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2013 model s 85 battery failure

Im posting to this to track the progress and share my experience along the way.

On september 19th I took delivery of a cpo 2013 model s 85 with 23000kms.
Ive probably put on 700kms since taking delivery and enjoying the car tremendously, I will make any excuse to go for another drive when I can or to sit and tinker with the user interface.

Today I had a great get together and lunch with some local Tesla owners. As I was driving home i received 2 messages
- low 12v power
- low battery power

I turned the car off, and back on, now I had 4 messages showing:
The 2 above and
- pull over and park car as system will shut down
- service required

I tried to plug the car in, but the recepticle showed red and wouldnt accept the plug in.

I called the roadside assistance number and they already had my info up. The tech pulled my logs, asked me to do a reboot and after nothing helping my situation said he'd get back to me by tomorrow after the engineers review the logs.

Not even an hour later I receive a call from Mark, the GM in vancouver, and he informs me that it looks like the battery failed and that they will replace my battery.

He informed me he will set me up with a luxury loaner from enterprise first thing tomorrow. Unfortunately there are no loaner Tesla's in alberta.

His promise was that i should have the car back within 10 to 14 days.

I am impressed so far with how quickly they moved, especially being that I I sunday.

As things progress i will post more. For those considering to buy a tesla this would be a major fear, as was one of mine, but the 8 year unlimited km warranty combined with their customer service should make this acceptable and provide some comfort.
Correct, the car is getting shipped to Vancouver and back, the trucking co. is dispatched from Vancouver as well adding at least an extra couple days.
Rental car has been organized by enterprise, they are picking me up at home tonight. They set me up with a Grande Cherokee.
Enterprise picked me up, put me in a jeep and Tesla even threw in gas. If the rest of this story keeps going like this I will be very pleased.

I had a drive unit replacement recently (after 2 years, 50,000 km). Tesla dropped off a nicer model car than mine on a Friday (the tech just drove up, took his tools etc out to transfer into my car), drove mine to the service centre in Vancouver, and reversed the process the next Wednesday.

Some day Tesla will have more service centres, but for now this sort of service definitely is worth the cost to Tesla I think as it engenders a lot of goodwill.

It should be noted that the cost to take a car on the ferry to Vancouver and back is more than $100.
So the car was picked up yesterday afternoon and is on its way back to Vancouver. The tow truck driver handled the car with extreme care, popped the nose cone off to boost it and get it rolling. it was switched to a transport unit shortly after.

They anticipate to have it ready by mid next week. Tesla has also agreed to fly myself and my wife out to Vancouver once its ready if we decide to drive it back which is something I asked them to consider.
Battery pack was supposed to arrive last Friday, but ended up being delivered for today. its a quick swap and should be done by end of day. Going to pick it up this weekend, excited to get it back. The service manager also asked me if there was anything else for them to look at and i mentioned the HVAC concerns as well. i was really getting used to not having to fill up on gas, now that its getting colder out and i'm filling up the rental in -6'C i am truly going to appreciate the plug and drive setup.

Given i am overnighting in Vancouver friday night before driving back, any suggestions on hotel options with Chargers?