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2013 Tesla Model S 85 - Pearl White (w/Extras) - No Longer Available

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Jul 23, 2013
San Diego
2013 Tesla Model S 85 - Pearl White (w/Extras)

I've decided to upgrade to a P90D, so it's time to sell my Pearl White S 85.

It is VIN 5YJSA1DN5DFP25456, delivered 11/25/2013 and it
has approximately 35000 miles on it. The rated miles range on last full charge was 261 (08/08/2015 at 33760 miles)

It has been lovingly taken care of and is in excellent condition. Only myself, Tesla Service and a couple of valets have ever even driven this car. There has never been any smoking or pets in the car, and it has never been in an accident.

It had it's 2nd annual service performed (including alignment) on September 11th, 2015. All four new tires were also replace on the 11th (Goodyear Eagle RS-A2s). The transferable, prepaid service contract has 6 more visits left.


Perl White Paint With Black Roof
Standard suspension
85 kWh Battery
Parking sensors
Power folding and heated mirrors
GPS Enabled homelink
19" Wheels
Maps and navigation with real time traffic updates
Tan Nappa Leather Seats
Obeche Matte Decor
Dual Chargers
Supercharger Enabled
Tech Package
Power liftgate
Lighted door handles
Fog and cornering lights
Parcel Shelf

Prepaid service plan, with 6 visits remaining ($2700)
Xpel covering the full front and all four doors ($2500)
Photosync Tint all windows ($950)
Blackview DR500GW-HD ($200)
Magneplate removable front license plate mount ($75)
Modified HeatShield sun shade (fits around Blackview) ($35)

NOTE: a Tesla 4 year/50000 mile Extended Warranty is not included, but can be added before the sale at additional cost.

List Date: 9/1/2015
Location: San Diego, CA, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2013 Tesla Model S 85 - Pearl White (w/Extras)
This item is no longer available.


It is a dash cam that records video ...had mine installed after some indecent fellow hit my bumper and never left a note...Helps you to monitor even if you are not around the car.

I have it only powered when the car is on (to avoid drain on the 12V battery), so it does not help in the case of parking lot vandalism. (though it could be wired that way)

It's mainly for accident recording/evidence for me or possible someone else on the road ahead of me.

Beside the occasional idiot cutting me off, the only interesting clip I have from it so far is a near miss with a deer.
A Pre-sensor 85 with no pano , air and 35K. It should be worth around mid-50's.

It's in excellent condition, it's has $2500 of Xpel, and $950 in photosync tint, brand new tires and include 6 years of annual service.

Similarly configured CPO cars are $61k+, without the extras.

Since you cannot buy the prepaid service on CPOs, your's stuck with the full price of $650 every year, so that would be an additional $3900 to and CPO purchase price when comparing.

So mid 50's seems low, IHMO.
@liuping, glad to see that you are upgrading to a P90D. Did Tesla offer any decent trade-in price?

Their offer was a little lower than I'd like. They don't take into account XPel, Tint, dash cam, etc.

In fact I was told me they offered less because they have remove those things before selling it. They do refund for the unused prepaid service plan, which made the total offer a little better.

The bigger problem with the trade in is the offer is only good for 10 days. Since it takes about 30 days to build one, I have to basically hope they give me a similar offer closer to delivery, which seem risky.

If I don't sell it it a timely manner, I'll go the trade in route.