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2013 Model S 85 - 110k miles $36,500

Selling my reliable 2013 Model S85 because I received my new Model 3

Very clean 2013 Model S85 with sunroof and adjustable suspension.

3 years remaining on the 8 year, infinite mile factory warranty on both the battery pack and the drive unit.

Supercharger free for life. (of course)

I'm the only owner, garaged and well maintained in addition to the Tesla's bulletins for the Model S.
As of today the car has 110,040 miles on it.


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That's a great question!
The Model 3 is sportier and much more responsive. If you drive it on a windy road, this car is more fun.
The ride in the Model S is a bit more comfortable, especially with the air suspension and the 19" wheels. The highways are not in a great shape in my area but with the Model S you still have a smooth ride.
So to answer your question: I do prefer to drive the Model S but since my Model 3 has the Autopilot and that makes the ride in traffic more relaxing for me, I'm keeping the Model 3.
If you are trying to figure out what is the best car for you, I would compare the Model 3 with a sporty 3 series BMW and the Model S to a Mercedes S class. (Can you tell I'm from Germany?).
When I bought a new car in 2009 I compared a 3 series BMW with an Audi A4 and I picked the BMW because it was sportier and more responsive, now I'd probably would have picked the Audi over BMW... It's definitely a personal choice and where you are at in life.

In closing, I have to say that both the Model S and the Model 3 are absolutely phenomenal cars and they are years ahead of their time. Whichever one you choose, you will get an awesome car.
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