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2013 Model S P85 Only Battery Question

Hi Everyone,

First off I love this car. It is amazing.

I have a 2013 P85 Vin 4655 (Every option even with rear seats) and so far no issues besides getting called in for the connectors and 12v battery to be replace. I have 23,123 miles on the car. What I am curious about and I can not find the answer on the forum is not about the rated miles but how much kWh use I have for my battery.

Example: Today I range charged to 100% and and at 50% battery it said I used 34.1 kWh. So if I times this by two that would come up with 68.2 kWh for 100% of my battery. Where is the other 16.8 kWh? I have read in a couple of places that Tesla only lets you use 76 kWh of the battery but if this is the case does this mean I have loss 10.2% on the battery so far? When I charge to 100% the rated ranges show 253 miles but I can never seem to get that amount of mileage. I am more like 230 miles for a full charge and that is if I drive like a grandma. If I am driving real aggressive it is more like 200-210 miles I am getting. My life time avg Wh/mi is 330.

To summarize:

Is this the way to look at battery percentage loss; 1-(total use of kWh for the battery at 100%/76 kWh)?

What is the real amount of Kwh before the car shuts down (76kWh)?

Any help on this subject would be helpful.

Thank You