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2013 model S - preventive maintenance

I own a 2013 model S. It works flawlessly (despite a few failures of course: ac compressor, drive unit, hv battery, charger). I was wondering what kind of preventive check can I do to avoid futrure problems. For example, is it true that the dcdc converter can die (in fact the fuses) because of corrosion? how to avoid that?
I already changed the emmc
i noticed you didn't mention any suspension troubles , id recommend getting that checked over. As for the dcdc converter located in the wheel arch behind the lining , might be worth giving a visual inspection.

here in the uk we have the MOT , this checks vehicle roadworthiness every 12 months. It usually flags up any potential issues. Do you have something similar in france ?

Bjørn Nyland has a new video looking at some common maintenance issues.
i also saw that and laughed a bit out loud.

Flawlessly except like 4 major components of the car have all been replaced. how do i keep this from happening again? lol

yes the dcdc fuses can corrode. no im not sure why its a sealed unit but it is in the wheel well which obviously takes a hit from condesnation and other temp factors. suspension and linkages will be an issue later in life since the car is so heavy.