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2013 S 60 $43,000

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For sale is a perfect condition Tesla model S 60. It just had it’s 50,000 mile service and everything is in perfect working order. The car looks and drives a brand new without any squeaks leaks or any issues at all. It’s a must see.

It has hard to find machined OEM wheels with brand new Nokian tires with 50,000 mile warranty.

Here’s the craigslist ad:

Tesla Model S Tech Package

This Tesla has never been super charged, and the batteries are in optimal condition.

It has the tech package as well as the panoroof and other features.

If interested or just have questions call me at 503-452-4226.
He’s responding to the low-ballers and probably feels confident that the buyer will pay his asking price when they see how good the condition is and how well it drives. Just my opinion.


Why would I hide something?

Every car that I have sold in my life, the first person to see it has bought it.

I have kept my cars in meticulous condition.

Mechanically. This Tesla had a thorough inspection and 50,000 service 2 weeks ago. No reported issues. 210 miles full charge at 100% Same time I noticed minor wind noise coming from front of pano roof at 70mph, I had whole front fascia unit replaced with updated design.

Appearance. This Tesla looks new. Not just “clean”, but looks new. Even the Tesla techs commented on its condition.

Again, I prefer to sell the car in person, not because I’m “hiding something”, but to experience the looks and comments from the prospective buyer trying in vain to find
any fault in hoping to lowball me. $43,000 is a great price for what this Tesla is.

Why cast aspersions because I won’t meet thier price?
wasn't casting aspersions, just found it odd that you don't want to sell or entertain offers from buyers that aren't willing to fly to Oregon. some make offers because thats what they can afford, thats the purpose of this forum. You'll get low and high offer then you can chose the one that best match your asking price. With that said, Im bumping my offer to $40K.
why the crazy rule about test driving? many of us live across the country. We are taking you at your word that the vehicle is as you say it is. unless your hiding something.

Yet you feel more comfortable buying my car “from across the country” without physically seeing/driving first?

If I was “hiding” something, it would make more sense to sell to someone far away, because recourse would be a lot more difficult for the buyer.

If you want to buy the car, ( trust me it’s a good one ). Make a reasonable offer, pay for shipping to Connecticut and she’s yours!
any inside pics?

I took these pictures this morning.

On the invoice I swapped the 21”s for 19’s, and I never saw the dual charger when purchased, but does have mobile charger with 240v and 115 adapters.

OK. 40k and you pay for shipping to Connecticut. You will be happy with this Tesla.



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What's the deal with the "P"? (P60) They never made a P60, so I'm assuming the P is cosmetic?

Good eye. When I bought the car from the original owner I made a comment on it. He thought that the “60” alone looked too plain, so he embellished it. He admitted that it was a vanity move. I guess it was better than if he put a giant hood scoop on the front of the car though…