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2013 low p20000 VIN pre-owned coming. Anything I should know?

I put my thousand down last week on a p85. It has been sitting in Tysons, ready to go, for a few days now. Just waiting on the inspection process on my trade... Taking forever and no clue when the inspection company is going to get off their butts and move for me.

The tesla is fully loaded, with every option other than the rear facing seats. Extended leather, lighting, stereo, you name it. There was a problem with the driver side window, which was fixed, and some leather staining which was also resolved.

Anything I should know? It has the folding mirrors and parking sensors if that gives you an idea of when it was produced in the schedule. Everything I've read is that I should be good to go. That being said, I still haven't picked it up and if there is anything I should check, now is the time.
The folding mirrors didn't start getting delivered until November 2013, which would likely put your VIN in the 23k-25k range. Only suggestion I have is to really check that those legacy parking sensors work. Mine's been in 4 or 5 times for them since 2013 and they're still malfunctioning. Tesla has no idea what's wrong or how to fix them. They have diagnostic (DTC) codes, but they're not actually integrated with the car so they need to physically plug into the sensors to pull the code or do any debug (clearly they were an afterthought). So if you care about those, make sure they actually work.

I'd get it in a pressure wash pretty quickly for a sunroof/triangle window seal check. Pano roofs around then were still going through lots of revisions, and I know mine had 3 or 4 updates installed as they modified parts.

Other than that, not much. Basic used car stuff. Enjoy!
It took almost a month for the inspection company to show up for my trade-in. You are lucky that the car is local to you. Mine was in FL and I gave up on the logistics team. I ended up flying to FL and driving the car home. Nothing like a 1200 mile road trip on the SuperCharger network to build you confidence in the car. Hang in there, you will be happy once the key fob is in your hands.
I didn't even think to check for the power folding mirrors. It is shown on the option list as per ev-cpo (option x037).
Not the end of the world without, but frustrating as we do have a very tight garage.
Tesla was pretty inconsistent with their VINs during this period (and maybe still, I'm not sure), and VINs definitely didn't align in delivery order. My late November 2013 VIN 25k P85 could have been delivered before a 23k S85 because VINs were assigned shortly after ordering and the wait was 2-3 months at that point.

So don't read too much into that statement. If Tesla had it listed with them, I'm sure you're fine. Trust, but verify.
Is it a CPO car or just used?
Any car in the first 18 months is liable for inconsistencies. Check everything (if all else fails, use my delivery checklist)
Ask if the titanium shield is installed
Make sure it has the rear parcel shelf and decent floor mats - they sometimes didn't get included
Check tire wear - if the inner shoulder is worn then the alignment is off - early P85 cars were notorious for it.
Listen for low speed (c. 5mph) clunk from the rear motor - if so that is slop in the drive train and will need to be fixed or replaced under warranty
Ditto for excessive whine under acceleration - a little squeak is normal
Ditto for a hum around 60-70 mph. All are signs of drive train problems
Tech package contents varied dramatically month to month, so check each item - e.g., does it actually have fog lights
Check the battery capacity at 100% charge - should still be >=250 miles; ideally closer to 260
See if there is a clunk at max steering lock - simple fix with shims, but needs fixing.
See which battery it has (look at the label at the back of the passenger side wheel well) - if it is an A pack will be limited to 90 kW supercharging. Nothing you can do about it, but good to know