that even a 2012 model will have basic cruise control (and distance to car in front, whatever that's called?), it's not the most important feature.

Basically, I wonder if Tesla made some really important improvements in the first 2 years that would be more important for me than some funky features. Plan to do about 20k miles/year, baby in the back, 50% highway, 50% city/suburbia.


Performance is not your top concern... I would pick a car with more options... like interior trim/sound/AP/cold weather(even if you dont live in super cold temperatures) etc

I would rate AP higher than performance... because given the worst performing Tesla... it still out performs every other similarly sized sedans out there... at least off the line and overtaking due to the way power is delivered
100% late 2014 and onward. Tesla is a great car..but let’s be honest a lot of what makes a Tesla a Tesla is autopilot. Without that it’s still an amazing car but it’s not doing anything any other car isn’t-it’s just electric and has a better network of chargers.